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Gaboriau's (E) L'Argent des Autres, 323
Galitzine's (Princess) Prince Serebrenni, 627
Garden Oracle, 93

Gasc's (F. E. A.) French and English Dictionary, 192
Gatty's (Rev. A.) Sheffield, Past and Present, 350
Gautier's (T.) Histoire du Romantisme, 219
Gayangos's (P.) Letters, Despatches, &c., relating to
Negotiations between England and Spain, 88

Geddes's (Prof.) On the Philological Uses of the Celtic

Tongue, 356

Gibb's (Sir G. D.) Life and Times of Robert Gib, 383

Gibbs's (W. A.) Arlon Grange, 458

Giudici's (P. E.) Writings of Dante Alighieri, 222

Gordon's (Dr. C. A.) Life on the Gold Coast, 192

Gosse's (E. W.) On Viol and Flute, 51

Grant's (C.) Little Lady Lorraine, 157

Grant's (Gen. Sir H.) Incidents in the Sepoy War, 13

Gray's (R.) Brave Hearts, 694

Green's (Mrs. B. R.) Lord Castleton's Ward, 761
Greenwood's (G.) New Life in New Lands, 224
Greppi's (Count) Études Diplomatiques sur la Question
d'Orient, 793

Grey's (A.) Lady Willacy's Protégées, 694
Gubernatis's (A.) Count Alexis Tolstoi, 695
Guide to the Churches of London, 425
Guthrie's (Mrs.) Through Russia, 459
Hadley's (J.) Essays, 189

Halliwell's (J. O.) Papers referring to Shakspeare, 249
Ham's (J. P.) Trumped with the Deuce, 191
Hamilton's (W. D.) Calendar of State Papers of the Reign
of Charles I., 591

Handbook for Australia and New Zealand, 291

Handy General Atlas, 825

Hardy's (Sir T. D.) Athanasian Creed in connexion with
the Utrecht Psalter-Further Report, 820
Harris's (J.) Wayside Pictures, 356

Hatton's (J.) Clytie, 860

Hay's (M. C.) Victor and Vanquished, 120
Hay's (Sir J. D.) Ashanti and the Gold Coast, 84
Hazlitt's (W. C.) Mary and Charles Lamb, 317; Tenures

of Land and Customs of Manors, 593
Heath's (F. G.) English Peasantry, 663
Heath's (J.) Complete Croquet Player, 523
Hellwald's (F.) Russians in Central Asia, 492
Heloise, by Cotsford Dick, 255

Helvig's (Capt. H.) Campaign of 1870-71, 455
Henderson's (K.) Born to be a Lady, 761
Henry Beyle, by Paton, 692

Henty's (G. A.) March to Coomassie, 854
Hering's (J.) Through the Mist, 458

Hervey's (E. L.) Children of the Pear-Garden, 158
Heywood's Dramatic Works, 727
Histoire de l'Économie Politique des Anciens Peuples de
l'Inde, de l'Égypte, de la Judée, et de la Grèce, by
Mesnil-Marigny, 663

Histoire du Romantisme, by Gautier, 219

History of the Indian Administration of Lord Ellen-
borough, edited by Lord Colchester, 349, 426

Hoey's (Mrs. C.) Out of Court, 388

Hole's (Rev. C.) Useful Knowledge Reading Books, 92

Hollingshead's (J.) Miscellanies, 319

Holroyd's (Capt. W. R. M.) Tas-hil ul Kalám, 192

Holt's (E. S.) Verena, 158

Holt's (M. H.) Ned's Search, 159

Hood's (Rev. E. P.) Thomas Binney, 523

Hooper's (Mrs. G.) A Young Man's Love, 15

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Kingsley's (H.) Reginald Hetherege, 825
Kingsley's (Rev. C.) Prose Idylls, 47; Westminster Ser-
mons, 325; Health and Education, 459

Kirk's (Rev. T.) Parnell's Hermit, 491

Kitchin's (G. W.) Etymological Dictionary of the French

Language, 192

Knollys's (Capt. H.) Incidents in the Sepoy War, 13
L'Argent des Autres, by Gaboriau, 323
La Destinée de Paul Harding, by Prins, 729
La Liberté Religieuse en Europe depuis 1870, by De
Pressensé, 792

