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OCCULT SCIENCE, 18034 ARTIS AURIFERÆ quam Chemiam vocant, volumen primum (et

secundum) quod continet Turbam Philosophorum, aliosque antiquiss. autores, 2 vols. in 1, thick 12mo. very curious woodcuts, vellum, 258

Basilere, 1593 The woodcuts are in the Rosarium Philosophorum, and symbolize the

operations of alchemy in a singular sexual manner. 18035 (ASHMOLE) Fasciculus Chemicus, or chymical collections expres

sing the ingress, progress, and egress of the sacred Hermetick

science, by James Hasolle, 16mo. frontispiece, bd. 36s 1650 18036 BECCHERI (J. J.) Physica subterranea cum Supplementis ; accedit

; Specimen Beccherianum G. E. Stahlii, sm. 4to. curious frontis. piece, calf, 10s

Lipsiæ, 1738 The first supplement treats of the Transmutation of Metals. 18037 BODIN (J., Angevin) la Demonomanie des Sorciers, 18mo. wanting part of the Index, bd. 10s

Paris, 1698 18038 CHYMISCHER und Alchymistischer Particular-Zeiger und Silber-machen, 12mo. sd. 3s 6d

Stockholm, 1726 18039 [COOPER (William)] Philosophicall Epitaph in Hierogliphicall

Figures a Briefe of ye goldin Calfe, by W. C. with a catalogue of Chymicall bookes, 12mo. engraved title, calf, £2. 28

1673 18040 COTTA (John) of Northampton, Dr. in Physicke. A Short Dis

coverie of the Unobserved dangers of severall sorts of ignorant and unconsiderate Practisers of Physicke in England (slightly stained), 1612-Cotta contra Antonium, or an Ant-Antony, or an Ant-Apology manifesting Dr. Antony his Apologie for Aurum Potabile, in true and equall ballance of right reason to be false and counterfait by John Cotta, Oxford, 1623—2 rare tracts, in 1 vol. sm. 4to. hf. bd. £1. 12s

1612-23 18041 DEMONOLOGIA; or natural Knowledge Revealed : an Exposé of

ancient and modern Superstitions, Credulity, Fanaticism, Enthusiasm and Imposture, by J. S. F. sm. 8vo. frontispiece, boards, 18s

1831 18042 GAFFARELLI (Jac.) Curiositez inouyes, hoc est Curiositates inauditæ

de figuris Persarum talismanicis etc. cum Michaelis notis, 2 vols. 12mo. engravings, bound, 10s

Hamburgi, 1676 18043 GODWIN (W.) Lives of the Necromancers; an account of the

most eminent persons who have claimed or to whom has been imputed the exercise of Magical Power, 8vo. bds, scarce, 208

1834 18044 HEYDON (Sir Christopher) Defence of Judiciall Astrologie, in

answer to a treatise lately published by M. John Chamber, smallest 4to. calf, 20s

John Legat, Cambridge, 1603 Written with considerable ability and learning, this work maintains the importance and reality of the science of Astrology.


18045 HEYDON (Sir Chr.) Astrological Discourse, manifestly proving the

powerful influence of Planets and fixed Stars upon elementary bodies, in justification of the verity of Astrology, with a commendatory introduction by W. Lilly, 18mo. sheep, 14s

John Macock, 1650 18046 JOHNSON (Guil.) Lexicon Chymicum, cum obscuriorum Verborum

et Rerum Hermeticarum tum Phrasium Paracelsicarum in

Scriptus ejus, 2 parts in 1 vol. 18mo. calf, 24s Londini, 1652 18047 MYSTERES (les plus secrets) des hauts grades de la maçonnerie dévoilés, 12mo. sd. 5s

Jer usalem, 1768 18048 NODÉ (Pierre) Declamation contre l'erreur execrable des Male

ficiers, Sorciers, Enchanteurs, Magiciens, Deuins et semblables obseruateurs des superstitions ; lesquels pullulent maintenant couuertement en France ; ... Plus les Articles et Erreurs touchant ceste matiere condemnez à Paris par la faculté de Theologie, avec une preface faicte à ceste censure par M. Jehan Gerson : 12mo. sd. tall copy with rough leaves, 36s Paris, 1578

Ouvrage curieux et difficile trouver.”—Brunet. 18049 PANTALEONIS Examen Alchymisticum, 12mo. hf. bd. 78 6d

Noribergæ, 1676 Bound up with LEONICENI Metamorphosis ÆSCULAPII et Apollinis, Lug.

