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The manuscripts, books and periodicals in this
catalogue have been carefully collated. Complete
copies only, in good condition and sound binding are
advertised, exceptions being invariably stated. When
no binding is indicated, the work is in paper covers.
*(P)'before the date describes an excerpt or pamphlet.

Responsibility is declined when orde Erwarded
through intermediaries.

The prices are

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W51 Since the publication of our last Circular containing astronomical literature, more than ten years have elapsed ; much longer than we then anticipated would be necessary for the increasing of our stock, so as to form à fairly representative collection of works bearing on this science. Meanwhile we might easily have compiled a " bibliotheca " describing an accumulation of books, rendered more important by the addition of titles, and titles only, culled from bibliographies and colleagues' catalogues, but in our opinion this would have served no purpose, as a sufficiency of productions of this kind already exists.

We have searched for and bought every book and tract which we describe, and have, where possible, chosen copies that would satisfy even bibliophiles. We have pieced together volume by volume to obtain complete series of

periodicals, extending in some cases over centuries, and have, by laborious j collation and comparison, satisfied ourselves that all are perfect.

That a certain amount of success has rewarded our labours may be illustrated by the fact that we can now offer over 3,600 works, and of these more than fifty are not described in the catalogues of the Royal Astronomical Society of London ; a collection that is known to be one of the most representative.

We do not only offer here and there a single work by one of the founders of astronomical science, but almost complete collections of the principal writings of Copernicus, Galileo, Herschel, Kepler, Lacaille, Newton, Ptolemy, Sacrobosco, Tycho Brahe, and others which cannot now be procured elsewhere even by the offer of extravagant prices.

In describing our treasures, we have attempted a scheme of classification, guided to some extent by the classical work of Houzeau and Lancaster, and whoever turns to our list in quest of what has been written on a special subject into which he is enquiring, will not, we hope, do so entirely in vain. With a few exceptions we have abstained from adding notes; for these the Dictionary of National Biography is easily ransacked to add a specious importance, but we think it useless to bring forward details which are perfectly well known to those who have occasion to use our catalogues.

As to the prices quoted, the experience of many years has shown us that whatever may be underpriced a wireless ” will be just in time to secure, and that whatever, through an error of judgment, we have been led to buy and offer above its value, will remain with us as a continual reminder.

The utility of our exertions and care may be questioned, as for much that we offer recourse to a public library would recommend itself, but the library can only be consulted at its domicile, and then the library catalogues and bibliographies do not indicate where and at what price' the books therein described can be acquired, though the latter may be needed for the furtherance of study or to find appreciation in the hands of the collector.

May we therefore conclude by asking that our catalogue be consulted for present needs and preserved for future reference.


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Books for the Use of the Student and General Reader,
The numbers refer to the titles in the body of the catalogue.

History. Clerke (A.) A popular history of astronomy during the 19th century, 4th edition 8vo, cloth, 1902.

155 An excellent popular account of the more recent progress of the science. Also nos. 23, 36, 41, 42, 74.

Manuals. Chambers (G.) A handbook of descriptive astronomy, 4th edition, 3 vols, 8vo, cloth, 1889-90.

£1 8s Serviss (G.) Astronomy with an opera-glass, Sth edition, 8vo, cloth, 1902.

6s Young (C.) A text-book of general astronomy, revised edition, 8vo, half roan, 1904. 125 6d Young (C.) Manual of astronomy, 8vo, half roan, 1904.

IOS 6d Also nos. 254, 261, 275-81, 289, 443, 475, 536, 1085.

The Evolution of the Universe. Clerke (A.) The system of the stars, 2nd edition, 8vo, cloth, 1905.

1 Gore (J.) The visible universe : chapters on the origin and construction of the heavens, 8vo, cloth, 1893.

16s Full of information respecting the various theories that have been put forward. Lowell (P.) The evolution of worlds, roy8vo, cloth, 1909.

IOS 6d
Also nos. 1753, 1759, 1770, 1808, 1809, 2279.

Chambers (G.) The story of the comets simply told for general readers, Svo, cioth, 1909.

6s Hind (J.) The comets, a descriptive treatise upon those bodies, 8vo, cloth, 1852. 25 od

Contains a most useful table of calcula ted orbits of comets up to the date of publication.
Also nos. 1824, 1881, 1923.

Browning (J.) How to work with the spectroscope, 4th edition, 8vo, 1910.

IS 6d Schellen (H.) Spectrum analysis in its application to terrestrial substances and the physical

constitution of the heavenly bodies, 2nd edition, by W. de W. Abney, 8vo, cloth,
Also nos. 1999, 2024, 2073, 2074, 2137, 2189, 2293.

The Sun. The Planets.
Ledger (E.) The sun, its planets and their satellites, 8vo, cloth, 1882.

8s Also nos. 2419, 2442, 2443, 2499. Elger (T.) The moon, a full description and map of its principal physical features, roy8vo, cloth, 1895.

45 Serviss (G.) The moon. A popular treatise, 8vo, cloth, 1907.

6s Also nos. 2837–39, 2851, 2855. Lowell (P.) Mars as the abode of life, 8vo, cloth, 1908.

los 6d Proctor (R.) Saturn and its system, 8vo, cloth, 1865.

7s Also nos. 2893, 2894, 2918, 2958.

Stellar Astronomy.
Denning (W.) Telescopic work for starlight evenings, 8vo, cloth, 1891.

A practical work for observers by a practical observer of the greatest experience. Hale (G.) The study of stellar evolution. An account of some recent methods of astrophysical research, and impression, 8vo, cloth, 1909.

16s 6d. The book is of enthralling interest, and raises a new situation of such wide reaching importance thati

it would be easier to review it a year hence than to-day (H. F. Newall). Newcomb (S.) The stars, a study of the universe, 8vo, cloth, 1901.

