The Poetical Works of Edmund Spenser: With Memoir and Critical Dissertations, Volume 5

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Page 105 - Full little knowest thou that hast not tried What hell it is in suing long to bide ; To lose good days that might be better spent, To waste long nights in pensive discontent, To speed to-day, to be put back to-morrow, To feed on hope, to pine with fear and sorrow, To have thy prince's grace yet want her Peers...
Page 275 - And sprinkle all the posts and walls with wine, That they may sweat, and drunken be withal. Crown ye God Bacchus with a coronal, And Hymen also crown with wreaths of vine; And let the Graces dance unto the rest, For they can do it best: The whiles the maidens do their carol sing, .To which the woods shall answer, and their echo ring.
Page 271 - Hymen, they do shout ; That, even to the heavens theyr shouting shrill Doth reach, and all the firmament doth fill ; To which the people standing all about, As in approvance, doe thereto applaud, And loud advaunce her laud ; And evermore they Hymen, Hymen sing, That al the woods them answer, and theyr eccho ring.
Page 218 - Through your bright beams doth not the blinded guest Shoot out his darts to base affections wound ; But Angels come to lead frail minds to rest In chaste desires, on heavenly beauty bound. You frame my thoughts, and fashion me within; You stop my tongue, and teach my heart to speak ; You calm the storm that passion did begin, Strong through your cause, but by your virtue weak.
Page 272 - Her modest eyes, abashed to behold So many gazers as on her do stare, Upon the lowly ground affixed are; Ne dare lift up her countenance too bold, But blush to heare her prayses sung so loud, So farre from being proud.
Page 248 - ONE day I wrote her name upon the strand, But came the waves and washed it away. Again I wrote it with a second hand, But came the tide and made my pains his prey. 'Vain man,' said she, 'that dost in vain assay A mortal thing so to immortalize, For I myself shall like to this decay, And eke my name be wiped out likewise.
Page 208 - To deck their bridegrooms' posies, Against the bridal day, which was not long: Sweet Thames, run softly, till I end my song. With that, I saw two swans of goodly hue Come softly swimming down along the lee; Two fairer birds I yet did never see. The snow which doth the top of Pindus...
Page 269 - gins to show his glorious head. Hark! how the cheerful birds do chant their lays And carol of Love's praise.
Page 216 - That being now with her huge brightnesse dazed, Base thing I can no more endure to view : But, looking still on her, I stand amazed At wondrous sight of so celestiall hew. So when my toung would speak her praises dew, It stopped is with thoughts...
Page 298 - So every spirit, as it is most pure, And hath in it the more of heavenly light, So it the fairer body doth procure To habit in, and it more fairly dight, With cheerful grace and amiable sight. For, of the soul, the body form doth take, For soul is form, and doth the body make.

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