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ruled with red ink throughout, and charmingly bound in the original crimson morocco extra, gilt edges, the sides richly decorated with gold tooling, £6. 6s

Oxford, Baskett, 1716 17523 BOOK OF COMMON PRAYER, English and French, small 8vo.

fine copy in old blue morocco extra, gilt leaves, the sides covered with rich tooling, £4.

Oxf. Baskett, 1717 These two fine bindings (of the same age as the impression), although somewhat too richly ornate for the books they enclose, are elaborate examples of that English school in which Roger Payne had his training, and one can see the germs of bis style in them. The tooling is fine hand-work ; and although the style in the two books is somewhat similar, having been done by the same artist at almost the same time, they are perfectly distinct in pattern

and detai). 17524 THE BOOK OF COMMON PRAYER together with the

Psalter. roy. folio, sumptuously bound in blue morocco extra, gilt edges, richly gilt back, broad borders of gold with decorative figures on the sides, and a mosaic centrepiece of inlaid white and crimson leather, bearing the IH S and symbols in gold, £4. 4s

Oxford, 1783 17525 THE ORDER OF DAILY SERVICE with Plain-tune, according to

the use of the Church of England and Ireland (edited by W. Dyce) sm. 4to. printed in red and black, in gothic letter, with the Music, brown morocco, extra, gilt edges, 308

1843 17526 Latin. LIBER PRECVM PVBLICARVM, sev Ministerij

Ecclesiasticæ administrationis Sacramentorum, aliorumque
rituum & cæremoniarum in Ecclesia Anglicana, small 8vo. fine
copy in green morocco, gilt tops, £3. 108
Londini, per assignationem Francisci Flore-at end,

Excudebat Thomas Vautrollerius, 1574

RARE ; Archdeacon Williams' copy fetched £5. 2s 6d. 17527 Dutch. COMMON PRAYER (Book of), with the Psalms, English

and Dutch, sm. 8vo. frontispicce, calf, 98 Amsterdam, 1711

Printed for the use of Her Majesty's (Queen Anne's) Dutch Court

Chapel of St. James'. 17528 Irish. Book of COMMON PRAYER, in Irish, sm. 8vo. bound, 10s

London, 1712 17529

another edition, 12mo. bound, ls 6d London, 1861 17530 Manx.

translated into Manks, 12mo. bound, rare, 15s

Ramsey, Isle of Mann, 1769 17531 another edition, 8vo. bound, 2s 61

1765 17532

another edition, 12mo. bound, 2s Whitehaven, 1777 17533 the same, sm. 4to. old black calf, 10s

ib. 1777 This is a totally distinct setting up of the same matter, with larger types,

and was evidently intended as a Large Paper Edition. 17534 Maori. O NGA INOINGA (Common Prayer), 12mo. calf, 12s

Ranana, 1852 17535 Mohawk. BOOK OF COMMON PRAYER, new edition, with St.

Mark's Gospel, translated into Mohawk by Captain Joseph
Brant, 8vo. frontispiece and several plates, old calf, £2. 58 1787

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17536 Monsi-Algonquin. Morning and Evening Prayers, etc. in Monsi-Indian, 12mo. morocco gilt, 10s

1847 17536* Portuguese. Livro da Oração Commum, com o Salterio, folio, old morocco, 10s

Oxford, 1695 17537 Indo-Portuguese. LIVRO de Oraçao Commum, 8vo. calf, 78 6d

1826 17538 Spanish. LITURGIA YNGLESA Hispanizada por Felix de Alvarado, 8vo. bd. 2s

1715 17539 Welsh. LLYFR GWEDDI GYFFREDIN (Common Prayer and Psalter), sm. 4to. defective at beginning and end, bd. £5.

1634 Followed by Edmund Price’s Metrical Psalms of about the same date,

which is also defective. 17540 LLYFR GWEDDI GYFFREDIN (Common Prayer and Psalter), sm. folio, title wanting and two or three leaves slightly defective, £5.

1664 17541

the same, sm. folio, the words of intitulation reprinted but the woodcut border of the title-page in genuine condition; in all other respects a fine large and perfect copy in brown morocco extra, gilt edges, by Bedford, £15.

1664 17542

another edition, sm. 4to. wanting last leaf of Calendar, bd. 15s

Mwythig (1711) 17543 another edition, 12mo. bds. 5s

Muythig, 1772 17544 Welsh and English, 12mo. bd. 1s 6d

Oxford, 1872

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3. Liturgical Psalms in Metre.

17545 THE WHOLE BOOKE OF PSALMES, collected into English

Meter by Thomas STERNHOLD, John HOPKINS and others ..
with apt Notes to sing them withal, sm. folio, black letter, with
the Music, very fine copy in red morocco extra, gilt edges, by
Bedford, £40.

