Miracle Herbs & Plants: Herbal Remedies & Recipes

Front Cover
AuthorHouse, Apr 30, 2014 - Nature - 224 pages
Growing up in the Carpethian Mountains under a communist era regime and with the link to historical natural methods, Alternative Medicine was the way of life. Since birth watching the older and wise women making remedies in form of teas, tinctures, decoctions and oil extracts, Cami learned from her grandmother and others as it was natural in the mountain region. The Communists used the school children in this Pine Tree, Birch and high altitude region to meet quotas of kilograms and kilograms of different medicinal flowers, herbs, berries and sometimes mushrooms to the government. The students, including Cami, were first taught everything about the Medicinal Herbs how to identify and pick up this plants. What medicines and pharmaceuticals the plants would be used for and their natural healing properties. It was fascinating for her to learn and experience all this plants and flowers and to find out that when hundreds of flowers would blossom in the grassy fields each had their amazing healing properties. There were also school internships to the Herbal Medicine Pharmacies where she learned exactly how they combined the herbs to create Medicinal Teas and how to extract oils from the herbs. With the background in Herbal Medicine and Herbal research coupled with over two decades of Herbal Medicinal Remedies identifications and study, Alternative Medicine and healthy organic living became a lifestyle. Now as a mother and wife, it is a great knowledge to have and to be able to apply. Miracle Herbs is a way of helping and guiding those suffering from different sicknesses, bad lifestyles and diseases seeking an alternative natural medicine. Most people regret having to take pharmaceutical medication for a cold, a mild virus or a headache, Miracle Herbs will show you that instead of a pill you can be relived by having 2-4 cups of herbal tea per day and have the same if not better healing effect. The Miracle Herbs book has The Plants, The Description of the Plants, The Medicinal Uses and How to Use it. In many cases today you can find the pre mixed, Essences, Oils Extracts, powder and Teas almost in every Health Store and let Miracle Herbs be your guide. It will help you how to find what you looking for and how to use the remedies.

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