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The grand Cathedral of Boston will be The Saturday Revierd says of Dr. Manning: completed in another year. It will have “No Catholic ecclesiastic has succeeded in capacity to seat 3000 persons.

attaining so influential a position in England

since the Reformation; he knows that what The Catholic Young Men's Society of New- he has to say will be listened to with respect, ark, N. J., nearly twenty years ago erected while those who are least able to trust his a hall, with gymnasium, billiard room, etc., judgment will not refuse to credit him with the value of which to-day is about $40,000. sincerity.” This undertaking was carried out mainly by the exertions of the Bishop of Rochester, The Holy Father supports a school for then a priest of this diocese.

poor boys in the Vigna Pia, where the

inmates are trained up in the works of husThe monastery near Fort William Henry, bandry under the presidency of Monseigneur on Lake George, N. Y., which is the summer de Merode. Recently the boys were perretreat of the Paulist Fathers of New York, mitted to present to the Holy Father, in the was a gift to the Order from the distinguish- gardens of the Vatican, an offering of the ed lawyer, Charles O'Conor.

fruits of their labor tastefully arranged in

three carriages and elegantly ornamented. The Bloomington (Ills.) Enterprise says: The Holy Father received the boys' offering " There is no finer body of men in the West with great kindness, and made them an than the Irish farmers. They are sober, in affectionate address in reply, exhorting them dustrious, thrifty, and good Catholics. to the practice of the Christian virtues ; and They build churches and schools. Their gave to each of them a medal, which had children grow up strong, robust men and been blessed by himself. handsome women ; equal to the yeomanry of any land.”

The Ex-Pontifical Zouaves, who have been

such an honor to French Canadians, having The Albany Catholic Reflector says: “Many fought well and gallantly for the Holy of the first positions of trust are to-day Father, have started a monthly organ of held by Catholic young men who were their own, under the auspices of the “Union educated in Catholic schools. The best ac- Allet.” It will be published at Montreal, countants we have and the most trustworthy and its name will be Le Bulletin de l'Union young men of Albany can point to the Allet. French Canadian Catholic literature Christian Brothers' school as the place where has always been in a flourishing state; they they received their education. This is suffi- have little of the infidelity and so-called cient to show that what is meant by a “liberal” ideas among them, which has Christian education includes the secular been the curse of their mother country, also."

France, but of which she is now happily

being purged.–Pilot Correspondent. The St. Louis Globe (Protestant) says: “No other man ever had such a hold upon the There is ground for hoping that the Rev. affections of the Indians as Father De Smet, Padre Secchi, S. J., will be invited to the and they look upon his departure from earth chair of astronomical science in the Catholic as a terrible calamity to them. He mani- University of Ireland. fested his regard for their welfare more in deeds than words, and doubtless in the time Several prominent officers in the Northto come his memory will be that of a saint German army have recently been converted among them."

to Catholicity.


The chemical properties of each color in It is stated in a work on the atmosphere, the solar spectrum have long been known, and by Flammarion, that in nearly all the large of late years it has been discovered that towns of Europe, the wealthy classes have plants may be made to thrive wonderfully a tendency westward, leaving the eastern in greenhouses constructed of blue or violet districts for the laboring population. The panes, the production of such nurseries remark applies to Paris, London, Vienna, being sometimes doubled or trebled by this Berlin, St. Petersburg, Turin, etc., and even device. But the experiment has been push- to Pompeii. A writer in Nature confirms ed further, for some English chemists mains the observation, as regards a number of tain that rooms provided with violet win-towns in Great Britain and Ireland. It dows, or even with hangings of that color, would be interesting to know whether the will fatten the occupants.

