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power, the Church robbed of her inheri- and in the fulness of time was sown tance. You have heard the crafty through the councils of Europe. Yes. pretexts, the specious wiles, behind But you ask, Have the days of truthful which the despoilers intrenched them- statesmanship then departed? Have selves. Yes; and you have we none to set the erring world a proven on the plains of Italy what model? I know of one-there may be was demonstrated in the purlieus of more—but I know of one who has been Paris, that

no slave is so very a steadfast to his trust when dangers slave as he who is the bondsman of threatened, who has abided at his post license.

unappalled by clamors, and unshaken Well, be it so. Italy is free they by affliction. I mean him, the desay. FreeAy, but she writhes in throned but ever glorious Pontiff of the the embrace of the phantom she has Vatican. The world does not call him invoked, she is immolated on the altar statesman, for it looks upon him as it of her own adoration. Answer me does upon his history, and sees only the you who read the story of the suffering prelate’s cope, and not the ermine which land, do you recognize the cry of joy it covers. But if the part of a true which hailed the triumph of unification, statesman consists in devotion to in the wail that rises from the valley country, fidelity to the people's weal, of the Apennines ? Do you hear it in and a strict observance of international the cry of the dying-yonder at Parma, courtesies, to whom, I ask, does the yonder at Modena, till it comes qua- name more truly belong than to Pius ! vering from out the very shadow of the I do not see in all history any picRoman walls? The steams that rise ture so touchingly sublime as that of from the Campagna as from a charnel- this old man shorn of his temporal rule, house, but a week ago enfolded, God yet standing like the angel of Eden on knows how many wretches starving by the threshold of faith, and beating back the wayside ; and even now the cellars the doubts and chimeras that gather to of the ghetto hide from sight a misery assail it. You, student of classic lore, that shuns the light of day. Crime, you, too, who explore the records of the too, urged by want forsakes its lurking-past, go back with me through the places for the highway; and the dagger ages. Select me your models of Grewhich rusted in the sheath of the cian and Roman virtue, choose me the Carbonari, now glitters in the hand of grandest characters of the Empire's the brigand. Oh, what a commentary day, point out the loftiest types of a on the short-sightedness of false states- later chivalry, and show me the man manship is this ! How plainly does it who can compare with this captive show that the scourge which a God Pope in the majesty of his example wielded of old to pursue into captivity and the enduring merit of his works. an unfaithful people, has not in the To him alone as Head of a teaching flight of time lost a single thong. The Church, can society look for salvation. germ of the day's untruthful statesman- And in an age when scientists lay proship, then, is found in Bonaparte's fane hands on the most cherished trascheme which became Cavour's policy, ditions of the past, when the regions


of the stars are explored and the bow- With the people of to-day do those els of the earth are searched for proofs issues rest. Accept they may, the awto confound the word of God; when ful responsibility of sending a thousand philosophers, with a supremely demo- lies shrieking down the ages, and they cratic contempt of ancestry, pluck up may leave standing as many infamous the genealogical tree and set a monkey precedents for injustice to shield itself at the roots, Heaven knows we need behind, but it will be with the assursome barrier against an ill-defined) ance that the obloquy, which always “march of progress.” Remember how follows crime, will in time rest on them. grave the trusts are which rest upon Their authors may repent the errors us, and which, in days like these, we of untrue statesmanship and untrue never can discharge. We are a link science. Regret them, they must. in the order of time, between a past But there is only one way left to rewhich we know only by the glimmer pair them. of its embers, and a future of which we As the sacred fires of old when exknow nothing. To the one, we are tinguished could only be rekindled by · amenable for the just application of the great source of light, so banished its lessons; to the other, we owe the truth can only return at the bidding of value of our example. How is this ! its author. When the nations humble We have discharged our duty to themselves before the altar of Him we neither ; we are hardly acquitted of a call “Father," when statesmen and single trust. Tell me, then, have those philosophers submit their calculations buried multitudes lived and taught in to His wisdom, and cast from them their vain! will these coming generations vanity of intellect, then and no sooner have to upbraid our century for the may we look for knowledge in the falsehoods they have penetrated, or councils, and justice in the cabinets, of curse it for the errors it has transmitted men. to them?


St. Francis loved animals to such | sister. When walking he was careful degree that his habitual tenderness not to tread upon any insect in his towards them attached them to him, path, and would even pick them up and and

gave rise to numerous miraculous remove them to a place of safety, lest legends pictured in many of the Catho- others should crush them. It is record lic Churches. He believed that all ed of him that birds built their nests in created things had derived from God his cell, and fearlessly picked up crumbs a portion of the same divine principle from his table; that when he walked in by which he himself existed, and, act- the fields sheep and lambs flocked after ing upon this belief, he was in the hab- him, and hares and rabbits jumped upon it of calling everything brother and him and nestled in his bosom.



“What is the long Cathedral glade, Mother of God. A modest chapel first But Faith that in the structur'd shade

marked the spot, which, through the Herself embodies to the sense, Leaning upon Omnipotence;

piety of the surrounding inhabitants, And Holiness ennobling thought,

was improved and embellished until, in Into a living temple wrought ?

1094, it was transformed into a colleThere Strength and Beauty spring to life, giate church by Godfrey of Bouillon. In contests of harmonious strife ;

About the middle of the 13th century With blended glories high aloof, Embracing on the gorgeous roof,

it was rebuilt, and was regarded as one Till standing 'neath the giant throng of the noblest triumphs of Gothic archThe soul expands, and feels her strong itecture. In 1521 Charles V laid the With more than doth to man belong."

corner-stone of a new choir, and in 1533 The first object that attracts the eye the cathedral was destroyed by fire, of the traveller approaching Antwerp, only the choir and tower escaping. It is its famous Cathedral of Notre Dame. was again rebuilt and has existed to And of all the monuments which stand the present time. throughout Europe as grand evidences

The Cathedral of Notre Dame is five of the faith and devotion of their hundred feet long, and two hundred and builders, there is none more majestic fifty feet in breadth. The roof is supnor more suggestive to the beholder ported by one hundred and twenty-five than this stately edifice, which ascends pillars, giving to one entering the ediup from the level plain into the air as fice the appearance of a forest of archif it would bring heaven into direct itecture. The principal nave has communication with earth.

double aisles, and there are six other The history of this cathedral is an parallel naves. The Gothic cupola interesting one. Away back in the which rises over the centre of the tranearly ages of Christianity a picture of sept is in harmony with the general dethe Blessed Virgin was found upon the sign of the structure, and adds to its spot where the Cathedral now stands. dignity and impressiveness. The tower The faith of the men of those times was of the cathedral is its most notable deep and reverent, and they accepted feature, and has excited the enthusiasm the discovery of the picture as a sign of many travellers. It rises nearly that heaven would be pleased to have four hundred feet above the level plain, erected there a lasting memorial to the and in all its details is a marvel of sim

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