Iohn Daye, 1567
A rare and fine book, probably the first appearance of the complete
Metrical Psalter in an édition de luxe. The translation had only appeared in
detached parts, the second part or residue having been printed for the
first time in 1562 or 1563. Those earlier issues are of smaller size, and the
entire Psalter of Sternhold and Hopkins, totus teres atque rotundus, in a
complete collective edition, with the supplementary hymns and prayers,

cannot be had of earlier date than this noble volume of 1567.
17546 THE WHOLE BOOKE OF PSALMES, collected into English meeter by

Thomas Sternhold, Iohn Hopkins, and others, sm. folio, with
the Music, title mended, hf. calf, £2. 10s

The Company of Stationers, 1604 17547 THE WHOLE BOOKE OF PSALMES with their wonted Tunes

composed into foure parts : Being so placed, that foure may sing
each one a seuerall part in this booke: Wherin the Church
tunes are carefully corrected & therynto added other short
tunes, 12mo. (sm. 8vo.), fine copy in the original vellum wrapper,
£12. 10s

Thomas Este, 1604
A precious little book of old English Music. The Music of every Psalm
is given harmonized for four voices, by the following composers : J. Douland,
E. Blancks, E. Hooper, J. Farmer, R. Allison, and J. Kirby.


17549 THE PSALMES OF David in Meetre, with diuers notes and Tunes

augmented to them : Also with the Prose on the margin, 12mo. (sm. 8vo.), with the Music of the plain tunes, in a contemporary gilt calf binding, £2. 88

Companie of Stationers, 1605 17550 THE WHOLE BOOKE OF PSALMES : with the Hymnes Evangelicall,

and Songs Spirituall composed into 4 parts by sundry Authors, to such seuerall Tunes, as haue beene, and are vsually sung ... Neuer as yet before in one volumne published . . Newly corrected and enlarged by Tho: Ravenscroft, 12mo. with the harmonized four-voice Music to every Psalm, fine copy in old calf, very rare, £3. 16s

Company of Stationers, 1621 First Edition of Ravenscroft's Psalter. The version is still that of

Sternhold and Hopkins. 17551 RAVENSCROFT (Thos.) Whole Booke of Psalmes, with the

Hymnes, composed into 4 parts by the sundry authors with such severall tunes as have been and are usually sung in England, Scotland, Wales, Germany, Italy, France and the Netherlands, never as yet before in one volume published, all the Music noted, London, 1633–BOOK OF COMMON PRAYER, Edinburgh, 1633–S. (J.) Genealogies recorded in the Sacred Scriptures, 1635—Apocrypha, consisting of sign. 00-Yy4—The Way to true Happinesse by questions and answers, London, 1633–Pagit (Eusebius) Historie of the Bible by way of questions and answers, London, 1627—Downame (John) Briefe Concordance to the Bible of the last translation, London, 1630-in 1 vol. sm. 8vo. in a seventeenth century binding of brown or citron morocco, gilt on the sides and back, and bearing the initials C. T. £16.

1627-33 17552 LAWES (Henry and William) CHOICE PSALMES put into Musick

for three voices, the most of which may properly enough be sung by any three, with a Thorough Base, with divers Elegies, set in Musick by sev'rall Friends, upon the Death of William Lawes. And at end of the Thorough Base are added nine Canons of Three and Foure voices made by William Lawes, 4 parts in l, portrait of Charles I, somewhat water-stained, old calf, with Kalthoeber's ticket, £5.

1648 A preliminary Sonnet "to my friend Henry Lawes” is signed by Milton, although the dedication of the book is a fervent address to the King, in whose

service William Lawes had fallen in battle. 17553 New England Psalter. BAY PSALM BOOK, a literal reprint

of the, being the earliest New England Version of the Psalms and the first book printed in America, 8vo. bds. only fifty copies

printed for subscribers, £4. 5s Cambridge (U.S.) (1640) 1862 17554 PSALTERIUM AMERICANUM. THE BOOK OF Psalms in a

Translation exactly conformed unto the Original; but all in
Blank Verse, Fitted unto the Tunes commonly used in our
Churches [by Dr. Cotton Mather], 12mo, old calf, VERY RARE,

Boston, in N. E. 1718
The Introduction, which is one of Cotton Mather's best pieces of
English composition, contains a fine theory of the use of blank verse ; but
the translation, which is a mean and poor one, --sometbing like Tate and

Brady without rhymes,--does in no way fulfil the test. The text is printed as prose, but the metrical pauses are marked by upright lines, thus

O what the blessings of the man || who is not walking in || the counsel of the men that are 1 set for impiety II.

4. Homilies. 17555 CERTAYNE | SERMONS OR HOME | LIES, appoynted by the

kyn- | ges Maiestie, to bee decla- / red and redde, by all per- | sones, Vicares, or Cu- / rates, euery Son- | daye in their | churches, where they haue cure. | Anno. 1547 small 4to. gothic letter, title within architectonic woodcut border ; wanting the last eight leaves ; vellum, £4. (Richard Grafton) 1547

Several editions of this famous Book of Homilies by Archbishop Cranmer were printed in the year 1547, all of nearly equal value, or rather

equally invaluable. 17556 CERTAINE SERMONS appointed by the Queenes Maiestie, to

be declared and read . . . newly imprinted in partes, according as is mentioned in the booke of common prayers, 2 vols. in 1, sm. 4to. title within woodcut borders, calf, £2. 10s

1582 17557 PREGETHAU (the Homilies, in Welsh), 2 vols. in 1, sm. 4to. wanting titles, bd. £2. 10s

Llundain, 1606 Very rare. The translator was the Rev. Edward James.