Bat. 1673. 18050 PARACELSI (Theoph.) Opera omnia, 3 vols. sm. folio, portrait, old gilt calf, £3. 38

Genevce, 1658 COLERIDGE's Copy, with two notes in his handwriting. 18051 PARACELSUS. Congeries Paracelsicæ Chemiæ de Transmuta.

tionibus Metallorum, accessit Genealogia Mineralium atque metallorum G. Dorneo interprete, 1681

MONARDES, Simplicium Medicamentorum ex Novo Orbe dilatorum Historia—2 vols. in 1, 1682, 12mo. hf. calf, 78 6d

1681-2 18052 POMPONATII de naturalium effectuum causis sive de Incantationibus opus, 12mo. vellum, 108

Basilic, 1556 18053 PRÆTORII (Johannis) Ludicrum Chiromanticum seu Thesaurus

Chiromantiæ, stout sm. 4to. frontispiece and curious woodcuts, vellum, 30s

Jenæ, 1661 18054 SECRETS REVEALED; or an open entrance to the Shut-Palace of

the King containing the greatest Treasure of Chemistry, composed by a famous Englishman styling himself Anonymus, published by W. C. (Wm. Cooper), 12mo. soiled, with MS. Astrological notes in margins, calf, £1. 10s

1669 18055 SINISTRARI (L. M.) de la Démonialité et des Animaux incubes et

succubes, ouvrage inédit traduit du Latin par Isidore Liseux, sm. 8vo. sd. 7s 60

Paris, 1875 18056 STARKEY (George, a Philosopher made by the Fire) Nature's Ex

plication and Helmont's Vindication, or a short and sure way to a long and sound life, 12mo. calf, 14s

1657 18057 TARTAROTTI (G.) Congresso notturno delle Lammie, e due Disser

tazioni sopra l'Arte Magica, 4to. old gilt calf with device of Montgomery in gold on sides and back, from the Beckford library, 20s

Rovereto, 1749

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18060 VALENTINE (Basil, Monke of the Order of St. Bennet) Last Will and

Testament; to which is added two Treatises, the first declaring
his Manual Operations, the second shewing things natural and
supernatural, 12mo. curious plate of a Table of Chymicall and
Philosophicall Characters," calf, £1. 168

Including “ A practick Treatise together with the xii Keys and appendix

of the Great Stone of the Ancient Philosophers, ' with twelve woodcuts. 18061 (VAUGHAN (Thomas)] Kern der Alchymie . . das geheime und

hochverborgene Geheimniss des Elixirs der Weisen, geschrieben
durch Irenæum Philaletham, aus dem Engl. übersetzt von Joh.
Langen, 12mo. vellum, 78 6d

Leipzig, 1685
Bound up with other pieces on Alchemy in Latin.

True Light of Alchymy, containing the Marrow of Alchymy. (by Eirenæus Philalethes), etc. 12mo. all in verse, bd. 12s

1709 BOOKS OMITTED IN SECTION VI. 18063 Constans, la Legende d' Oedipe, 8vo. sd. 68

Paris, 1881 18064 CORY (Isaac Preston) Ancient Fragments of the Phoenician,

Chaldæan, Egyptian, Tyrian, Carthaginian, Indian, Persian,
and other writers, with an inquiry into the philosophy and

trinity of the ancients, second edition, 8vo. cloth, 30s 1832 18065 GERHARD (Ed.) Griechische Mythologie, 2 vols. in 1, 8vo. hf. calf, 14s

Berlin, 1854-35 18066 LYDE (Sam.) the Ansyreeh and Ismaeleeh, a visit to the secret sects of Northern Syria, sm. 8vo. cloth, 5s

1853 18067 MALCOLM [Sir John] Sketch of the Sikhs, large 8vo. hf. bd. 6s 6d

1812 18068 MCGREGOR (W. L.) History of the Sikhs, lives of the Gooroos, etc. 2 vols. 8vo. frontispiece, cloth, 7s 6d

1846 18069 TUNDAL. Incipit libellus de raptu anime Tūdali et eius visione

Tractans de penis inferni et gaudiis paradisi, smallest 4to.
several rude and singular woodcuts, the first of them xylographic

red morocco, extra gilt edges, by Bedford, £12. 12s

Sine nota (Würzburg, Reyser, about 1475)
Probably the first edition of the celebrated Vision of Hell. At least, it is

the earliest known appearance of the book in print.
18070 WRIGHT (Thomas) St. Patrick's Purgatory, an essay on the

legends of Purgatory, Hell and Paradise, current during the
Middle Ages, sm. 8vo. THICK PAPER, hf. morocco, gilt top, uncut


Only four copies printed on this exceptional paper.
18071 NORBERG and others. De Sabæis, 1781; de Templo Solis apud Sabios,

