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The Proprietor and Publisher of the History and Gazetteer of Derbyshire, has the pleasure of announcing to his numerous Subscribers and the Public, that the FIRST PART of the FIRST VOLUME of his work is ready for delivery. This PART contains,

The Geography,

Natural History, comprising Botany,

Trade and Commerce,
Manufactures, and
General Political History [to the close of the reign of Edward III.]

and is illustrated by a geological plate, and a variety of other embellishments.

Ste Glover has been induced, contrary to his original intention, to publish the work in parts, on account of his having obtained an accumulation of interesting materials, far exceeding his most sanguine expectations. This mass of important matter is the result, partly of his own researches, and partly of kind contributions of intelligent persons in every portion of the County. For this reason, the History will necessarily be extended to a size MUCH GREATER than was originally projected ; and will comprise THREE OTHER PARTS of considerable bulk.

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The SECOND PART, which will complete the FIRST VOLUME, will contain

The remainder of the General Political History,

Statistics, Government, &c. of the County,
Ancient Genealogical History,
Biography of eminent persons, either natives of Derbyshire, or long resident in the County.

The THIRD PART (which will form the FIRST PART of the SECOND VOLUME) will comprise about HALF OF THE PAROCHIAL HISTORY OF THE COUNTY ; embracing the General History of the Towns, Villages, &c. obtained from sources entirely, or for the most part, new.

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The FOURTH PART, completing the GAZETTEER AND terminate the work.

The SECOND VOLUME, the FIRST PART of which is nearly ready for publication, will contain above fifty copper and steel engravings of noblemen's and gentlemen's seats, churches, monuments, &c. and about one hundred and twenty shields of armorial bearings of the resident families, with tables of genealogy.


The Plates.
Chatsworth House, by Sir Jeffry Wyatville, knt.
Hardwick Hall
Countess of Shrewsbury's Monument, by Mr. Cubley
Haddon Hall, by Mr. Henry Moore
Stanton Woodhouse, by Mr. John Rayner
Bretby House, by Mr. Henry Moore
Bretby House, by Mr. Henry Stevens
Kedleston House, by Mr. Henry Moore
Doveridge Hall
Sudbury Hall and Monuments, by Mr. H. Moore
Melbourne Hall, by Mr. Henry Moore
Calke Abbey, two views, by Mr. Glover
Drakelow Hall, by Mr. Henry Moore
Tissington Hall, by Peter Bainbrigge, esq.
Ashbourn Hall, by Mr. Henry Moore
Egginton Hall, by Mr. Henry Moore
Wingerworth Hall
Willesley Hall, by Mr. R. L. Wright
Duffield Hall, by a Lady

ony Middleton Hall, by Mr. Henry Moore
Willersley Castle, by Mr. George Glover
Beauchief Hall, by Mr. Henry Moore
Brookfield Hall, by Mr. Henry Moore
Dunston Hall, by Mr. Henry Moore
Stanton House and Lodge, by Mr. John Rayner
Snelston Hall, by

Nash, esq.
Langley Park, by Mr. Henry Moore
Bridge Hill House and Cotton Mills, by Mr. H. M.
Portrait of Jedediah Strutt, esq. by Joseph Wright
Radbourn Hall, by Mr. H. Moore
Radbourn Rectory and Church, by Mr. H. Moore
Dalbury Church and Rectory, by Mr. H. Moore
Barlborough Hall

Donors. His Grace the Duke of Devonshire Ditto Ditto His Grace the Duke of Rutland Ditto The Right Hon. Earl of Chesterfield Ditto Right Hon. Lord Scarsdale Right Hon. Lord Waterpark Right Hon. Lord Vernon Right Hon. Lord Melbourne Sir George Crewe, bart. Sir Roger Greisley, bart. Sir Henry Fitz Herbert, bart. Sir William Boothby, bart. Sir Henry Every, bart. Sir John Henry Hunloke, bart. Sir Charles Abney Hastings, bart. Sir Charles Colvile Sir Thomas Denman Richard Arkwright, esq. Broughton Steade, esq. James Holworthy, esq. Thomas Smith Milnes, esq. William Pole Thornhill, esq. John Harrison, esq. Godfrey Meynell, esq. George Benson Strutt, esq. Late William Strutt, esq. F. R. S. E. S. Chandos Pole, esq. Rev. Reginald Pole Rev. Charles Evelyn Cotton Rev. C. H. R. Rodes


The following and others are engraved at the expense of the Proprietor :

All Saints Church, by Mr. R. V. Knight Ashbourn Church, by Peter Bainbrigge, esq. Monuments in Ashbourn Church Wirksworth Church, by Mr. John Rayner Monuments in Wirksworth Church, by Ditto Portrait of Flamsteed, the Astronomer Portrait of Joseph Wright, by Himself

Portrait of Whitehurst
View of the Town Hall, by Matthew Habershon, esq.
Portrait of Sir Richard Arkwright, by J. Wright
Portrait of Samuel Oldknow, esq. by Mr. Potts
View of Belper Church, by Matthew Habershon, esq.
Geological Plate of the Strata of Derbyshire
A Map of the County, with fourteen views round the border.

