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ants found themselves without servants, — whether they would know how to supply their own wants. He put a few into a glass case with some honey for them in a corner, so that they had nothing to do but to take it. They did not touch it; they seemed to know nothing; they had become so ignorant and lazy that they could no longer feed themselves. Some of them died from starvation, with food before them.

Huber, to complete the experiment, then put one black ant into the case. The presence of this intelligent slave changed the face of things and brought back life and order. He went straight to the honey and fed the dying simpletons.

Turn to the prudent ant thy heedful eyes,
Observe her labors, sluggard, and be wise :
No stern command, no monitory voice
Prescribes her duties, or directs her choice ;
Yet, timely provident, she hastes away
To snatch the blessings of the plenteous day ;
When fruitful summer loads the teeming plain,
She crops the harvest and she stores the grain.

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A HOUSE in Brazil was once attacked by robbers.

They were black and naked; they came in the night in great numbers; they talked by signs and moved in perfect silence.

The servants discovered them and waked their master in great alarm, but he tried in vain to make them attack the robbers.

“It is no use to fight such a multitude,” they said; and the master saw his winter provisions rapidly disappearing as one robber after another staggered away under a load he could hardly carry. The man seized a club and killed quite a number of them, but the rest ran over their dead bodies, paying no attention to the loss.

“I'll fix them,” he said.

He laid a track of gunpowder from his doorstep away down the road and, touching a match to it, blew the thousand of them to atoms.

That is the only way to get rid of the great Suaba, or parasol ants that live in tropical countries.

ALL ABOARD FOR SUMMER LANDS If it takes the early bird to catch the worm, it takes the early boy or girl to catch the birds at home, when they are in gay feather and full of song, for it is

“ When May comes down the lane

Her airy lovers throng

To welcome her with song
And follow in her train.”

If they wait until July and August to make friends with the birds, there is danger of disappointment, for then many birds stop singing and hide in the woods.

Do you know why?

With all the babies hatched, full-fledged, and well-educated in singing, flying and food-gathering, August would seem to be the playtime of the birds as well as of boys and girls.

But you must remember there is a fall journey to take, and while there are no trunks to pack, every neat little bird wants a new suit of feathers.

Some birds have only one, while others have three new suits a year, but most birds have two changes of costume.

They get these by moulting, and it is while the change is taking place that they keep quiet and hide from company.

Don't you know how dull and droopy your canary is while he is moulting ?

I think other birds feel just as he does. Their feathers do not all drop out at once, leaving the small creatures naked and helpless; but little by little, the ragged feathers of the old suit drop out and new ones grow in to take their places.

When the family is ready, it usually joins a number of neighbors, and some night the start is made. They buy no tickets, nor do they go by

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