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NNE, by the Grace of God, Queen of England, Scotland, France, and Ireland, Defender of the Faith, &c. To alí to whom these Presents shall come Greeting. Whereas

Our Trusty and Well-beloved William Delaune, Doctor in Divinity, and Vice-Chancellor of Our University of Oxford, has humbly represented unto Us, in the behalf of the said Universicy, that They have at a Great Expence already Published One Volume of the late Earl of Clarendon's History, and intend in a short time to Publish the Second and Third Volumes for Compleating the Work; and the fole Right of the Copy of the faid Work being Vested in Our University of Oxford, and They having humbly befought Us to Grant Them Our Royal Privilege and Licence for the sole Printing and Publishing the same for the Term of Fourteen Years; We being Graciously enclined to encourage the said Undertaking, are pleased to condescend to their Request; and do therefore hereby Give and Grant unto Our faid University of Oxford, Our Royal Licence and Privilege, for the sole Printing and Publishing the said Three Volumes of the late Earl of Clarendon's History, for and during the Term of Fourteen Years, to be computed from the Day of the Date hereof; ftri&ly Charging, Prohibiting, and Forbidding all Our Subjects to Reprint or Abridge the faid History, or any Part of it , or to Import, Buy, Vend, Utter, or Distribute any Copies of the fame, or any Part thereof, Reprinted beyond the Seas, within the said Term, without the Consent and Approbation of Our said University first had and obtained, as They and every of them Offending herein will Answer the Contrary at their Peril, and such other Penalties as by the Laws and Statutes of this Our Realm may be inflicted; Whereof the Master, Wardens, and Company of Stationers of Our City of London, the Commissioners and Officers of Our Customs, and all other Our Officers and Ministers whom it may Concern, are to take Notice, that due Obedience be given to Our Pleasure herein signified. Given at Our Court at Hampton-Court the 24th day of June 1703. In the Second Year of Our Reign.

By Her Majesties Command.

C. Hedges.

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- I length comes into the World, The First - Volume of the History of the Rebellion, and

Civil Wars in England, begun in the Year

1641, with the precedent Pallages and Actions, that Contributed thereunto, and the Happy End and Conclusion thereof, by the King's blessed Re Storation, and Return, upon the 29th of May in the Year 1660; Written by Edward Earl of Clarendon, once Lord High Chancellor of England, and Chancellor of the Famous University of Oxford. The first of these great Dignities King Charles the Second had conferr'd on Him, whilst be was yet in Banishment with Him; which be beld, after the Restoration, above seven years, with the Universal Approbation of the whole Kingdom, and the General Applause of all good Men, for his Ju. flice, Integrity, Sound Judgement, and Eminent Suf

ficiency in the discharge of that Office; a Praise, which none of his Enemies ever denied Him, in any Time: The Other He receiv'd from the choice of the University, who, upon the Vacancy of that Place, by the death of the Marquis of Hertford, then Duke of Somerset, judg'd They could not better manifest their feddiness in the

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Cause for which They had suffer'd, and their Resolutions of adhering to their Old, Principles , in support of the Church of England, and the Ancient Monarchical Government of this Kingdom, than in choosing to place the Protection of their interest in both, under the care of One, who had so early distinguished Himself, even from the first Approaches of the Civil War, in asserting and maintaining the distreßed Rights of the Church and Crown.

This History, was first begun by tbe express Command of King Charles the First, wbo, having a defire, that an account of the Calamities, God was pleased to infli&t on the Unhappy part of bis Reign, should be reported to Posterity by some worthy, honest, and knowing Man, thought He could not appoint any One more adorn'd with such Qualifications, than this Author.

It is a difficult Province to write the History of the Civil Wars of a Great and Powerful Nation, where the King was engaged with one Part of his Subjects against the orber, and both Sides were sufficiently inflamed: And the Necesity of Speaking the Truth of Jeveral Great Men, that were engaged in the quarrel on either Side, who may fill bave very considerable Relations, defcended from Them, now Alive, makes the Task Invidious, as well as Difficult. .: We are not ignorant that there are Accounts, contained in this following History, of some Eminent Persons in those Times, that do not agree with the relations we

same , Authors. But, besides that they who put forth this History, dare not take upon them to make any Alterations in a Work of this kind, Solemnly left with thein ta be published, whenever it should be published, as it was delivered to Them; they cannot but think the World will generally be of Opinion, that others may as likely have been mistaken in the grounds, and informations they bave gone upon, as our Author ; who will be esteem'd to have had opportunities, equal at least with any others, of knowing the Truth; and, by the Candor,

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