La Réforme de l'Enseignement Secondaire, by Simon, 459
La Tentation de Saint Antoine, by Flaubert, 522
Laing's (F. A.) History of English Literature, 92
Lady Livingston's Legacy, 792

Latin Year, 325

Lawrence's (Sir George) Reminiscences of Forty-three
Years' Service in India, edited by Edwards, 658
Laxton's Builder's Price Book, 389

Lays of Modern Oxford, by Adon, 93

Lazarus's (Miss) Alide, 522

Le Breton's (A. L.) Memoir of Mrs. Barbauld, 386

Letters to Sir Joseph Williamson, edited by Christie, 760
Lettres de l'Inconnue, 356

Levinge's (Sir R.) Jottings for Early History of the
Levinge Family, 492

Lewis's (M.) John Fenn's Wife, 424
Lewis's (Rev. S. S.) Utrecht Psalter, 820
Lichfield Diocesan Church Calendar, 125

Life and Letters of Sir Gilbert Elliot, First Earl of Minto,
edited by Countess of Minto, 117

Listado's (J. T.) Civil Service, 761

Literary Remains of the late Emanuel Deutsch, 324

Locker's (F.) London Lyrics, 730

London Railways Simplified and Explained, 193

Longfellow's (H. W.) Hanging of the Crane, 253

Lord Harry Bellair, 53

Poems and Songs by Robert Tannahill, 792

Poetical Works of Edmund Clarence Stedman, 458

Poetical Works of Percy Bysshe Shelley, 154

Pollock's (Lady and W. H.) Little People, 19

Popular Recreator, 389

Porter's (N.) History of Philosophy, 693
Premieres Civilisations, by Lenormant, 491
Pressense's La Liberté Religieuse en Europe, depuis
1870, 792

Prince Florestan, Fall of, 381

Prince Serebrenni, by Tolstoy, translated by Galitzine,

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Von Hellwald's (F.) Russians in Central Asia, 492
W. M. B.'s Narrative of Edward Crewe, 792
Waddington's (J.) Congregational History, 456
Wagner's (W.) Virgil, 491

Waiting for Tidings, 694

Waller's (S. E.) Six Weeks in the Saddle, 89
Walpole's (S.) Life of Spencer Perceval, 9, 55
Walter's (J.) Shakespeare's Home and Rural Life, 663
Warner's (C. D.) Gilded Age, 53

Webs of Love, by G. E. H., 560

Webb's (J. and T. W.) Military Memoir of Colonel John
Birch, 725

Webster's (A.) Yu-pe-ya's Lute, 489

Weigall (Lady R.) Princess Charlotte of Wales, 287

Westminster's (Archbishop of) Essays on Religion and

Literature, 325

Westwood's (Prof.) Utrecht Psalter, 820
Whitaker's Almanac, Supplement, 594

Whitcombe's (Mrs. H. P.) Bygone Days in Devonshire
and Cornwall, 150

White's (W.) Memoir of T. T. Lynch, 792

Whitney's (W. D.) German Reader and Grammar, 93
Who's Who, 93

Wilberforce's (S.) Essays, 695

Wilkins's (Prof. A. S.) National Education in Greece in
the Fourth Century before Christ, 125

Wirgman's (Lieut.-Col. T.) Russians in Central Asia, 492
Witherow's (Prof. T.) Derry and Enniskillen in the Year
1689, 159

Woodall's (W. O.) Celebrated Trials, 84

Words of Hope and Comfort to those in Sorrow, 424

Wornovits's (Capt. I.) Austrian Cavalry Exercise, 388
Wyatt's (Sir M. D.) Utrecht Psalter, 820

Wynne's (E.) Oldcourt, 290

Wynter's (Dr. A.) Peeps into the Human Hive, 93

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To Victor Hugo, by Swinburne, 20
Whiskey for Ever, by A. P. Graves, 91


