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17567 HAMILTON (Archbishop) THE CATECHISME. That

is to say, an comone and catholik instructioun of the christin people in materis of our catholik faith and religioun, quhilk na gud christin man or woman suld misknaw; set furth be ye maist reuerend father in God Johne Aschbischop of sanct Androus Legatuait and primat of ye kirk of Scotland, in his prouincial counsale haldin at Edinburgh the xxvi. day of Januarie, the zeir of our Lord 1551 . .. sm. 4to. BLACK LETTER, some leaves mended, olive morocco extra, gilt edges, £160.

Prentit at sanct Androus, be the command and expēsis of . Iohne . primat of the hail

kirk of Scotland, xxix day of August. 1552 THE FIRST BOOK PRINTED AT ST. ANDREW'S, AND EXCESSIVELY RARE. There are only three or four copies in existence. It would not, however, be surprising if every copy had perished under the destructive rage of the triumphant party of Reform. Religious animosities burned as fiercely in Scotland as in any other country in that age. The Archbishop was taken prisoner

by his enemies in 1571, and immediately hanged. 17568 TAE CATECHISM set forth by Archbishop Hamilton printed at Saint

Andrews 1551; together with the Two-penny Faith 1559 (both reprinted in black letter), with preface by Prof. Mitchell, 8vo. cloth, £2.

Edinb. 1882 17569 CATECHISM Us .. Phep giang tam (in lingua Latina et Tunchinensi), editus ab Alexandro de Rhodes, sm. 4to. vellum, 21s

Romce (1651) 17570 BAYONACO DIOCESACO BI-GARREN CATICHIMA, Church Catechism in Basque, 12mo. calf extra, gilt edges, £5.

Bayonan, 1733

2. Reformed Churches,

Germany : 17571 LUTHER. DEUDSCH CATECHISMUS Mart. Luther, sm. 4to. First

Edition, title within elegant woodcut border containing a Crucifixion, numerous contemporary notes on the margins of the text, slightly wormed at the beginning, red morocco, RARE, £9.

Wittemberg, Georg Rhaw, 1529 17572 GALLI (Nic.) Catechismvs Predigsweise gestelt, für die kirche

zu Regenspurg .. wider allerlei newerung vnd verfelschung, sm. 4to. woodcut title-page and 24 woodcuts in the text, which bear the monogram of the artist Michael Ostendorfer; blue morocco extra, gilt edges, by F. Bedford, £6. 6s Regenspurg, 1554

Nicholas Gallus (Hahn) was a pugnacious Reformer, the disciple of Luther, but managed to quarrel with Melancthon and others of his associates.

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Curious references to the doctrines of the Anabaptists, the Zwinglians, and others, are found in his preface. At the end of the Catechism is added a singular relation of an imaginary dream, in which Luther appears to Gallus and complains of the gradual degeneration taking place amongst the Reformers. This piece, entitled Klagrede, was intended as a reply to the Querela Lutheri, published in March, 1554. The book ends with a funeral

sermon by Hieron. Rauscher on the Pfaltzgräfin Elizabeth. 17573 AUGSPURGISCHE CONFESSION (die) aus dem rechten Original-

Enchiridion: der kleine Catechismus D. Martin. Luther. Agenda, Kirchen Geschefft und derselben Ordnung–3 vols. in 1, folio, woodcuts, including fine portraits of the Elector George, of Brandenburg, and of his father Joachim, with the monogram of Peter Hille, a wormhole through many leaves, some corners torn, bd. 30s

Franckfurt an der Oder, 1572 Scandinavia : 17574 CONFESSIO FIDEI det är then Christeliga Troos Bekännelse,

1593 uthi Upsala Concilio stadfäst och confirmerat, sm. 4to. hf. bd. 308

Stockholm, 1663 17575 another edition, sm. 4to. Uds. 18s

ib. 1693 17576 LUTHERI (Martini) CATECHISMUS THEN STÖRRE, förswenskadt aff

P. I. Rudbeckio, sm. 4to. portrait, vellum, 158 Stockholm, 1667 17577 TERSERI (J. E. Episcopi Aboënsis) Förklaring öfwer Catechismum,

eller the sex war christlige Läras Hufwudstycken, Abo, 1663EMPORAGRII (E. G. Biskop i Strengnäs) Catechesens enfaldige Förklarning, Strengnäs, 1669—2 vols. in 1, thick 12mo. vellum, 20s

1663-69 These two books are excessively rare, both having been rigorously

suppressed. The title-page of the first work is a reprint. Vaudois : 17578 (CATECHISMUS) Intraguidamaint dad infurmar la Giuuantün

in la uaira cretta, è cūguschentscha da quellas chiaussas chi tuoccan proa a lg salüdt da lg Crastiaun. .. traas Durich Chiampell, 12mo, ods. 20s

Basel, 1606
English and Scottish :
17579 FORME (The) and maner of examination befoir the admission

ye tabill of ye Lord, vsit be ye

Ministerie of Edinburgh, And geuin to ye Maisteris of euerie familie yat be ye oft reiding yairof yai may be ye better instructit in ye groundis & principall heidis of Religion, 12mo. black letter, hf. bd. £75.

