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17458 ARAGAWI. The Homilies and Visions of Saint Aragawi, in

Ethiopic, impl. 4to. well written MS. on VELLUM, Abyssinian
binding, £21.

Sec. XVI
Aragawi was one of the nine great Saints of the Abyssinian Church,
His life is given in Ludolf's “ History of Æthiopia,” iii, 3, 4. The MS. opens
and concludes with a Prayer for his blessing and for the preservation of
Justus the Scribe, who states that the Homilies. Visions and Vigils of
Aragawi were translated by him from Arabic into the Geez by the command
of Lebna Dungele, King of Æthiopia.

The MS., which is written in double columns in a bold clear hånd, contains 175 leaves, and measures 13 by 113 inches.

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a. Lutheran, Germany : 17459 MÜLLER (J. T.) die symbolischen Bücher der evangelisch-lutherischen Kirche, deutsch und latein, thick 8vo. hf. russia, 7s 60

Stuttgart, 1848 17460 KIRCHEN ORDNUNG, In meiner gnedigen herrn der Marggrauen

zu Brandenburg, Vnd eins Erbern Rats der Stat Nürmberg
Oberkeyt und gepieten, wie man sich bayde mit der Leer vnd
Ceremonien halten solle---CATECHISMUS oder Kinderpredig-2
vols. in 1, sm. folio, with Music, in the original wooden boards,
half covered with stamped pigskin, £7. 10s

Nürnberg, Christoff Gutlenecht, 1533
EXCESSIVELY RARE. Apparently no other copy of the two parts
complete has been described before. There is in Mr. Huth's library a copy of
the Kirchem Ordnung, but the Catechismus is a Basel reprint of the same year,
and the compiler of the note in the Huth Catalogue evidently was unaware
of the existence of the Nürnberg original. He cites the editor of the
Bibliotheca Agendorum as stating that only one copy of the Kirchenordnung

had come to his knowledge, and that one lacked the Catechism.
17461 KIRCHENORDNUNGE zum anfang fur die Pfarherrn in

Hertzog Heinrichs zu Sachsen v. g. h. Fürstenthum, sm. 4to.
with the Music of the Communion Prayer, limp morocco, RARE, £3.

Wittemberg, Hans Luft, 1539 17462 KIRCHEN-ORDNUNG, wie es ... inn des Pfaltzgrauen bey Rhein

Fürstenthumben gehalten wirdt-Von den Eesachen-2 parts in 1 vol. sm. 4to. First Edition, title in red and black, slightly wormed, vellum, RARE, £3.

Neuburg an der Thunaw, 1556 17463 JUD (Leo) ain kurtze vnd gemaine form für die schwachglaubigē,

kinder zu tauffen. Auch andere ermanūgen ... sm. 4to. title
within elegant woodcut border, slightly wormed, bds. 30s 1524

" The earliest forms for Baptism, etc. of the Reformed Church at

17464 LUTHERI (M.) Enchiridion piarum Precationum, cum Passio-

nali, quibus accessit novum Calendarium cum Cisio Jano vetere
et novo atque aliis quibusdam, thick 12mo, the Calendar printed

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GERMANY– continued.

in red and black, 50 spirited woodcuts of the Passion of Christ,
partly imitated from the Little Passion of Albert Dürer, fine copy
in brown morocco extra, tooled in the old style, gilt and marbled
edges, £6.

Vuittembergæ, apud Johannem Luft, 1543
This rare and interesting volume forms a complete authoritative exposition
of Luther's religious doctrines in the year 1543. The portions of it which
may excite most curiosity are the “Notæ reræ Ecclesiæ," and the long

dissertation “ de Sacramento Altaris."
17465 AUSZERLESENE Psalmen vnd Geistliche Lieder, D. Mart. Luth.