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Pepper's (J. H.) Light-Heat-Electricity-Magnetism
-Chemistry-Pneumatics and Acoustics, 24
Pettigrew's (J. B.) Animal Locomotion, 164, 228, 297
Pink's (W. W.) Course of Analytical Chemistry, 197
Proctor's (R. A.) Universe and the Coming Transits, 529
Rodwell's (G. F.) Birth of Chemistry, 430
Simpson's (B.) Outlines of Natural Philosophy, 197
Stewart's (Prof. B.) Conservation of Energy, 129
Stokes's (W.) Lectures on Fever, 764
Symons's (G. J.) British Rainfall, 766
Tait's (Prof.) Introduction to Quaternions, 164
Tegetmeier's (W. B.) Pheasants for Coverts and Aviaries,

Thorpe's (T. E.) Manual of Inorganic Chemistry, 165
Webster's (G. E.) Course of Analytical Chemistry, 197
Wright's (L.) Illustrated Book of Poultry, 57
Young's (J.) Physical Geography, 165

Archeological Institute-Nicholls on a Gold Ring from

Winterbourne, 231. Smith's Notes on some of the

Specimens of Wrought Gold forming Part of the

Ashanti Indemnity, 633. Also 361, 531, 798

Asiatic-Elections, 396, 701, 865. Davids on the Place

of Ceylon in Historical and Archæological Research,

564. Anniversary Meeting, 701. Bushell on the Old

Mongolian Capital of Shangtu, 865

Astronomical-Anniversary Meeting, 259. Lord Lind-

say on a Method of Determining the Solar Parallax

from Observations to be made at the next Opposition

of Juno, 531. Struve on the Irregularities in the

Proper Motion of Procyon, 668. Stone on the Eclipse

of the 16th of April, 831. Also 396

British Archæological Association-Elections, 701. An-

nual General Meeting, 701. Also 598, 736, 798

Chemical-Tommasi and Meldola on the Action of Tri-

chloracetyl Chloride on Amines, 130. Bell on the

Detection and Estimation of Adulteration in Articles

of Food and Drink, 298. Hargreaves on the Spon-

taneous Combustion of Charcoal, 361. Dewar on

Dissociation, 432. Tilden on Aqua Regia and the

Nitrosyl Chlorides-Wright on Isomeric Terpenes and

their Derivatives, 564. Corfield on the Sewage Ques

tion from a Chemical Point of View, 736.

Also 231,

498, 669, 799, 866

Entomological-Elections, 130, 298, 498, 668, 799. Lam-

prey on the Habits of a Boring Beetle from British

Burma, 668. Also 361, 432

Geographical-Elections, 97, 165, 231, 298, 361, 432,765,

831, 865. Bushell's Journey Outside the Great Wall

of China, 231. Croft's Exploration of the River Volta,

298. Hutchinson's Across the Andes from Callao, 361.

Watson's Notes of a Journey in the Island of Yezo in

1873, 432. Anniversary Meeting, Award of Medals,

865. Also 531, 668

Royal-Elections, 432, 668, 798. Also 97, 130, 165, 198,
231,259, 298, 330, 361, 596, 465, 564, 598, 633, 736, 831,

Royal Institution-Elections, 198, 330, 498, 634, 765.

Annual Meeting, 634

Royal Society of Literature-Elections, 598. Leitner en
the Tribes inhabiting Dardistan, 465. Birdwood on
the Silver Patera procured by Dr. Lord in Badakhshan,
564. Carmichael on Veronese Typography, 765. Also
166, 330

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Melbourne Observatory, Meteorological Report-Geolo-
gical and Royal Societies, Papers by Prof. Ramsay-
Smithsonian Institution, Appointment of Prof. Gray,


Royal Irish Academy, Grants-Dublin Royal College of
Science, Appointment of Dr. Nicholson-Académie
des Sciences, Election of M. Gervais, 232
Imperial College at Yeddo, Appointment of Mr. Rout-
ledge-International Exposition of Horticulture at
Florence-Hydrographic Office, New York Herald on
the Proposed Reduction, 260
Linnean Society, New President-Regulations and Sylla-
bus of Studies for the Imperial College of Engineering
at Tokei-Discovery of a New Planet and Comet, 299
Grigoriyeff On the Nonsensical Assumption that M.
Vambéry never travelled in Central Asia - Forty-
sixth Meeting of German Men of Science at Wies-
baden-Cunningham's 'Microscopic Examinations of
Air,' 331

