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17865 BASTIAN, die Weltauffassung der Buddhisten, 8vo. sd. 1s 6d

Berlin, 1870 17866 BARTHÉLEMY SAINT-HILAIRE (J.) le Bouddha et sa Religion, troisième edition, 12mo. hf. calf, 10s

Paris, 1866 17867 BIGANDET, Life or Legend of Gaudama the Buddha of the

Burmese, with annotations, the ways to Niebban [Nirvana], 8vo. cloth, 15s

Rangoon, 1866 17868 the same, 2 vols. 8vo. cloth, 12s

1880 The best work on the most archaic form of Buddhism as still preserved in

Burma. This is a reprint of the author's second edition. 17869 BURNOUF (E.) Introduction à l'histoire du Buddhisme Indien, Tome premier (all published), large 4to. sd. 36s; hf. morocco, £2.

Paris, 1844 17870

deuxième édition, roy. 8vo. sd. 188 Paris, 1876 17871

Lotus de la Bonne. Loi, traduit du Sanscrit, avec un commentaire et vingt et un mémoires relatifs au Buddhisme, large 4to. sd. £3. 10s

Paris, 1852 Saddharma Pundarika is the Sanscrit name of this work, which was chosen by Burnouf as one of the best suited for an exposition of the doctrines

and history. of Buddhism. 17872 CUNNINGHAM (Alex.) the Bhilsa Topes or Buddhist monuments of

Central India . . rise, progress, and decline of Buddhism, 8vo. 33 plates, hf. morocco, £2. 12s 6d

1854 17873

Ladak, physical, statistical, and historical, roy. 8vo. maps and plates, some coloured, £2.

1854 17874

the Stûpa of Bharhut, a Buddhist monument ornamented with sculptures illustrative of Buddhist legend and history in the third century B.c. imp. 4to, numerous photographs and woodcuts, cloth gilt, £3.

1879 17875 DESCHAMPS (A.) Origines du Bouddhisme; Discipline Bouddhique ; 2 tracts, 8vo. sd. 5s

Paris, 1861-62 17876 DHAMMAPADA, a collection of verses, being one of the Canonical

books of the Buddhists, translated from the Pali, by Max Müller, 8vo. cloth, 8s

Oxford, 1881 17877 DHAMMAPADA, the Buddhist canon, texts from, translated from the Chinese by Samuel Beal, 8vo. cloth, 58

1878 17878 DIPAVAMSA, an ancient Buddhist record, Pali and English, by Herm. Oldenberg, 8vo. sd. 9s

1879 EDKIN'S CHINESE RELIGIONS—see No. 17915. 17879 Erret (E. J.) Handbook for the Student of Chinese Buddhism, 8vo. sd. 36s

Hongkong, 1870 A Dictionary of Sanscrit words (in Roman characters, as well as the Pali, Burmese and Tibetan equivalents) and the corresponding Chinese

phrases, with an English explanation. 17880

Chinese Buddhism, a volume of sketches, historical, descriptive, and critical, 8vo. cloth, 128

1880 17881 FA HIAN’s Pilgrimage, from the French edition of the Foe Koue

Ki, with additional notes, 8vo. cloth, 20s Calcutta, 1848 17883 Fa Hian and Sung Yun, Buddhist pilgrims, Travels from China to

India, 400 A.D. and 518 A.D., translated from the Chinese by
Samuel Beal, sm. 8vo. map, cloth, 58

1869 17884 Foucaux, le Bouddhisme au Tibet, 8vo. sd. ls 6d. Paris, 1864 17885 FRANCKLIN (W.) Researches on the tenets and doctrines of the

Jeynes and Boodhists, with a discussion on the worship of the
Serpent, 4to. plates, bds. 78 6d

1827 17886 FRIEDERICH (R. H. T.) over Inscriptien van Java en Sumatra,

voor het eerst ontcijferd, 4to. plates, bds. 7s (Batavia, 1852) 17887 HARDY (R. Spence) Eastern Monachism: an account of the

origin, laws, discipline, rites, sacred writings, etc. etc. of the
order of Mendicants founded by Gotama Budha, compiled from
Singhalese MSS. 8vo. cloth, scarce, 24s