Auch Anderer Gottseligen Lehrer und Menner. Von L. A.
Seligen zu nutz dem Reysenden Mann zusammen colligiret .
nun aber zum Siebenden mahl vormehret vnd gebessert-Ein
kurtz Andechtiges Betbüchlein den Reysenden zu gut gefertiget
2 vols. in 1, 24to. printed within red lines, bound in the original
black morocco, gilt goffered edges, £3. 38

Lübeck, 1607
A beautiful little book, extremely rare ; the value of which in this copy
is enhanced by additions of a very curious kind. Ten leaves of vellum at the
beginning, and ten others at the end, contain Prayers in a contemporary
handwriting, written in exquisitely fine letters of gold and black, with neat
drawings of biblical figures of which the outlines are formed by microscopic

writing. 17466 ELERI (F.) Cantica Sacra

ad duodecim Modos ex
Doctrina Glareani accommodata. Accesserunt in fine Paalmi
Lutheri et aliorum ejus seculi Doctorum itidem Modis applicati,
small 8vo. Music and Text of all the Psalms and Hymns, the last
leaf of signature B deficient, otherwise a fine copy in stamped
pigskin, with representations of Christ's Birth and Baptism,
forming the centre ornaments, brass corners and clasps, £8. 8s

Hamburgi, 1588

It is only mentioned in Scheller's “ Bücherkunde der
Sassiseh-Niederdeutschen Sprache ” on the faith of a library catalogne.

Some of the pieces are in Latin, but most are in Low German.
Scandinavia :
17467 BONE BOG. En deylig Böne-bog . . tilsammen dragne oc

fordanskede aff Peder TIDEMAND, thick 12mo. every page enclosed
by arabesque woodcut borders ; with numerous WOOD-ENGRAVINGS
throughout the volume; old calf neat, the original sides of the
ancient binding preserved, OF THE GREATEST RARITY, £8.

Kiobenhaffn, Lauritz Benedict, 1563
Excessively rare; in fact almost unknown. It is full of beautiful
ornaments in the shape of charming woodcut borders around each page, and
contains a great number of curious wood-engravings depicting Biblical subjects,
two of which are signed with a monogram of AF (A. F). I do not find it
mentioned in Bibliographical hand-books. Collation of the above copy : title
in MS. “ Hans Albritzen til den Christne Læsere,” 6 leaves, dedication,
9 leaves, the first in MS. leaves 1-200, Register and leaf of subscription,

8 leaves, the last in MS.
17468 EEN HANDBOOK, ther uthi Döpelsen och annat meer Christeligha

förhandlas, förbättrat och förmeerat, sm. 4to. woodcuts, unbound,
RARE, £2. 10s

Stockholm, 1586
“ In the Manuals of 1557 and 1586, a marked alteration from the
preceding had been effected by Archbishop Laurentius Petri, notably in the
service for the dead."


17469 HANDBOOK förbättrat 1599, öfwerseedt 1608, sm. 4to. with Music, old binding, 12s

Stockholm, 1671 17470 KIRKE-RITUAL. Danmarks og Norgis Kirke-Ritual, small 4to. fine copy in hf. calf, 308

Kjöbenhavn, 1685 Prepared by order of Christian V. A beautiful copy printed on fine paper. 17471 KYRKIO-Lag och Ordning af Carl XI, sm. 4to. vellum, 6s

Stockholm (1687) 17472 ORDINANTS (den rette) huorledis Kircketienisten skal holdis udi

Danmarckis oc Norgis Riger, oc de Hertugdomme Slesuig Holsten, 12mo. portrait of Christian III, woodcut escutcheon, and

some pp. of Music, stamped binding, 18s Kiöbenhaffn, 1582 17472* another edition, 12mo. cloth bds. 58

ib. 1617 17473 PSALMEBOG. DEN NY DANSKE PSALMEBOG, met mange

Christelige Psalmer i Ordentlig tilsammenset, formeret og forbedret aff Hans THOMISSON. Oc nu paa Ny prentet, stout 12mo. with the Music, in the original stamped binding, gilt gauffred edges, £32.

