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66 Hoo-ho-0-0; hah-a-a,” shouted the populace. “ Hear the old blasphemer; she is calling curses on us all. Away, you old murderess.” They would not hear her out.

Old Waller, according to the custom of the times, could string texts together too, he having formerly been a holder forth in a conventicle: he therefore answered Abigail from the same book :-“66 Therefore now flee thou to thy place : I thought to promote thee unto great honour, but lo! the Lord hath kept thee back from honour.' Now pr’ythee, sister Abigail, do shut the casement, or we shall have the house pulled down about our ears.

To this appeal Abigail retorted with scorn,« There are six cities shall be a refuge both for the children of Israel, and for the stranger, and for the sojourner among them: that every one that killeth another unawares may flee thither.' Further it is said, 'But if he thrust him of hatred, or hurl at him by laying wait, that he die

“ Hoo-0-0-0; away, you murderess.”
". Or in enmity smite him with his hand, that

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he die ; he that smote him shall surely be put to death, for he is a murderer.'

“ Hear her, hear her. Go on, old mother** damnable."

. But if he thrust him suddenly without enmity, or have cast upon him any thing without laying of wait;

666 Or with any stone wherewith a man may die, seeing him not, and cast it upon him that he die, and was not his enemy, neither sought him harm:

"" Then the congregation shall judge between the slayer and revenger of blood, according to these judgments.

“ Get ye gone away frae the window with ye, ye causuistical canting auld scauld," said a gravelooking old Scotchman, a Royalist, one of Montrose's troopers.


not ashamed to brazen oot there, and to torture the word o' God in justification of your villanies ? God help the late gude King Charles, and be prosperous till his son, for the Deel of Hell himsel was was no match for ye Independents. What! ye auld Jezabel ! think you we be all o' sic twilight

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understanding, not to ken the especial difference betwext a monslaughter without malice propense, and knocking oot the brains of one, only with the vengeance which is hurled with intention to commit murther on another. Aw the crimes which have cursed this land for mony years in these late unhappy wars, have aw been kept alive by a wacked perversion of the holy scriptures, and bending them till sinister purposes. Gin it were that ye are not a woman, you should not stand preaching there, I'd walk up stairs, and take ye by the lugs and ge you up to the injured law mysel.”

“ I dare thee, spite of my sex, thou lousy hireling Scot! What, thou art one o' the naked

gang, that sold the kingtramped it hither to receive thy wages,” taking from her pocket, and counting out some halfpence, and throwing them amidst the crowd. “ Here, give the rogue a groat. Go bide thy beggarly, bag-piping face. Art thou not ashamed to appear in this Christian city? What ! thou art waiting to make a market of rake-shame, his profligate son and heir, hey! Sell another king for a groat, hey! away with thee : off sawney trooper, troop it back to the north, and make a scrubbing post o' thy father's gibbet.”

“ Weel, weel! thy scornfu tongue is no slander. I'll ha' none o' the sin o' my shoulders, I advise ye not to falsify the word o' God though, or not one rack o' your home will mark the spot o' your wackedness til-morrow.” Then turning to the enraged apprentices, who were impatient for a' renewal of the riot. 66 Let the auld sinner alone my young gallants. She is doubtless urged on by the evil one to work more mischief belike, on some o' your heads. Leave her till the laws o' the land! the peace officers will lay their clutches on her just noo, and she will receive her wages too, the full arrears due till her iniquity.”

At this instant, a sudden movement of the crowd, diverted the general attention from the matchless Mistress Abigail. It appeared that the young man's wound had been examined by the surgeons, and fears were entertained touching his recovery. No sooner was this made known to the

apprentices, than there was a simultaneous exclamation of, “ Bring forth the murderess--Down with

the house!” and a revival of the riot com-
menced; when one of the city marshalls, and a
posse of constables, made their way to the door
of the Black Eagle, under a shower of stones,
brick-bats, and such missiles as were at hand.
The soldiers had enough to do with their
pikes, to keep off the hot-headed youths, from
entering the premises, to take vengeance on the
remorseless virago.
6. O oot, oot! Forbear


ye, my gallants," cried the veteran Scot, * who forced

* The old Scotch trooper fared better than Captain Hyde the royalist in the beginning of the troubles : for even before the parliament had opposed the king in the field, so formidable were the apprentices of London, that they petitioned the king against the bishops, and assembling in a riotous manner, proceeded to Westminster, crying, “no bishops-no bishops."

This so irritated the Bishop of Lincoln, who was then passing to the house, that he seized one of the most active of the mob. The others, however, on rescuing their comrade, laid not violent hands on him, but followed still crying, “no bishops--no popish lords ;” when Captain Hyde, with some few friends, roused to indignation on witnessing this insult

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