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Armfelt's (F.) Frank Arnstein, 694
Armitage's (F.) French Grammar, 192




Arnold's (M.) Higher Schools and Universities in Ger-

many, 459

Asbjornsen's (P. C.) Tales from the Fjeld, 10, 496
Ashanti and the Gold Coast, by Sir J. D. Hay, 84
Ashley Priors, 695

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At Her Mercy, 560

Chatterton's (Lady) Won at Last, 729
Cheem's (A.) Lays of Ind, 389

Audley's (C. F.) Montalembert's Letters to a Schoolfellow, Cherbuliez's (V.) L'Espagne Politique, 389


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Borland Hall, 758

Borrow's (G.) Romano Lavo-Lil, 556

Boyle's (F.) Through Fantee Land to Coomassie, 854

Brachet's (A.) Etymological Dictionary of the French

Language, 192

Brackenbury's (Capt. H.) Fanti and Ashanti, 84; Ashanti

War, 854

Braddon's (Miss) Taken at the Flood, 592
Bray's (Mrs.) Joan of Arc, 93; Roseteague, 660
Brenda's Nothing to Nobody, 158

Breton's (A. L.) Memoir of Mrs. Barbauld, 386
Brickwood's (L. P.) Election Manual, 256
British and South Kensington Museums, Proposed Union,


British Museum, Catalogue of Prints and Drawings, 254
Brock's (C.) Violets of Montmartre, 19
Brockley's (J. B.) Life of Gregory the Seventh, 422
Brooke's (Rev. S. A.) Theology in the English Poets, 725
Brookfield's (Mrs.) Not a Heroine, 15
Brotherton's (Mrs.) Old Acquaintance, 627
Browne's (A. M.) Live Dolls, 694

Brudie's (B.) Holding Fast and Letting Go, 860
Bunnett's (F. E.) Central Asia and the Anglo-Russian
Frontier Question, 251

Butler's (Capt. W. F.) Wild North Land, 122
Butler's (P.) Axel and Valborg, 423

Cairnes's (J. E.) Leading Principles of Political Economy
Newly Expounded, 823

Calendar of State Papers of the Reign of Charles I.,
edited by Hamilton, 591

Calendar of the University of London, 594
Cameron's (M. L.) 'Twixt Cup and Lip, 223
Campagne en Kabylie, by Erckmann-Chatrian, 660
Canadian Almanac, 425

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Chermside's (Mrs. H. L.) Thorntons of Thornbury, 627
Chesney's (C. C.) Essays in Modern Military Biography,
187; Waterloo Lectures, 594

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De Stolz's (Madame) Blanche and Beryl, 159

De Tassy's (Prof. G.) History of the Hindustani Lan-
guage and Literature, 291

Debrett's Illustrated House of Commons, 523

Debrett's Illustrated Peerage, Baronetage, and Knight-

Dickens's (H.) Mill Wheel, 424
Dickinson's (F. H.) Utrecht Psalter, 820
Dixon's (W. H.) History of Two Queens, 252
Docteur Ox, by Verne, 663

Dod's Peerage, Baronetage and Knightage, 256
Dramatic Works of Thomas Heywood, 727
Durham Thirteen, 663

Edersheim's (Rev. Dr.) True to the End, 158
Edwards's (W.) Reminiscences of Forty-three Years' Ser-
vice in India, by Lieut.-Gen. Sir George Lawrence, 658
Eiloart's (Mrs.) Lady Moretoun's Daughter, 53
Eliot's (G.) Legend of Jubal, 657

Ellis's (G. A.) Memoir of Mrs. Barbauld, 424
Ellis's (J. E.) Memoir of William Ellis, 14

Emiliani-Giudici's (P.) Writings of Dante Alighieri, 222

Endean's (J. R.) Lending unto the Lord, 459

| English Caricatures, 254

Englishman's Guide Book to the United States and
Canada, 730

Era Annual, 93

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