Kiöbenhaffn, aff Georgio Hantzsch, 1617 All the early editions of this Psalm book are equally rare. Thefirst was

printed in 1569, and this is probably the fourth. 17474 SWENSKA KYRKEORDNINGEN, sm. 4to. unbd. 20s

s. I. e. a. (cir. 1650) This partly agrees with, and partly varies from the two Handbooks,

b. Huguenot and Calvinistic. 17475 EPISTLES AND GOSPELS. Les choses côtenues en ce presēt

liure. EPISTRES & EUANGILES pour les cinquante & deux sepmaines de lan, 12mo. fine copy, ruled, in morocco super extra, blind tooled in the antique style, gilt edges, by F. Bedford, from Mr. Maskell’s collection, £7.

8. 1. 8. d. (about 1525) VERY RARE. It is Lefevre d'Estaple's version arranged as a book of Lessons, just as Dolct reprinted it at Lyons in 1542. From certain variants of the text, this volume was evidently printed before the Antwerp Bible of 1530, and must have been compiled from the New Testament issued by Simon de Colines at Paris in 1524 (the first printed part of Lefevre's translation).

A copy of Dolet's reprint fetched 500 francs at the Yéméniz sale. 17476 LES PSEAVMES DE DAVID, mis en rime Françoise, par Clement Marot

et Theodore de Beze, 12mo. with all the Music, in the original vellum gilt, gilt edges, with clasps, 30s

Charenton, 1667 17477 GABRIEL (Steffan) Ilg vêr Sulaz da pievel giuvan, unna curta summa da la Cardientscha .

anzaquõts Psalms da David, a Canzuns spiritualas, etc. 3 parts in 1 vol. 12mo. calf, EXCESSIVELY RARE, £9. Is

Basel. J. J. Genath, 1611 Contains 12 prel. 11. including title ; 257 pp.; and 3 pp. of Register, etc.

In the Rumonsch language of the Grisons. 17478 PSALTER. LI SALMI ed alcuni Cantici, tradotti da And. G. Planta,

with Music by Lobvasser-Preghiere sacre—2 parts in 1 vol. 12mo. old black morocco, gilt edges, 10s

Strada, 1740 For the use of the Reformed Church in Lower Engadin. Strada is called Scuol in Romansh.

c. Netherlands. 17479 HĐT BOEK DER PSALMEN, nevens Gezangen, 12mo. with the Music, calf, 58

Leyden, 1775 17480 ARTICULOS de Fe e Liturgia . . traducido, 16mo. in Indo-Portuguese, calf, 58

Colombo, 1851

d. Moravian.

17481 PSALMODIE de l'Eglise des Frères, ou Recueil de Cantiques de

doctrine, d' Hymnes, et Prières, la plupart traduits de l'allemand, 12mo. with the Music, calf, 16s

Basle, 1766 No less grotesque in French than in English.

e. English and Episcopalian Scotch.

1. Collections, and books on the formation and development

of the Liturgy. Advertisements and Injunctions: 17482 ADUERTISMENTS | partly for due order in the publique

administration of common payers (sic) | and vsinge the holy
Sacramentes, 7 leaves, title-page a little defective, Reginalde
Wolfe (1564)-ARTICLES | whereupon it was agreed | by the
Archbishoppes and Bishoppes of both prouinces and the

1 whole cleargie, in the Con | uocation holden at London in the yere of our Lorde God | 1562. Put foorth by the Queenes aucthoritie, Richarde Jugge and John Cawood, 1571-A BOOKE of certaine Canons concernyng some parte of the discipline of the Churche of England. In the yeare of our Lord, 1571, John Daye (1571)-TARTICLES to be enquired in the visita- tion,

