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BRIEF DISCOURSE of the troubles begun at Frankfort, 1554-See

No. 16784. 17491 FORMULARIES of Faith put forth by authority during the reign

of Henry VIII: Articles, 1536 ; Institution, 1537; Necessary Doctrine, 1543, 8vo. calf, 78 6d

Oxford, 1825 17492 HIERURGIA ANGLICANA; or documents and extracts illustrative of the Church in England after the Reformation, 8vo. cloth, 158

1848 Edited by members of the Ecclesiological Society (perhaps J. M. Neale

and B. Webb). 17493 HUGHES (Lewes) Certain Grievances or the Popish Errors and

ungodlinesse of so much of the Service-Book as is Antichristian, smallest 4to. somewhat stained and torn, but not defective, 78

1642 17494 KEELING (William) Liturgiæ Britannicæ, or the several editions of

the Book of Common Prayer . arranged to shew their variations, 8vo. hf. calf, 18s

1842 17495 LASCO (Joannis a) Brevis et dilucida de Sacramentis Ecclesiæ

tractatio, 12mo. title-page written on with the names of early owners, in the original binding of whitish calf, with a Grolieresque design in gold, £8. 10s Londini per Steph. Myerdman. 1552

Though the cover is somewhat damaged by time, yet it remains a good specimen of English artistic binding, and shows that the taste for fine patterns of interlaced ornament on the outside of books was not confined to the Continent, This book is a very rare one, a great number of the copies being destroyed at

Queen Mary's accession in the year following its date. 17496 LITURGIES (the two) 1549 and 1552, with other documents set

forth in the reign of Edward VI, viz. the Order of Communion 1548, the Primer 1553, the Catechism and Articles 1553, Catechismus brevis 1553, edited by Joseph Ketley, 8vo. cloth, 10s

Parker Soc.; Cambr. 1844 17497 LITURGICAL SERVICES : Liturgies and occasional forms of Prayer

set forth in the reign of Queen Elizabeth, edited by Will. Keatinge Clay, 8vo. cloth, 78 60

Parker Society; Cambridge, 1847 17498 Pruen's (Rev. Thos.) Illustration of the Liturgy of the Church of

England; with an Appendix, Historical, Critical, and Practical, 2 vols. royal 8vo. (pub. at £1. 16s), sd. 10s

1815-20 Scarce, many copies of the work having been destroyed by accidental fire.} 17499 (PURCHAS (Rev. John)] the Directorium Anglicanum, being a

manual of directions for the right celebration of the . . . rites and ceremonies of the Church according to the ancient use, second edition, by Fred. G. Lee, 4to. plates, vellum, uncut, 21s

1865 17500 TRIALL of the English Lyturgie, scarce, 1643–Hughes (L.)

Certain Grievances, or the Errors of the Service Book, 1643– Deering (Sir E.) Speech concerning the Lyturgy, 1643–3 pieces, sm. 4to. 15s



17501 TRACTS. Directions propounded and presented to Parliament

concerning the Common Prayer, written by a reverend and
learned divine, 1642-Gauden's Considerations touching the
Liturgy, 1661—Bolde (Th.) Rhetorick restrained, Gauden's Con-
siderations clouded, 1660—The Judgement of Foraign Divines
touching the discipline, liturgie, and ceremonies of the Church
of England, 1660— The Liturgical Considerator Considered,
1661–H. D. Discourse of Liturgies, 1661-Reasonableness of
Divine Service ... in answer to H. D. by Irenæus Freeman,
1661–The grand Debate between the Bishops and Presbyterian
Divines on the Common Prayer, 1661-A Parallel of the Liturgy
with the Mass-Book, by Rob. Bayly, 1661-A Pacific examina-
tion of the Common Prayer, by Wm. Prynne, 1661; and other
tracts on the Liturgy, in 1 vol. sm. 4to. old calf, £5. 1642-61

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2. Reformed Primer, and the Common Prayer.

by the Kynges maiestie and his Clergie to be taught
learned, and read: and none other to be vsed
throughout all his dominions, sm. 4to. BLACK LETTER
(the Latin in Roman), fine copy in russia, gilt edges,
from Lord Hampton's library, £125.

Richard Grafton, 1545
First Edition of Henry VIII's third Primer; so rare that
Mr. Maskell only knew of the existence of one perfect copy.
It contains the Litany of 1544, afterwards with slight altera-
tions incorporated in the Book of Common Prayer. The only
copy cited by Lowndes is that wanting title, calendar, and

portion of five leaves, which belonged to Mr. Maskell.