1850 17888

Manual of Budhism in its modern development, 8ro. cloth, 128 ; or, calf neat, 15.8

1853 17889

the same, 8vo. cloth, a somewhat used copy from Dr. Burnell's library, 14s

1853 17890 the same, second edition, 8vo. cloth, 168

1880 An excellent work in spite of the author's prejudice that, while Christianity was of divine, Buddhism was of a contrary origin; and his missionary eagerness to substitute one set of myths for another, as the

highest benefaction the Eastern world could receive. 17891

Legends and Theories of the Buddhists compared with history and science, with notices of the life of Gotama Buddha, sm. 8vo. cloth, 12s

1866 17892 HODGSON (B. H.) Essays on the languages, literature, and religion of Nepal and Tibet, roy. 8vo. cloth, 10s

1874 JOHNSON (Sam.) Buddhism-see No. 17830. 17893 KAMMAVAKYA: de Officiis Sacerdotum Buddhicorum, Palice et Latine, 8vo. sd. ls 6d

Bonnce, 1841 -.for the original text, see Catalogue of Oriental books. 17894 KERN (H.) Jaartelling der zuidelijke Buddhisten en de gedenkstukken van Açoka, 4to. sd. 5s

Amsterdam, 1873 17895 KOEPPEN (C. F.) die Religion des Buddha, und die Lamaische

Hierarchie und Kirche, 2 vols. 8vo. sd. 25s Berlin, 1857-59 17896 MÜLLER (Max) Buddhism and Buddhist Pilgrims,8vo. sd. ls 6d 1857 17897 NEVE (Felix) de l'antériorité du Brahmanisme sur le Bouddhisme;

état présent des études sur le Bouddhisme ; le Bouddhisme, son

fondateur, ses écritures; 3 tracts, 8vo. sd. 7s 6d 1845-46-54 17898 RAJENDRALALA MITRA, BUDDHA GAYá, the Hermitage of Sakya

Muni, roy. 4to, numerous plates, and fine photographs, cloth,
£2. 153

Calcutta, 1878 17899 SCHMIDT (I. J.) Verwandschaft der gnostisch-theosophischen

Lehren mit dem Buddhaismus, 1828; Grundlehren des Buddha-
ismus, 2 parts, 1829-30; die dritte Welt der Buddhaisten, 1831 ;
die tausend Buddhas, 1832; das Mahajana und Pradschna-Para-
mita, 1836-SCHOTT (W.) über den Buddhaismus in Hochasien
und in China, 1846; zur Literatur des chinesischen Buddhismus,
1873–together 8 parts in 1 vol. 4to. hf. calf neat, 25s 1828-73

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17900 SCHOEBEL, le Bouddha et le Bouddhisme, 8vo. sd. 2s 6d Paris, 1857 17901 Senart (E.) Essai sur la Légende du Buddha, son caractère et ses origines, 8vo. sd. 10s

Paris, 1875 17902 les Inscriptions de Piyadasi, Tome I, 8vo. sd. 10s

ib. 1881 17903 Vinaya Texts, translated from the Pali by Rhys Davids and

Herman Oldenberg, part 1: the Patimoķkha, the Mahavagga, 8vo. cloth, 7s

Oxford, 1881 17904 VASILIEv. Der Buddhismus, seine Dogmen, Geschichte und Litera

tur von Wassiljew, Erster Theil, aus dem Russ. übersetzt (von Benfey), 8vo. hf. bd. 12s

St. Petersb. 1860

8. ANCIENT EGYPT. 17905 BUNSEN (Christian C. J.) Egypt's place in universal history,

an historical investigation in five books, translated from the German by Ch. H. Cottrell, with additions by Samuel BIRCH (comprising the Book of the Dead, a Chrestomathy, and a complete Hieroglyphic Dictionary and Grammar), 5 vols. 8vo. numerous engravings, cloth, £11.

1848-67 17906 CHAMPOLLION LE JEUNE, Monuments de l’Egypte et de la

Nubie d'après les dessins exécutés sur les lieux, 4 vols. atlas folio, containing 400 splendid engravings, many beautifully coloured, bds. £15.