1798; de Religione Galilæorum, 1808; Stelle Nasaræorum
æones, 2 parts, 1811; all in l vol, sm. 4to. hf. bd. 6s

Lund. 1781-1811 18072 THOLUCK (F. A. D.) Ssufismus sive Theosophia Persarum pan. theistica, 12mo. cloth, 4s

Berol. 1821 18073 LEWES (George Henry) Biographical History of Philosophy, 4 vols. in 2, 16mo. cloth, 38 6d

1852 18074 SECRET SOCIETIES of the Middle Ages, 16mo. cuts, cloth, 2s 6d

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EBORACENSIS ECCLESIE RITUM, sm. 4to. woodcuts, wanting leaf H 8, fine copy in blue morocco extra, leather joints, gilt edges, by H. Walther, £150.

, Rothomagi, G. Bernard et J. Cousin, 1517 The extraordinary rarity of all the York Service Books is too well-known to require any comment. Of this volunie, no other copy has been recorded, and it is probably unique. One feature of especial interest is the great quantity of English matter which is found in it. There are long and explicatory headings, recounting, in English, and with much greater diffuseness than we see in other books of “Hours," the origin, nature, and object of the various prayers. There are several MS. notes which were written probably about 1550, and wbich betray the hand of a bitterly hostile Reformer. The absent leaf was missing more than a century ago, as a note to that effect appears at the bottom of the preceding page (probably in Herbert's handwriting of about the year 1760).


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18076 KEMPIS. Cy comence le Liure tressalutaire Intitule

De limitacion nostreseignr jesncrist (sic), sm. 4to. PRINTED ON VELLUM (only one other copy known) and ornamented with 15 MINIATURES FINELY ILLUMINATED IN GOLD AND COLOURS, leaf 39 cut out, a fine volume in old calf, with arms of N. J. Foucault in gold on sides, EXTREMELY RARE, £84.

Paris, J. Lambert, 1493 The name of the printer and date are partially erased.

The beauty of the paintings, the value of the book as a nearly unique vellum-impression, and the bit of literary history embodied in its title (copied below) invest this volume with a singularly interesting character. The portion of the intitulation given above is succeeded by the words which follow here :

lequel a este par aucuns iusques a psent attribue a saint Bernard, ou maistre Jehan gerson. pose que soit autremēt. Quar lacteur dicelluy soubz nostre seignr fust vng venerable pere & tresdeuot religieux chanoine regle. viuāt en son temps en obseruāce reguliere Jouxte la regle monseigneur saint augustin nõme frere thomas de Kempis. Translate de latin en francois. .



a Splendid Illuminated Manuscript on Vellum, containing the Gallican Missal of the use of Langres, and, from the escutcheons which appear on some of the pages, probably executed for JEAN D'AMBOISE, afterwards Bishop of Langres (1481-97); written on 154 leaves of pure vellum (size 12 in. by 9 in.), with numerous handsome borders composed of flowers, fruit

, grotesque figures, birds, coats of arms, scrolls, &c. 25 large bordered initial letters, each historiated with a fine MINIATURE PAINTING, and several hundred smaller capital and initial letters in gold and colours, blue morocco, broad dentelle borders in gold, silk linings, gilt edges, by Derome le jeune, with his ticket, £80.

About 1470 This volume is not the complete Missal, and is singularly arranged. The Commune Sanctorum is placed at the beginning, followed by the second part (Easter to Epiphany) of the Ordinarium de Tempore, and the Canon of the Mass stands separately at the end of the book.

18078 COTELERII (J. B.) Ecclesiæ Græce Monumenta e MSS. codi

cibus, Gr. et Lat. 3 vols. 4to. old calf, £2. Lut. Paris, 1677-86

The Monumenta consist of inedited opuscula by the early fathers of the Church.

18079 ESTIENE (Henri) Introduction au Traité de la Conformité des

Merveilles anciennes avec les modernes, ou Traité preparatif à l'Apologie pour Herodote, 12mo. vellum, £2. 58

1566 A fierce attack upon the manners of the time, especially those of the Catholic ecclesiastics.

18080 GINSBURG (Christian D.) the Kabbalah, its doctrines, development, and literature, 8vo. cloth, 5s


1808). RIBADENEIRA (Petri) Bibliotheca Scriptorum Societatis Jesu,

opus inchoatum anno 1602, continuatum à Phil. Alegambe usque ad annum 1642, recog. et productum ad annum 1675, a Nathanaele Sotvello, folio, oaken boards, covered in stamped pigskin, slightly wormed, £2. 15s

Rome, 1676

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