NEWLY COR- | RECTED AND AMENDED, smallest 4to. gothic letter,
leaf S 1 mended, leaf S 4 and the leaf of Table at end wanting,
old russia, £10. 10s

There are thirty lines in a full page : the signatures are A to X in fours,
except X, in which there were probably only two leaves, or perhaps three.
The present copy ends with leaf X 1, on the bottom of the reverse of which
are the words 56 here after foloweth the | Table of this present booke.”
Leaf X 1 is marked lxxxii in the pagination, instead of lxxxi, by a mistake
which begins on leaf T 1, which bears lxxiiii instead of lxxiii. (It may
have begun on the missing leaf S 4, which ought to have borne the numeral

The title as given above appears at the heading of the text on A 1: the
Epistles and Gospels were usually printed thus without separate title-pages,

so as to be annexed to one or other contemporary edition of the Primer.
17504 THE BOOKE OF THE COMMON PRAIER and administracion

of the Sacramentes, and other rites and ceremonies of the
Churche; after the vse of the Churche of Englande, sm. folio,
black letter, title printed in red and black within woodcut borders,



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four leaves in facsimile ; otherwise a good and perfect copy in
brown morocco extra, gilt edges, £50.
[On title :] Londini, in officina Richardi Graftoni

MDXLIX mense Martii

[At end :) mense Iunii MDXLIX (1549) 17505

the same, quite perfect, sm. folio, large and sound copy in olive morocco extra, gilt edges, by Charles Lewis, £84. (1549)

Edward the Fifth's first Common Prayer. In any shape or sort the book is a very uncommon one ; but when the copy is perfect, large, and healthy, like this one, it is indeed a rarity which many of the richest booklovers might covet in vain. The royal order printed on the last page regarding the price of the book was an expedient which some of the new-booksellers of the present day would like to see repeated, with the substitution of under for above. “No maner of persone shall sell the present Booke vnbounde aboue the price of two shillynges and two pence. And bounde in Forell for iis. xd. and not aboue. And the same bounde in Shepes Lether for iiis iiid and not aboue. And the same bounde in paste or in boordes, in Calues Lether, not

above the price of iiis. the pece." 17506

four facsimile leaves : February March and AugustSeptember in the Calendar, and folios H 4 and 5, admirably reproduced on old-faced paper, 21s

1549 (-1883) 17507 THE BOOKE OF | COMMON PRAYER, and ad | ministration

of the Sacramentes, / and other rites and ceremonies in the Churche of Englande, title printed in red and black within woodcut border, the first leaf of the Kalendar wanting ; Londini in officina Richardi Iugge (about 1571) -THE PSALTER or Psalmes of Dauid, after the translation of the Great Byble. Poynted as it shalbe sayde or songue in Churches, Jugge and Cawood, 1564-Psalms translated into English metre by STERNHOLD, HOPKINS, and others, with the Music, but wanting the title, about 1569–3 vols. in 1, sm. folio, elegant woodcut initials, old calf gilt, £15.

? 1564-71 The Common Prayer is apparently identical with an undated edition which has been assigned to the year 1561, and of which only one copy is recorded. The Metrical Psalms is of an undescribed edition, and the prose

Psalter is of very great rarity. 17508 THE BOOKE OF COMMON PRAYER, Robert Barker, 1613

-THE PSALTER . . after the translation of the great Bible, Robert Barker, 1613—THE WHOLE BOOK OF PSALMES collected into English meeter by Thomas Sternhold, Iohn Hopkins and others, printed for the Companie of Stationers, 1614-3 vols. in 1, small 4to. fine copy in the original richly gilt calf binding, mended, the sides and back covered with elegant ornamentation, the initials T I stamped in the panels of the centrepiece, with clasps, £7. 10s

1613-14 17509 THE BOOKE OF COMMON PRAYER, sm. 4to. the bottom

blank margin of the title-page partly.cut away, Bonham Norton and John Bill, assignees of Robert Barker, 1618–THE PSALTER or Psalmes. after the translation of the Greek Bible, Norton and Bill, 1618-BRADY (N.) and TATE (N.) New Version

( of the Psalms of David, LARGE PAPER, W. Burton, 1740—3 vols. in 1, sm. 4to. old English red morocco gilt, gilt edges, £3. 3s


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17510 THE BOOKE OF COMMON PRAYER, and administration of

the Sacraments, Barker and the assignes of Bill, 1631-THE PSALTER, or Psalmes after the translation of the great Bible, Barker and assignes of Bill, 1631—THE WHOLE BOOKE OF PSALMES by Sternhold, Hopkins, and others, with Music, Companie of Stationers, 1631–3 vols. in 1, sm. folio, fine copies in the original calf, £6.

1631 17511 BOOKE OF COMMON PRAYER, and Administration of the

Sacraments, and other parts of Divine Service for the use of the Church of SCOTLAND, with the PSALTER according to the last translation in King James his time, 2 vols. in 1, folio, black letter, without the catchword certaine,but with the two suppressed leaves of Godlie Prayers added in facsimile; fine copy in old calf neat, £14.

Edin. R. Young, 1637-36 With the following curious MS. lines written in a contemporary Scotch hand upon the fly-leaf :

Ane Epitaph compyled by the B. of Canterburrye upon the untymly death of that noble and hopefuil gentleman, called the Service Book for the Church of Scotland.