Phillips on the Waters of the Deep Mines of Cornwall-
Prof. Clifton's Photographs of Interference and Diffrac-
tion Phenomena, 362

Sub-Wealden Exploration-Map showing the Magnetic
Declination for England and Wales for 1874-Thur-
ston's Claims for Count Rumford, 397
Langley on the Minute Structure of the Solar Photo-
sphere, 398

Report of the Royal Commission on Scientific Instruc-
tion-Discovery of a New Planet, 433
Sowerby's English Botany,' Letter from "H.," 465
Progress of the Sinking for Coal in Sandwell Park, 466
German Deep Sea Exploration-Boddaert's 'Table des
Planches Enluminées,' New Edition, 498
Livingstone, Proposed Memorial at Blantyre; Anecdote
by Mr. Rankin South Kensington Museum, Appoint-
ment of Col. S. Wortley-Pension to M. Pasteur, 532
Discovery of Comets-Resignation of Prof. Sharpey-
University College of Wales, Appointment of Mr. L.
Lyell-Mr. Beauchamp Tower, 565
Admission of Ladies to Scotch Universities, Memorial-
Russian Scientific Expedition to Amu Daria, 599
Sharpe's Birds of Prey,' 634
Society of Antiquaries, New Council, 635
Geographical Society and Society of Arts, Award of
Medals Statistics of New Zealand for 1872-Secchi's
Experimental Researches leading to a Determination
of the Temperature of the Sun,' 669
Major Warburton's Expedition across Australia, 701
Morin on Bronzes from China and Japan, 702

Berlin Academy of Sciences, offer of Prize for Essay on
Physical and Chemical Conditions of Steel-Geological
Survey of Victoria, Report, 737


Tunnel beneath the Mersey, 765

Symons's British Rainfall-Sinkings at Sandwell Park,
Discovery of Coal, 766

College for Study of Science, Languages, and Literature
for West of England and South Wales, 799
De Candolle's New Classification of Plants, 800

Rawson's Report on the Rainfall of Barbadoes-Pasto-
relli's Wind and Weather Indicator, 832
Statue of Alexander Wilson at Paisley-Report of the
Inspectors of Irish Fisheries for 1873-French Aca-
demy of Sciences, Elections-Miners' Association of
Cornwall and Devon, Reports and Proceedings, 866

[blocks in formation]

Sales, 27, 233, 263, 300, 331, 362, 398, 434, 467, 499, 534,

569, 602, 672, 706, 740, 771, 802, 835

Statue of Hadrian in the Temple of Jerusalem, 568
Temple of Diana, 639


Royal Academy, Elections-Maclise's 'The Eve of St.
Agnes,' attributed to Hunt, 27

Woolner's Statue of Sir Cowasjee Jehangeer Readimoney
-Burlington Club, Collection of Works by Cox and
De Wint-Fine-Art Exhibition in Dundee-Burgmair's
Triumphs of the Emperor Maximilian the First,'

edited by Aspland, 61

New Pictures by Mr. Leighton and Mr. Prinsep-Exhi-
bition of Engravings after Landseer, 100

Goldsmiths' Company, Prizes-St. Etheldreda's Chapel,


Ballin's 'Six Etchings on the Thames'-Kracker's En-
graving after Scholtz's 'Last Banquet of the Generals
under Wallenstein at Pilsen'-'Geschichte der Bilden-
den Künste in der Schweiz,' 132

Royal Academy, Elections-St. Paul's Cathedral, Im-
provements-Royal Historical and Archæological As-
sociation of Ireland, Museum at Belfast, 168

New Design by Mr. Leighton-Hogarth's House-Hunt's

'Shadow of Death,' Correspondence, 201

New Paintings by Messrs. F. Madox Brown, A. Hughes,

and Brett-British Museum, Designs and Sketches by

Hilton, 233

Pictures by Tadema and Marks-Liverpool Fine-Art
Gallery, Letter from Mr. Grindley-British Museum,