5. Special Forms of Prayer. 17558 CERTAINE PRAYERS set foorth by Authoritie, to be vsed for the

prosperous successe of her Maiesties Forces and Nauy, sm. 4to. the headline very slightly shaved in places, woodcut title, with arms at back, calf extra, by Bedford, £3. 16s

1597 This was for the expedition to Cadiz under Lord Essex. It is extremely 17559 A PETITION FOR PEACE : with the REFORMATION of the LITURGY, as

it was presented to the Right Reverend Bishops, by the Divines appointed by his Majesties Commission to treat with them about the ALTERATION of it, sm. 4to. purple morocco, gilt edges, 30s

1661 Richard Baxter, the celebrated Nonconformist, is considered to bave been

the author of this piece. 17560 [HOADLEY (Bishop)] Plain account of the nature and end of the

sacrament of the Lord's Supper, with Forms of Prayer, 8vo. LARGE PAPER, old blue morocco, gilt edges, 36s

1735 f. Scottish Service. 17561 [KNOX'S LITURGY] THE PSALMES OF DAVID, IN MEETER, with

the Prose. Wherevnto is added Prayers commonly vsed in the Kirke, and private houses : with a perpetuall KalendarCalvin (John) the Catechisme or maner to teach Children the Christian Religion-3 vols. in 1, small 8vo. (12mo.), with Music, title mended, morocco extra, gilt edges, £20.

Edinburgh, Andro Hart, 1611 VERY RARE : the only copies mentioned by Cotton being that in the Bodleian Library and Lea Wilson's.

The Psalmes are preceded by “the Confession of Faith used in the English congregation at Geneva, received and approved by the Church of Scotland," and Knox's Liturgy ; and are followed by Calvine's Catechism.


LAUD's SCOTTISH PRAYER BOOK—see Nos. 17511-15. 17562 THE PSALMES OF David, in Prose and Meeter, with an exact

Kalendar, the Order of Baptisme and Marriage 24to. the last leaf soiled, bound in velvet, £6. 108 Edinburgh, 1643

This edition omits the Catechism which is appended to the edition of

1611. 17563 THE BOOK OF COMMON ORDER commonly called John Knox's Liturgy,

translated into Gaelic A.D. 1567 by John Carswell, edited by Thomas M’Lauchlan, sm. 4to. hf. Roxburghe, gilt top, uncut, 7s 6d

Edinburgh, 1873 17564 [DICKSON (David)] True Christian Love To bee sung with

any of the common tunes of the Psalmes, 16mo. the first book printed at Glasgow, slightly cut in headlines, blue morocco extra, gilt edges, UNIQUE, £20.

Printed by I. W. for John Wilson, Glasgow, 1634 A great curiosity-entirely unknown till the discovery of this copy—the first edition of a popular little book and the earliest production of the press of Glasgow, four years previous to the date mentioned in the hand-books as the epochi of the introduction of printing in that city.

11. APPENDIX TO LITURGIES. Catechisms and Forms of Doctrine.


1. Roman Church.


con vna

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exposició sobre ella que la declara muy altamēte; instituyda nueuamēte ē roma co auctoridad de la sede aplica para instrucio dlos niños y moços

. . sm. folio, title within woodcut border, a large woodcut of the Crucifixion on the reverse, limp vellum, £12. 10s

Seuilla, 1532 The exposition of the sacraments and doctrine give the work a place here, but its treatise on the formation of manners and the general social education of youth are very curious and of much superior interest. The author, who is described as “de buena memoria," and to whom the title of " comensal del Papa” is given, had been killed at the sack of Rome in 1527.

A certain American interest attaches to the volume from the fact that it belonged in 1575 to the Monastery “ de Sant Francesco de Mexico," and bears the signature of “Fr. Michael Navarro, commiss. generalis” at that

date. 17566 CARRANCA DE MIRANDA (Bartholome, Arcobispo de Toledo),

Comentarios sobre el Catechismo Christiano, small folio, fine copy in the original binding, £3. 38

Anvers, 1558 Very scarce, having been strictly prohibited and the author imprisoned.

An exposition of the Creed, the Decalogue, and the Sacraments ; which, although its author was an Archbishop, was prohibited and put in the Index. Carranza was in England from 1554 to 1557, on a proselytizing mission, by order of Philip II, who then put him in the see of Toledo, but soon after the publication of this book, he was seized by the Inquisition, and accused of heresy. He lingered in various prisons for seventeen years, and died in 1576, a few weeks after his release.

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