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The MAIN OBJECT of the Illustrated Readers is to instruct the scholar in language to give a correct idea of the meaning, and a distinct enunciation of the sound of words.

READINGS have been composed and selected which are likely to excite healthy moral impulse, or to convey interesting knowledge suited to the capacities of children in each Standard, and which may open the world of books as a world of pleasure.

The Word EXERCISES are intended to be used as exercises in Spelling, Pronunciation, and Meaning; in the use of Syllables and Accents; and in the application of the rules for the addition of Verbal, Adjective, and Plural Terminals. These Exercises, thoroughly mastered, will prevent a large proportion of the most common orthographic errors.

COMPOSITION EXERCISES are gradually introduced in the Fifth and Sixth Readers. The subjects have been taken from those parts of the Readings which will be most likely to impress the memory and excite the imagination of the reader, and their form is varied so as to include essay, narrative, and letter writing.

Each Standard is graduated so as to begin with lessons only one remove above the character of the lessons which close the preceding Standard, and to rise by almost imperceptible steps to the end: and VOCABULARIES, containing the meaning of the words which are not likely to be familiar to a scholar, are appended to the second and succeeding books.

THE INFANT READER is arranged into a First, a Second, and a Third Grade. With the idea and sound of many words the infant scholar is already familiar. The main object of the Infant Reader is to add to this knowledge an acquaintance with their printed and written sign. The WORDS are, in all the Grades, from the language natural to a child. Each READING is on some familiar object, a drawing

of which is printed on the same page. Each of the easier Readings of the First Grade is in four parts: the first consists of the letters used in its words; the second, of the words used in its sentences; and the third and fourth, of the sentences themselves, and in these the same words are again and again repeated in various connections.

Particular care has been bestowed upon the choice and use of ILLUSTRATIONS. Young children are educated as much by the eye as by the ear, and the instruments of education in this direction ought to be as good as possible. The Publishers have in this series endeavoured, by the careful choice of subjects and the aid of the most eminent artists, to meet this great want in a way that has never been attempted before.

The books are all printed in clear type, on fine paper, and strongly bound in handsome covers.

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72 pages

INFANT READER, First and Second Grades, 40 pages, 2d.; in linen

Third Grade, 32 pages, 2d. ; in linen

Complete in strong linen cover...








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