same tendency is observable in the cities of

the United States. Flammarion's explanation Dr. Edward Smith, in his work on is that the movement is determined by the “Foods,” says : "The evidence is all perfect disposition people have “to form their garthat alcohol gives no potential power to dens, build their houses, and take their evenbrain or muscle. During the first stage of ing walks in the direction of the setting sun." its action it may enable a wearied or feeble Another writer is inclined rather to account organization to do brisk work for a short for the phenomenon by referring it to the time; it may make the mind briefly brilliant; general dislike of an easterly wind. Then, it may excite muscle to quick action; but as too, a westerly wind usually causes the greatit does nothing at its own cost, fills up noth- est fall of the barometer, and thus the easting that it has destroyed, it leads to destruc- ern portion of a town becomes inundated tion. A fire makes a brilliant sight, but it with the effluvia which arise on such occaleaves a desolation: and thus with alcohol.”sions.

A straw-burning engine was recently on Several of the hot springs of the Yellowexhibition at Vienna. From a series of ex- stone region are situated so near to the periments the straw fuel is found to be equal margin of the Yellowstone Lake that a to about one-fifth its weight of coal in heat-person might stand on the silicious rim of producing power.

the spring, extend his fishing-rod into the

water of the lake, and catch trout weighing An English veterinarian addaces facts to from one to two pounds, and cook them in show that rabies or canine madness is very the boiling springs without removing the rare in extreme temperatures, while it is of fish from the hook. frequent occurrence in the temperate zone. The disease is less frequent in Spain and The museum at Leyden, Holland, contains Southern Italy than in other European a púlley, with fragments of rope attached, countries.

that was dug up some years ago in Egypt, and

which is held by antiquaries to indicate that Ink is one of the things in which modern the ancient Egyptians were acquainted with science seems to have made very little im- the use of the implement. The sides of the provement. An analysis of the ink found pulley are of tamarisk wood, and the roller, on a manuscript of the year 910 showed that or sheave, of fir. The rope appears to its composition was similar to that of the have been made from fibres of the dateinks now in general use.




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VOL. X.–FEBRUARY, 1874.—No. 56.


Without disrespect to the gallant,his acceptance the Presidency of the soldier who now rulės France, it may French Republic. His career is all be said that to the redoutable history the more extraordinary, moreover, by of Athos, Porthos, and Aramis alone reason of its startling contradictions. might onė turn for a precise parallel As Sydney Smith once laughingly said to many of his exploits and achieve to his brother, “My dear fellow, we ments. Here is a private who has are running counter to the laws of carried his bâton in his knapsack. nature. You have risen by your Here is an adventurer who at the gravity, while I have sunk by my sword's point has won his way up the levity !” so one might say of Macperilous acclivity of promotion—not Mahon—his brightest successes have unlike the Grand Plateau

Plateau above come to him out of his darkest defeats. Chamouni, in traversing which the He has fallen to the lowest only to rise climbers of Mount Blanc are liable at to the highest. Where others have any moment to be swept from Creation found merely obloquy, ingratitude, and by the storm-bolt of an avalanche. expatriation, he has actually found the Here is a younger son who, sent way back opened to him, through a into the world to seek his fortune, has chaos of disasters, to higher honors, advanced step by step to the very greater power, and a loftier position than summit of his ambition. Entering the he had ever before ambitioned. His military service of France in 1825, apparent death-wound at Sedan not when barely seventeen, he became in only gave him a new lease of life, but 1833 Captain, in 1840 Major, in 1845 won him sympathy where others Colonel, in 1848 General of Brigade, encountered only execration. Notoin 1852 General of Division. In riously outwitted, both at the opening 1859 he obtained on one day the coro- and the closing of the campaign, he net of a Duke and the bâton of a was nevertheless welcomed back by Marshal. In 1864 be assumed pro- his afflicted country as no other Marshal consular power as Governor-General of the Empire was welcomed. France of Algeria. In 1873 he grasped the in him again found one who, if he had supreme bawble of dominion, almost lost everything else, had certainly not reluctantly, when an overwhelming lost honor. Returning from the very majority of the Assembly thrust upon jaws of death, he did so not only after

VOL. X.-1.

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