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Primary rocks, transition or inter-

mediate rocks
Millstone grit
Shale or shiver
Limestone and toadstone
Principal strata
Red marl
Magnesian limestone
List of collieries
History and mode of working the

coal mines Measures of strata

Shipley deep field, West Hal

lam, Ilkeston, Alfreton
common, Pinxton, Stub-

ley, Adelphi and Hady
Nature of Derbyshire coal
Gritstone and shale
First grit rock
Great shale or schistus
Mineral limestone
Veins of lead ore
Rake veins
Hillcar, Cromford and Wirksworth


38 Flatworks
54 Marble quarries

Rights of miners in the king's field 55 Chert
38 Lessees of mineral duties

55 Freestone (with list of quarries) 73 39 Origin of the laws

56 Building stone and list of saw mills 74 39 Sorts of ore

56 Shale, freestone, paviers, flags, slate 40 Smelting furnaces 56 stone and list of quarries

75 41 Miners' standard dish 57 Prices of slate

75 42 Annual produce

57 Grindstone, whetstone and scythe42 Veins of lead ore, antiquity of lead stone quarries

76 43 mines and Roman pigs of lead 58 Scythe sticks

76 45 Mineral laws

60 Cauk stones, quartz crystals and Barmaster gives possession 60 Derbyshire diamonds

76 47 Method of working the mines 61 Calcarious concretions

76 Ancient laws injurious to improvement 61 Fluor spar and fluate of lime

77 List of lead mines

64 Stalactites, stalagmites and coralloids 78 Cupolas

67 Animals, insects and vegetable imAverage produce of lead ore 67 pressions

79 50 Slickensides

List of fossils

51 Ironstone and mode of getting 68 Earths, shale, bind, china clay, pipe
51 Iron furnaces and founderies
69 clay and potters' clay

81 52 Ores of iron

69 List of potteries, chimney pots, fire 52 Bloodstone

69 clay, fire bricks, tile and brick clay 52 Copper, zinc, sulphuret of zinc, and list of fire clay pits

82 53 manganese and silver 70 Marl, tufa and gypsum

83 54 Grey ore of antimony 71 Heavy earth and sand

84 54 Limestone and list of quarries 71 Fullers' earth, bitumen, sulphur, Marble

peat and turf

84 54




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Page Class 10. Decandria

96 Butcher bird, raven, crow, rook, Crane, bittern, heron, curlew, wood11. Do lecandria 97 Royston crow, jackdaw and jay 128 cock, snipe and jacksnipe

141 12. Jcosandria

97 Magpie, cuckoo, wryneck and wood- Godwit, redshank, ruff and reeve, lap13. Polyandria 98 pecker

129 wing, common and spotted sand14. Didynamia


Kingtisher, nuthatch, creeper, star- piper, dunlin, knot, golden plover, 15. Tetradynamia 101 ling and thrush

130 sanderling and ringed plover 142 16. Monadelphia . 102 Song and heath thrush, redwing, Dotterel, seapie, water rail, water 17. Diadelphia

. 102 fieldfare, blackbird, ring ouzel, hen, corncrake, grey phalarope, 18. Polyadelphia 103 water ouzel, rose coloured ouzel, bald coot and lesser grebe

143 19. Syngenesia

waxen chatterer, crossbill and gros- Greater and lesser crested grebe, 20. Gynandria 106 beak

131 great northern and speckled diver, 21. Monoecia : 106 Greenfinch, bullfinch, bunting, yel

common, lesser and black tern, 22. Dioecia

low hammer, reed, house and tree black-capped, black and white and 23. Polygamia

108 sparrow, chaffinch, brambling and common gull, kittiwake, goosan-
24. Cryptogamia
108 goldfinch

der and dundiver

144 Zoology of Derbyshire

. 112 Common linnet, greater and lesser Red headed smew, wild, tame and CLASS 1. red-headed linnet, siskin, fly

black swan, grey lag, white frontHorse

catcher, sky, tit, wood and pipet ed, bernacle and brent goose, wild Ass, ox and sheep

113 lark, white and grey wagtail 133 duck, sheldrake, widgeon, poGoat and stag

. 114
Yellow wagtail, nightingale, hedge chard and long-tailed duck

145 Fallow deer and hog

. 115 sparrow, redstart, wood wren, les- Goldeneye, morillon, garganey, teal, Dog, several varieties 116 ser pettichaps and golden-crested cormorant and gannet