Royal Academy, Council-Institute of Painters in Water-

Colours, Resignation of Mr. Fahey-National Gallery,

Appointment of Mr. Burton-Picture by Dou in the

Earl of Lonsdale's Collection, Letter from Mr. O'Con-

nell, 300

Artists' General Benevolent Institution, Report-Royal
Academy, Architectural Drawings-Private Chapel at
Luton Hoo, 331

Madonna, by M. Hébert-London International Exhibi-
tion, Exhibitor's Medal-Lacretelle's Portrait of a
Lady-Discovery of Frescoes by Perugino, 363

M. Feurdent & Co.'s Gallery, Bronze Statuette-Condi-
tion of the Lions in Trafalgar Square-Heath's Auto-
type Photographs, 399

Elections: Society of Painters in Water Colours; Insti-

tute of Painters in Water-Colours; Académie des

Beaux-Arts-British Museum, Mr. Twopeny's Collec-

tion, 434

Simmons's Engraving after Tissot's News of Our Mar-

riage-High Prices of Famous French Landscapes-

Holl's Engraving after Richmond's Portrait of Dr.

Bence Jones-Messrs. Edwards & Jones's New Mono-

gram, 467

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Adelphi-Meritt's Rough and Ready, 203. Reynolds's

Charing Cross-Bessemere's Forget and Forgive, 63

Elizabeth, 364. The Prayer in the Storm, 470

Court The White Pilgrim, 265.

The Blue-Legged

Lady, 334. Maurice and Rice's Ready-Money Morti-

boy, 401. Herbert's Second Thoughts, 537.

shall's Brighton, 743


Covent Garden-Red Riding Hood, 29. Rip van Winkle,

265. Opera, 332, 467, 499, 535, 570, 603, 672, 707, 741,

772, 802, 835, 869
Criterion-Byron's An American Lady-Gilbert's Top-
seyturveydom, 437

Drury Lane Jack in the Box, 29. Halliday's Amy
Robsart, 203. School for Scandal, 334. Opera, 332,
399, 435, 467, 499, 535, 570, 603, 673, 707, 741, 772,
802, 835, 869
Gaiety-Dickens's Battle of Life, 29. Oxenford and
Hatton's Too Clever by Half, 301. The Rivals-School
for Scandal, 364. Colman and Garrick's Clandestine
Marriage, 501. Taylor's A Nice Firm-Knowles's
The Hunchback, 837

Globe-Committed for Trial, 169. Albery's Wig and
Gown, 537

Haymarket-Raymond and Agnes, 29. Gilbert's Charity,
Godfrey's Queen Mab, 437. Mayhew's Mont
Blanc, 743
Holborn-Barrière and Lambert-Thiboust's Une Cor-
neille qui abat des Noix-Dumas's Le Mari de la
Veuve, 102. Barrière and Crisafulli's Le Démon du
Jeu, 169. Barrière and Thiboust's L'Infortunée Caro-
line, 203. Cadol's Les Inutiles, 234. Barrière and
Thiboust's Aux Crochets d'un Gendre, 334. Grangé
and Deslandes's Les Domestiques · Gondinet's Les
Grandes Demoiselles, 364. Byron's Thumbscrew, 537
Lyceum-A Husband in Clover, 29. Aïdé's Philip, 234.
Wills's Charles the First, 774


Olympic-Much Ado about Nothing, 265. Lawrence's
Mr. Righton's Adventures with a Russian Princess,
334. Taylor's Lady Clancarty, 364
Opéra Comique-Marie-Magdeleine, 468
Prince of Wales's-School for Scandal, 501
Princess's-Little Puss in Boots, 29. Wills's Mary, Queen
o' Scots, 301. Sardou's Nos Bons Villageois, 501.
Balzac's Le Marâtre-Battu and Desvignes' L'Hon-
neur de la Maison, 573. Feuillet's Le Sphinx, 674.
Musset's On ne Badine par avec l'Amour, 748. San-
deau and Augier's Le Gendre de M. Poirier-Balzac's
Mercadet le Faiseur-Berton's Les Jurons de Cadillac,
774. Uchard's La Fiammina-Belot's L'Article 47, 806
Queen's-Reade's The Wandering Heir, 334. Reade's
Rachel the Reaper, 364

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