Edinburgh, Henrie Charteris, 1581 UNIQUE: this copy, formerly in the possession of the late David Laing, being the only one now in existence, so far as has been ascertained. It was unknown to the editor of Craig's Short Summe (also printed by Charteris in 1581), and the orthography of the text seems to shew that the present Forme and Maner of Examination was not compiled by Craig like the other Catechism. -Craig compiled a brief " Forme of Examination," which was printed “for the first time" in 1591, and which must consequently be a quite different book

from this. 17580 CRAIG (John) Shorte Summe of the whole Catechisme, reprinted

in facsimile from one of the only two extant copies of] the original edition of 1581, with an introductory memoir by Thomas Graves Law, 12mo. hf. morocco, gilt top, uncut, 16s

Edinburgh, 1883

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17582 [BeverIDGE (Bishop William)] Eglurhaad o Gatechism yr
Eglwys, 12mo. calf, 58

Llundain, 1708 17583 VINCENT (Thomas) Explicatory Catechism, or an explanation of

the Assemblies Shorter Catechism, 16mo. short copy in hf. calf,

Edinburgh, 1712 17584 HYFFORDDIAD i wybodaeth y dyledswyddau Crefydd ... Catecism yr Eglwys, 5 parts in 1 vol. 12mo. bd. 108

1746 17585 [WILSON] Instruction for the Lord's Supper, in English and

Manks, by Thomas Bishop of Sodor and Mann, 8vo. presentation
copy to R. Farrant, High-Bailiff, 78

Whitehaven, 1777

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b. Non-liturgical Books of Devotion.

1. Prayer Books.
17586 COVERDALE. WERMULIERUS (Otho) Spirituall and most pre-

cious Pearle, teaching all men to loue and embrace the crosse
... translated by Miles Couerdale, 24mo. black letter, very fine
copy in blue morocco super extra, covered with gold tooling, gilt
gauffré edges, by Bedford, VERY RARE, £16. Robert Robinson, 1593

This work was read by the Protector, the Duke of Somerset, during his
confinement in the Tower, and afforded him so much consolation in his mis-

fortunes that on his release he caused it to be printed, and wrote the Preface. 17587 Cologne, Van XII fruchtē misse zo hoeren mit innicheit, Coelne

up dem Alden mart tzo dem wilde manne, s. a. (Baumgart, cir.
1495)--Vunff devote Psalmen mit den Antiffen, Versykel und
Collecte, ib. s. a.-Schatzboechlin der Gotlicher Lieffden, wood-
cuts, Cöllen durch Eucharium Hirtzhorn, 8. a. (cir. 1515)—Spiegel
der Volkomēheit, without last leaf, woodcut, s. l. et a. in 1 vol.
stout 12mo. in the original oak boards, with stamped leather
covering and clasp, £2. 28

(Cöllen, cir. 1495-1515)
A collection of very rare devotional pieces, in the Cologne dialect of Low

17588 JEANNE (F. Jacques) Thresor sacré des Prerogatives et

Grandeurs de la glorieuse & tres saincte Vierge Marie, sm. 8vo.
(12mo.), brilliant impressions of the beautiful copperplate
engravings by C. de Mallery, MS. notes by Mr. Beckford, fine
copy in red morocco extra, gilt edges, covered with good tooling
(à petits fers), gilt edges, by Le Gascon, from the Beckford library,

Paris, 1620 17589 LESLÆI (Joannis, Episcopi Rossen.) Piæ afflicti animi Consola

tiones. Animi tranquilli Munimentum ad Serenissimam
Principem D. Mariam Scotorum Reginam. His adiecimus
ejusdem Principis Epistolam ad Rossensem Episcopum, 12mo.
autograph of Dr. R. Gray, 1721, old red morocco, gilt edges, rare,
£7. 78

Folios 38, 39, 40, contain two short poems in French addressed by Queen
Mary, from her prison at Sheffield, to Bishop Leslie. One is signed “ Sa
vertu m'attire. Marie Stuuarte ;" the other, “ Va, tu meriteras "—the
mottoes being anagrams of her name. They are followed by Leslie's
renderings of the same into Latin, the second being signed and anagram-
matized “ Maria Stevarta. Veritas armata."

17590 LIscovius (S.) christelig Fruen-Timmers andelige Dygde-Spegel, narrow 12mo. frontispiece and plates, calf, gilt edges, 58

Stockholm, 1731 17591 SIERRA (Bernardo de) Ramillete de diuinas Flores escogidas

en el delicioso Jardin de la Yglesia, 18mo. several curious emblematic copper engravings in a Spanish morocco binding, circular fan-shaped ornaments in gold on the sides, £2. 2s (Madrid), 1699

Christ and Cupid fishing in rivalry for hearts, a youthful soul starting out with dogs in leash and gun on shoulder to hunt in the Lord's vineyard

such are two of the engravings. The binding is of the age of the book. 17592 SOROCOLD (Thomas) Supplication of Saints, a book of Prayers and

Praises wherein are three most excellent prayers made by the late famous Queen Elizabeth, 16mo. calf, 10s