Paris, 1835-45 17907 WILKINSON ([Sir] J. G.) Manners and Customs of the Ancient

Egyptians, 3 vols. ; second series, 3 vols. ; together 6 vols. 8vo. 94 plates, some coloured, and over 500 woodcuts, cloth, not uniform, £4. 58

1837-41 17908 PRISSE D'AVENNES, Monuments Egyptiens pour faire suite aux

Monuments de Champollion, atlas folio, frontispiece and 50 plates, some COLOURED, hf. russia, £5.

Paris, 1817 17909 GLIDDON, Otia Ægyptiaca : Discourses on Egyptian Archæology and Hieroglyphical Discoveries, 8vo. cloth, 3s 61; calf gilt, 5s

1849 17910 HERJES TRISMEGISTUS. Patricii (Fr.) Nova Philosophica :

Zoroaster et ejus oracula, Hermetis Poemander, Sermones, &c. 16mo. green vellum, 258

Hamburgi, 1593 17911 PIERRET (Paul) le Panthéon Egyptien, 8vo. 75 woo!lcuts, sd. 188

Paris, 1881 17912 PRICHARD (J. C.) Analysis of the Egyptian Mythology, roy. 8vo. plates, calf, 108

1819 17913 LEPSIUS, DENKMAELER AUS ÆGYPTEN und Æthiopien, nach den

Zeichnungen der von dem Könige von Preussen nach diesen Ländern gesendeten wissenschaftlichen Expedition, 1842-45, 12 vols. elephant folio, and 1 vol. of Introductory Text, impl. 4to. 899 lithographed and coloured plates, A COMPLETE COPY, £55.

Berlin, 1849-59 Few books can equal the “Monuments of Lepsuis " in grandeur and completeness of design, or in the perfect style of its execution.


17914 ROSELLINI, Monumenti dell' Egitto e della Nubia, 3 vols.

elephant folio, containing 390 plates, many of them splendidly COLOURED, and 9 vols. 8vo. of text; together 12 vols. hf. morocco gilt, £36.

Pisa, 1832-44 9. NON-BUDDHIST CHINA. 17915 EDKINS (Joseph) Religion in China, containing a brief account of the three Religions of the Chinese, 8vo. cloth, 6s

1878 17916 LEGGE (James) the Religions of China : Confucianism and Taoism described, sm. 8vo. cloth, 5s

1880 17917 Chinese Classics, Vols. I-V, in 8 vols. roy. 8vo.


Hongkong, 1861-72 17918 the same, Vols. I-III, in 4 volş. roy. 8vo. hf. bd. £4.

1861-65 Containing the Confucian Analects, the Great Learning, the Doctrine of

the Mean ; the works of Mencius; the Shoo King. 17919

Yî King ; Shu King, Shih King, Hsiao King (Vols. III and XVI of the Sacred Books of the East), translated by Legge, 2 vols. 8vo. cloth, 15s

Oxford, 1879-82 10. EUROPE. Helleno-Italic Mythology : 17920 BINET (B.) Traité historique des Dieux et des Demons du

Paganisme, 12mo. autograph of A. A. Renouard, blue morocco extra, smooth back and gilt edges, by Bisiaux, with his ticket

partly torn off, from the Beckford library, £2. 2s Delff, 1696 17921 BOETTICHER (Č.) Baumkultus der Hellenen und Römer, 8vo. 22 plates, sd. 12%

Berlin, 1856 17922 Boissier, la Religion Romaine, 2 vols. 8vo. sd. 15s Paris, 1874 17923 CONSTANT (Benjamin) du Polythéisme Romain précédé

d'une introduction de J. Matter, 2 vols. 8vo. sd. 12s Paris, 1833 17924 BOUCHÉ-LECLERCQ, Histoire de la Divination dans l'antiquité, 2 vols. 8vo. sd. 20s

Paris, 1879-80 On the religious rites and practices of the Greeks and Romans, the