1 in the first yere of the raigne of our most dread So- | ueraigne Lady, Elizabeth: Anno. 1559, title within arabesque woodcut border, Imprinted at London in Powles Churchyarde, by Richard Jugge and John Cawood--INIUNCTIONS | geuen by the Queenes Maiestie. | Anno Domini, 1559, title within border like the Articles, the last leaf missing, Jugge's initials R. I. in the lower border of title—all in one volume, small 4to. black letter, old calf, £7. 10s

1559 (?)-7 The second item in this volume is THE FIRST EDITION TARTY-NINE ARTICLES IN ENGLISH, in which the twentieth article begins

“It is not lawful for the Church." 17483 INIUNCTIOxsgiuen by the Queens Maiesty. Anno domini. 1559.

smallest 4to. title within woodcut border containing the royal arms

and several figures, hf. bd. 258 No imprint (Barker, 1591) 17484 the same, small 4to. brown morocco extra, gilt edges, 35s




her Maiesties INIUNCTIONS: of certaine Canons, Constitutions, and Synodals prouinciall.

for the most part heretoforo vnknowen and vnpractized, small 4to. calf neat, RARE, £2. 108

S. n. (about 1584) Secretly printed. The author's desire was to expound the laws which would have been more efficient if “better executed by those unto whome our gracious Soverayne hath committed their execution ;" and he writes forcibly. The clergy of the time, who legally ought to have been men of worth and learning, are described as “cleane contrary, even the very tailings and garbage of the people, and such as can scarce say B to a battledore.” Another statement be' makes is '“ Alasse, our lawes are bels without clappers." An ignorant clergy, and plurality of benefices, form the

two chief objects impugned by the writer. Articles of Faith : 17486 [SPARROW'S (Bishop)] Collection of Articles, Injunctions, Canons

chiefly in the times of Edward VI, Elizabeth, King James, & Charles I, sm. 4to. frontispiece of episcopal seals, calf, 258 1675 17487 CARDWELL (Edward) Synodalia: a Collection of Articles of

Religion, Canons, etc. in the province of Canterbury, 1547-1717, 2 vols. 8vo. (pub. 198), cloth, 10s 6d

Oxford, 1842 ARTICLES OF 1562, first edition-see No. 17482. 17488 ARTICLES agreed upon

in the Convocation, 1562, re-printed by his Majesties commandment, sm. 4to. Uds. 208

1630 17489 FORD (Ran.) Christianæ Religionis, sive Ecclesiæ Anglicanæ

Articuli xxxix. perspicua analysi breviter explicati, roy. 8vo. old blue morocco gilt, gilt edges, FINE COPY, from the Sunderland library, 218

Lond. 1720 17490 ARTICULI de quibus conuenit in synodo Londini, 1562,

editi authoritate Reginæ, 1575-Liber quorundum Canonum, 1571—Iniunctions giuen by the Queenes Maiestie, 1559 (Barker, 1591)- Articles to be enquired in the visitation in the first year of ... Q. Elizabeth, 1591-Form and manner of making & consecrating Bishops ... Barker and Bill, no date-Certaine Considerations touching the better pacification and edification of the Church of England, 1640—Stillingfleet's Discourse concerning the power of Excommunication, 1662—Perth Assembly, 1609– Arguments given by the Commissioners of Scotland, perswading conformity of Church government, 1641-Baylie (Robert) Historical Vindication of the government of the Church of Scotland, 1646-Loudoun (Lord) Several Speeches at a conference in the Painted Chamber, Edinburgh, 1646—Discourse concerning the Solemne League and Covenant, 1661-Representation of the recent divisions of the Church of Scotland, 1657Baynes (Paul) the Diocesans Tryall, 1621-Smectymnuus, Vin dication of the answer to the humble Remonstrance, 1641– Hutten (Leon) Answere to a certaine treatise of the Crosse in Baptisme, Oxford, 1605—Remoouall of certaine imputations laid vpon the Ministers of Deuon and Cornwall by one M. T. H. 1606-Higgenson (T.) Testimony to the true Jesus, 1656—in 1 vol. sm. 4to, old calf, £6. 10s



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