Your name from Service fitly was deriv'd;

For Deil's, Popes, Prelats Service wer yow made,
But by your Service wee ar all depriv’d
Of life and honor, and of pompe we hade.

Then sleip in dust, for none by thee hath got

More reall Service then the scurvie Scot.
Ane other by Canterburrie the same author.

Deils, Popes, and Prelats, burst your harts with mone,
Your deirest servant to his grave


gone, Where unregarded he must ever ly ;

Except yourselves none loses more than I. There is a signature in monogram, which is not very clear, but looks like a signature of R. and B. It may stand for Robert Baillie the cele

brated Presbyterian minister and antagonist of Laud. 17512 LAUD'S COMMON PRAYER and PSALTER; another copy, 2

vols. in 1, sm. folio, with the catchword certaine," and having the two suppressed leaves of Godlie Prayers added in facsimile, fine copy in old calf gilt, from the Sunderland library, £10.


WITH THE SUPPRESSED LEAVES of CERTAINE GODLY PRAYERS which were so rigorously cancelled that their very existence has been denied, and which are not to be found perhaps in any other copy than this, 2 vols. Edinburgh, 1637-36—The Psalmes of King David, translated by King James [in metre], London, Thomas Harper, 1636 -3 vols. in 1, folio, fine copy in blue MOROCCO extra, silk linings and gilt edges, £60.

1637-36 At the beginning there is inserted a rare printed broadside, folded, with the heading, “ A short and generall Confession of the true Christian Faith, and Religion, according to God's word and Acts of our Parliament : subscribed by the King's Majestie and his household ... At Edinburgh the twentieth of June, 1580 . : ." and with the colophon" Printed at London for Thomas Man ... 1603,"


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17514 Laud's PRAYERBOOK : the two suppressed leaves of Godly Prayers, facsimile reproduction on old-faced paper, 21s

1637(-1881) 17515 BOOK OF COMMON PRAYER for the use of the Church of

Scotland, with a Paraphrase of the Psalms in Metre by King
James the VI, small 8vo, original calf, carmine edges, fine clean

Edinburgh, James Watson, 1712 A reprint of Abp. Laud's Prayer Book. “The attempted intrusion of this Service Book upon the Scottish Church was the cause of the Jenny

Geddes' protestation in St. Giles' Church, 23 July, 1637.” 17516 THE BOOK OF COMMON PRAYER, 1639—THE WHOLE

Books of PSALMES, collected into English meeter by Thomas Sternhold, John Hopkins, and others 1640—2 vols. in 1, black letter, with the Music; CHARLES THE FIRST's copy, the title slightly mended, otherwise a very fine copy, in the original calf binding, richly ornamented with tooling and the Royal Arms, surmounted by the Crown and encircled by the Garter, stamped in gold on sides; from Lord Hampton's library, VERY RARE, £36. 1639

A very fine and well-preserved specimen of the library of Charles I. 17517 A DIRECTORY for the Publique Worship of God throughout the

three kingdoms'. . together with an Ordinance of Parliament for the taking away of the Book of Common Prayer, sm. 4to.

First edition of the Commonwealth Service-book, sd. 36s 1644 17518

the same, sm. 4to. a fine copy in calf neat, £2. 12s 1644 17519 BOOK OF COMMON PRAYER AND PSALTER; Form and

manner of making Bishops, 3 vols. Ch. Barker, 1660—THE WHOLE Book of Psalms in Meeter, by Sternhold, Hopkins, and others, with the Music, printed by S. G. 1661-together 4 vols.

in 1, small folio, old black morocco, gilt edges, £6. 1660-61 17520 BOOK OF COMMON PRAYER, and the Administration of

the Sacraments, the Psalter or Psalms of David, Form of Consecrating Bishops, Priests, and Deacons, and Forms of Prayer for Nov. 5, Jan. 30, and May 29, folio, LARGE PAPER, black letter, engraved title by D. Loggan, A REMARKABLY FINE COPY, in the original calf gilt binding, with the royal arms impressed in gold on the sides, Charles the Second's copy of the Sealed Book, from the library of Secretary Sir Edward Nicholas, £60.

1662 17521 Book OF COMMON PRAYER, 12mo. frontispiece and portrait of

Queen Anne, by Vandergucht, and numerous fine copper engravings throughout the book, including two curious pictures, one of the Almighty eye fixed upon Gunpowder Guy, and the other of Charles I's martyrdom, old English red morocco with silver clasps and cornerpieces, and two centrepieces bearing the engraved initials E B, 36s

Oaford, 1711 17522 BOOK OF COMMON PRAYER together with the

Psalter or Psalms, sm. 8vo. printed in red and black, with portrait of the King, engraved frontispiece by B. Cole, and 54 fine plates ;

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