1660 17593 VERREPEI (Simonis) Enchiridion Piarum Precationum, cui connexæ sunt Meditationes Savonarolæ, 16mo. calf, 58 Paris, 1579

2. Paraphrases of the Psalms. 17594 PSALTERIUM Davidis carmine redditum per Eobanum Hessum 12mo. calf, 108

Argentor. 1546 Epistles from Luther and Melanchthon are printed at the beginning. 17595 SIBERI (Adami) Psalterii libri v... Idyllia sacra 12mo. hf. calf, 78 60

Basilec, 1566 An epistle from Melanchton is printed at the beginning. 17596 PSALMORUM . libri quinque :

vario carminum genere Theodoro Beza auctore, 12mo, russia, gilt edges, 10s

Londini, 1580 17597 Davidis PSALMI aliquot Latino carmine expressi a quatuor illustribus poetis . . . etiam nonnulli psalmi Græci

sm. 4to. blue morocco extra, gilt edges, by Lewis, £2. 10s

Henr. Stephan. 1556 The Latin versions are by Buchanan, Flaminius, Rapicius, Eobanus, and Salmonius; the Greek by Henr. Stephanus and Paulus Dolscius. This is the

first appearance of Buchanan's Psalms in print. 17598 PSALMORUM libri quinque duplici poetica metaphrasi Latine

expressi, Theodoro Beza & Georgio Buchanano autoribus . ejusdem Buchanani Jephthes, stout 12mo. old calf, arms and garter of the Earl of St. Albans on sides, £4. 4s Morciis, 1581

The binding must have been executed in or after 1660, when Jermyn got his title. The book itself is a rare one, like everything which was printed at

Morges or Morsee, in the Swiss, canton of Vaud. 17599 BUCHANANI (Geo.) Paraphrasis Psalmorum accesserunt duo Tragoediæ, 12mo. title mended, calf extra, gilt edges, £2. 168

Edinb. Andreas Hart, 1611 One of the pages bears the contemporary autograph of “ David Lyndesay.''

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the Hymnes dispersed throughout the Old and New Testaments by G. Š. (GEORGE SANDYS), 12mo. First Edition, very fine large copy in the original gilt calf, RARE, £2. 16s 1636

A volume of most musical poetry, which is considered to be the best English translation of the Psalmş.

17601 THE PSALTER OF DAVID, with Titles and Collects according

to the matter of each Psalme [BY CHRISTOPHER LORD HATTON], 12mo. black letter, with the monogram and MS. notes of Sir Edward Nicholas, £3. 10s Oxford, by Leonard Lichfield, 1644

3 VERY RARE, only some half dozen copies being known. Cotton was of opinion that this first edition was privately printed by Lord Hatton for presents. It is probable that the old fly-leaf (no longer existing) boré the note of presentation to Secretary Nicholas, who was then in attendance on the

King at Oxford. 17602 ABBOT (George) the Whole Book of Psalms paraphrased, small 4to. in the original blue morocco, with a coat of arms on sides, £4.

1650 The arms represent the union of the Chetwynd and Haselrigge families, Walter Chetwynde having married Frances Haselrigge.—George Abbot, nephew of Archbishop Abbot, was dead when the volume was published by Richard Vines, but he had been a prominent Puritan member of the Long

Parliament. 17603 THE PSALMS of King David paraphrased and turned into

English vers ... by MILES SMYTH, small 8vo. frontispiece, in a contemporary binding of blue morocco, gilt edges, the sides and back covered with fine gold tooling in Le Gascon's manner, a geometrical pattern lavishly eked out and interwoven with flowers and arabesques in gold pointillé, £10.

1668 RARE ; especially in such a dress as this, 17604 ARETINO (Pietro) Sette Salmi della Penitentia, 12mo. woodcut

portrait, ILLUSTRATED with 23 beautiful engravings by Bosse, Moncornet and Callot, fine copy in old French red morocco extra, gilt edges, by Boyer, from the Beckford library, £14.

s. 1. & a. (? Venetiis, circa 1540)

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Its History, Philosophy, Ritual and Law. 17605 Acosta (Yshak de) Conjeturas sagradas sobre los Prophetas

primeros, 4to. title within woodcut border, 58 Leyden, 5482 (1722) 17606 ALBO (Joseph) Sefer Ikkarim: Grund- und Glaubenslehren der

Mosaischen Religion, deutsch von Schlessinger und Schlesinger, 8vo. hf. calf, 58

Frankfurt, 1844 17607 BAUER (G. L.) Hebräische Mythologie des alten und Neuen

Testaments, 2 vols. in 1, 8vo. half calf, 58 Leipzig, 1802 17608 BEER (B.) Leben Abrahams, 8vo. sd. 28

Leipzig, 1859 17609 BEER (Peter) Geschichte, Lehren und Meinungen aller religiösen Sekten der Juden, und der Cabbalah, 2 vols. 8vo. hf. bd. 58

Brünn, 1822-23 17610 BERTHOLDT, Christologia Judæorum apostolorum ætate, 1811

Friedrich de Christologia Samaritanorum, 1821---2 vols. in 1, 8vo. cloth, 2s 6d


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