Sibyls, Oracles, &c. 17925 DU CHOUL (Guill.) Discours de la Religion des Anciens Romains,

sm. folio, First Edition, LARGE PAPER, numerous fine woodcuts, fine copy in old calf, VERY RARE, 36s Lyon, G. Rouille, 1556

The engravings are chiefly representations of the various cults and

sacrificial customs of the Romans, taken from the figures on gems, medals, etc. 17926 La Chau, Dissertation sur les attributs de Vénus, 4to. with

the beautiful frontispiece after Titian, green vellum, lettered Miscellanea, £2. 2s

Paris, 1776 Bound up with several other pieces. 17927 MYTHOS ALTER DICHTER in bildlichen Darstellungen, 8vo. 60 fine

plates by Stöber, after Ender, morocco extra, gold tooled sides, gilt edges, £5.

Wien, 1815 17928 OVERBECK (J.) Beiträge zur Erkenntniss und Kritik der Zeusreligion, imp. Svo. sd. 28 60

Leipzig, 1861 17929 TZSCHIRŅER (H. G.) Fall des Heidenthums, Band 1 (all published), thick 8vo. Uds. 2s 6a

Leipzig, 1829

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Celtic Mythology: 17930 DAVIES (Edward) Celtic Researches; origin, tradition, and

language of the ancient Britons, roy. 8vo. cloth, 12s 1804 17931

Mythology and Rites of the British Druids, roy. 8vo. frontispiece, bds. 18s

1809 17932 FrickII Commentatio de Druidis, sm. 4to. frontispiece and plates, bds. 5

Ulmace, 174.4 17933 HUGHES (John) Horæ Britannicæ ... disquisitions on the national and religious antiquities of Great Britain, 2 vols. 8vo. bls. 16s

1818 Teutonic and Scandinavian : 17934 GRIMM (Jacob) Deutsche Mythologie, 8vo. hf. bd. 5s

Göttingen, 1835 17935

zweite Ausgabe, 2 vols. 8vo. hf.calf, 10s lib. 1844 17936

dritte Ausgabe, 2 vols. 8vo. hf. bd. 128 ib. 1854 17937 HOLTZMANN (Adolf) Deutsche Mythologie, 8vo. sd. 78 6d

Leipzig, 1874 17937*WOLF (J. W.) Beiträge zur deutschen Mythologie, 8vo. cloth, 2s 6d

Göttingen, 1852 17938 ANDERSON (R. B.) Norse Mythology; or the Religion of our

forefathers, containing all the myths of the Eddas systematized and interpreted, with introduction, vocabulary, and index, by R. B. Anderson, sm. 8vo. cloth, 10s

Chicago, 1879 17939 EDDA SÆMUNDAR hinns Froda ; Edda Rhythmica seu

antiquior vulgo Sæmundina dicta: Carmina mythico-historica de Volsungis, Budlingis, et Niflungis, etc. Islandice et Latine, cum notis, glossariis, 3 vols. 4to. facsimiles of MSS. calf gilt, £3. 10s

Hafn. 1787-1828 17940 EDDA, den ældra, udgivet af Munch, 8vo. sd. 3s Christiania, 1847 17941 -handudgave ved Grundtvig, 8vo. hf. calf, 7s

Köbenhavn, 1874 17942 THORPE (B.) Northern Mythology, the principal popular

traditions and superstitions of Scandinavia, North Germany, and the Netherlands, 3 vols. sm. 8vo. frontispiece, hf. od: 368

1852-53 17943 VIGFUSSON and YORK POWELL, Corpus Poeticum Boreale; the

poetry of the old Northern tongue from the earliest time to the thirteenth century, edited, classified, and translated, 2 vols. 8vo. cloth, 358

Oxford, 1883 This is a book that may be called "epoch-making.”. Profound learning and critical sagacity are united here with a full knowledge of the results of comparative science. It is the first time that old Norse legends and lays have

been treated by properly-equipped scholars. Lapponic: 17944 LEEMII de Lapponibus Finmarchiæ eorumque lingua, vita, et

religione pristina commentatio, cum notis, Danice et Latine, 4to. 101 plates, cloth, £2. 108

Kööbenhavn, 1876

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