146 Wolf, fox, wild cat, badger and otter 118

134 Fish

148 Polecat, marten, ferret, weasel, stoat, Lesser white-throat, sedge warbler, Eel, burbot, bullhead, river bullhedgehog and mole

119 robin redbreast, wheatear, willow head, flatfish, flounder, perch and Hare, rabbit, rat (varieties of) wren, wren, whinchat, stonechat strickleback

149 mouse (varieties of) and squirrel 120

and white-throat

135 Loach, salinon, trout and grayling 150 Bat 121 Blackcap, greater, cole, marsh, blue Pike, carp, bream and roach

151 CLASS 2. Birds. and longtailed titmouse

136 Tench, barbel, chub, dace, bleak, Observations

121 Swallow, martin and sand martin 137 guilgeon, minnow, lamprey, lamGolden eagle, osprey, kite, buzzard,

Swift and goatsucker

· 138

pern, nine-eyed eel and sturgeon . 152 goshawk, hen harier and ring tail 126 Stockdove, ringdove and cock 138 Reptiles Kestrel, sparrow hawk, little buzzard, Peacock, turkey, guinea fowl, phea

Toad, frog, lizard, newt and merlin, white owl, horned owl, sant, wood grouse and black game 139


153 short-eared owl, screech owl, Moor-game, partridge, quail and

Snake and blindworm

154 brown owl and little owl 127 stone curlew

140 Insects

. 15+


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Agriculture-preliminary observa- Carrots, potatoes and alternate hus- Sheep, varieties of

184 tions

175 Shepherıls' societies

185 Estates, value and leases

16+ Pasture and meadow land, diversity Ram, Carcass, new Leicester breed 186 Farms, rents and cottages

of soil
176 Swine and horses

187 Titles . 166 Grasses and meadows

177 Asses, rabbits, poultry, and increase Rates, implements, ploughs, harrows Pasture land, farming stock, and de- of animals and vegetables

189 and rollers . 166 scription of stock

178 Farm buildings

. 190 Carriage of produce and inclosures 167 Short horned bull, Charles the Second 179 Gardens and orchards

193 Fences and hedge-row timber . 168 Short horned heifer, Daffodil, short Park wood and forest timber Gates and tillage . 169 horned cow, Lady, and Dishley Chamomile

194 Wheat . 172 steer

180 Agricultural societies

· 194 Rye, barley and oats 173 Bretby heifer . 182 Inclosures

195 Pease, tares, turnips, mangel wurzel Cheese

182 and cabbage


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Antiquity of the Derbyshire manu- Chesterfield, Derby, Dronfield, Copperas, marble, china stone, limefactories and lead ore 198 Millford, Renishaw, &c.

201 works, freestone and grindstone . 203 Manufactories

199 Iron forges, iron implements and nails 201 Gritstone, slate, plaster stone, spar Cauk, ironstone and furnaces · 199 Iron screws, needles, tin-plate work

works, bricks, tiles, tobacco pipes, Butterley iron works . 200 ers, calamine, brass founderies and

Derbyshire diamonds and jewelry 201 Iron works- Alfreton, Brampton,












China works, earthenware, malt, ale Lace manufactories, silk and Lomb's Ferries, fords and Cromford and

and wool

205 silk mill

212 High Peak railway


Fulling mills, woollen cloth and

Silk trade and weaving of silk 213 Early railways and canals


worsted spinning

206 Cotton manufacture, Hargrave's and Grand trunk canal

Flax, linen, hemp and stockings • 207 Peel’s machines and Arkwright's Chesterfield canal


Framework-knitting and Derby rib 207 spinning frame

213 Erewash and Nutbrook canals 227

Improvements in the stocking frame, Cotton manufactories, Crompton's

Peak Forest canal and Marple aque-

hosiers, knitting of various articles 208 mule, jenny, Cartwright's power



Lace and point net machines 209 loom cotton trade and cotton mills 215 Cromford canal


Bobbin net machine, Brown's net Weaving muslin, calico printing, Pinxton railway and tonnage, Ash-

machine, bobbins and carriages bleaching, dyeing, tape, clocks and by-de-la-Zouch and Derby canals 230

and Heathcote's machine

209 watches and general manufactures 216 Adelphi and Woodheaves canals and

Traverse warp ma ine, Morley's Paper manufactories, trade of the Trent navigation


straight bolt and circular bolt ma- county, exports and imports and Conveyance, fairs and markets . 232


210 ancient trade

. 217 Auctions and circulating medium . 233

Leaver's machine and improvements Roads, turnpike and private

. 218

List of tradesmen's copper tokens 233

in lace machines

211 County bridges

221 Agriculture benefited by commerce 234

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