6s Crossley (E.) J. Gledhill and J. Wilson. A handbook of double stars, with a catalogue of 1200 double stars and corrections, 8vo, cloth, 1879-80.

15 A very complete catalogue up to 1879 of all measures of double stars. Cottam (A.) 36 charts of the constellations from the north pole to between 35 and 40 degrees of south declination, in portfolio, cloth, 1889.

£1 IIS 6d Extremely useful for reference as catalogue numbers are given to all the principal double and other stars Schurig (R.) Tabulae caelestes continentes omnes stellas caeli borealis nec non australis nudis oculis conspicuas, 2nd edition by P. Goetz, folio, 1909.

45 60 An admirable star atlas at a very low price. Also nos. 3158, 3173, 3304, 3305, 3347–54, 3396-98, 3419.

Knowledge, advertisement on last page.
Popular Astronomy, io numbers annually.

Subscription 16s 6

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Bibliograpby. 1 Bolton (H.) A catalogue of scientific and technical periodicals. 1665–1895. Together with chronological tables and a library check list, 2nd edition, roy8vo, cloth, 1897.

175 2 Bulletino di Bibliografia e di Storia delle Scienze Matematiche e Fisiche pubblicato da B. Boncompagni, with plates and index, 20 vols, 4to, half pigskin, 1868-90.

£25 3 Carl (P.) Repertorium der Cometen Astronomie, 8vo, 1864. 4 Catalogue of scientific papers, contained in the transactions of societies, journals, and other

periodical works, published from 1800–1883. Compiled and published by the Royal Society of London, 12 vols, 4to, cloth, 1867-1902.

£9 Ios 5 Copeland (R.) Catalogue of the Crawford Library of the Royal Observatory Edinburgh, 4to, half morocco, 1890.

Ios 6d 5a Gesner (C.) Bibliotheca universalis, sive catalogus omnium scriptorum locupletissimus, in

tribus linguis, latina graeca, et hebraica, extantium et non extantium, engraving, folio, half morocco, 1545.

£3 6 Halliwell (J.) The manuscript rarities of the University of Cambridge, 8vo, 1841. 7 Holden (E.) Index catalogue of books and memoirs relating to nebulae and clusters, roy8vo, 1877.

IS 6d 8 Houzeau (J.) Vade Mecum de l'astronome, roy8vo, halt morocco, 1882.

£2 An excellent guide to astronomical literature. 9 Houzeau (J.) et A. Lancaster. Bibliographie générale de l'astronomie ou catalogue

méthodique des ouvrages, des mémoires et des observations astronomiques publiés depuis l'origine de l'imprimerie jusqu'én 1880, portrait and plates, vol 1, parts 1 and 2, vol 2 (all pub.), imp.8vo, half calf, 1882–87.

£10 10 La Lande (J. de) Bibliographie astronomique ; avec l'histoire de l'astronomie depuis 1781 jusqu'à 1802, table des matières par L. Cotte, 4to, calf, 1803.

18s 12 Royal Society, Catalogue of the scientific books in the library of the, 2 vols, 8vo, cloth, 1881-3

(pub. £1). 13 South Kensington Museum, Catalogue of the science library in the, roy8vo, cloth, 1891. 28 6d 14 Struve (0.) et E. Lindemann. Librorum in bibliotheca speculae Pulcovensis contentorum catalogus systematicus, 2 vols, 8vo, 1860-80.

9s 15 Terquem (0.) Bulletin de bibliographie, d'histoire et de biographie mathématiques, 8 in 3 vols, 8vo, half vellum, 1855-62.

£2 6s 16 (Wesley (W.)] Catalogue and supplementary catalogue of the library of the Royal Astronomical Society, 2 vols, 8vo, 1886–1900.

history. Biograpby. Correspondence. 17 Albertus Magnus—Sighart (J.) Albertus Magnus. Sein Leben und seine Wissenschaft,

portrait and 2 coloured plates, 8vo, half morocco, 1857. 18 Arneth (A.) Geschichte der reinen Mathematik, 8vo, 1852.

8s 19 Bailly (J.) Histoire de l'astronomie (ancienne, indienne et orientale, moderne), plates, 5 vols, 4to, calf, 1775–87.

Histoire de l'astronomie ancienne, depuis son origine jusqu'à l'établissement de l'école d'Alexandrie, 3 plates, and edition, 4to, calf, 1781. 21 Beckmann (J.) A history of inventions and discoveries. Translated by W. Johnston (vol 4, 2nd edition), 4 vols, 8vo, calf, 1797–1814.

16s 22 Bentley (J.) A historical view of the Hindu astronomy from the earliest dawn of that science

in India to the present time. To which are added, Hindu tables of equations, translations of the zodiacs of Dendera, 9 plates, 8vo, 1825.

£i 23 Berry (A.) A short history of astronomy, 9 portraits and 20 plates, 8vo, cloth, 1898.

45 24 Biot (J.) Etudes sur l'astronomie indienne, plate, 4to, 1859.

3s 6d 25 Blake (J.) Astronomical myths, based on Flammarion's history of the heavens, plates and

engravings, 8vo, cloth, 1877. 26 Blass (F.) Einiges aus der Geschichte der Astronomie im Alterthum, 8vo, 1883. 27 Boeckh (A.) De Platonica corporis mundani fabrica conflati ex elementis geometrica ratione

concinnatis, 4to, half calf, 1810. 28 Boileau (J.) Portrait, litho. by Hanhart, royfolio, 1852. 29 Boll (F.) Sphaera. Neue griechische Texte und Untersuchungen zur Geschichte der Sternbilder, 6 plates and 19 engravings, 8vo, 1903.




£1 155



55 IS

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