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Those in Quarto marked with Asterisks are in no former Tables. I know no one who has seen those in the Italick Characters, but find them in Mr. Pope's and Mr. Theobald's Lists, and in Dr. Warburton's, which is compiled from them.

(1. Midsummer Night's Dream, William Shake

speare, 1600. (2. D°. William Shakespeare, 1600, James Roberts.

(1. Merry Wives of Windsor, William Shakespeare,

1602. T. C. for Arthur Johnson. 32. Do. William Shakespeare, 1619, for Do. 3. Do. William Shakespeare, 1630, T. H. for R.



(Much Ado about Nothing, William Shakespeare,

1600, V. S. for Andrew Wise and Williams Alpley.



(1. Merchant of Venice, William Shakespeare, 1600.

J. K. for Thomas Heyes. 2. W. Shakespeare, 1600, J. Roberts. 3. Do. William Shakespeare, 1637, M. P. for Lau.

rence Hayes. 4. Do. William Shakespeare, 1652, for William


V. 1. Love's

pii Love's Labour Loft, William Shakespeare, 1598, J " W. W. for Cuthbert Burley."

2. Do. William Shakespeare, 1631, W. S. for John . Smethwicke.

ri. Taming of the Shrew, 1607, V.S. for Nich. Ling, VI. 32. Do, Will. Shakespeare, 1631, W. S, -for John

© Smethwicke.
P 1. King Lear, William Shakespeare, 1608, for Na.
» thaniel Butter.
12. Do, William Shakespeare, 1608, for Do,
13. Do. William Shakespeare, 1655, Jane Bell,
pi. King John, 2 Parts, 1591, for Sampson Clarke.
12. Do W. Sh. 1611, Valentine Simmes, for Joha

3 Helme. " 13. Do. W. Shakespeare, 1622, Aug. Mathewes, for

Thomas Dewe, ri. Richard II. William Shakespeare, 1598, Valen

- tine Simmes, for Andrew Wise. IX.

2. Do. W. Shakespeare, 1608, W. W. for Mathew 1. Law..

3. Do. William Shakespeare, 1615, for Mathew Law. 54. Do. William Shakespeare, 1634, John Norton. ri. Henry IV. First Part, 1598, P. S. for Andrew

2. Do. W. Shakespeare, 1599, S. S. for Do.

3. Do. 1604.
14. Do. 1608, for Mathew Lau.
5. Do. W. Shakespeare, 1613, W. W. for Do.

. Do, William Shakespeare, 1622, T. P. fold
[ by D.
17. Do William Shakespeare, 1632, John Norton,
i fold by William Sheares.

8. Do, William Shakespeare, 1639, John Norton, L. fold by Hugh Perry. Henry IV. Second Part, William Shakespeare,

1600, V. S. for Andrew Wise and William

1 D. 16co. Do.

XII. 1. Henry

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Pr. Henry V. 1600. Tho. Crede, for T. Millington,
) 2. Do, 1602, Thomas Creede, for Thomas
) . Pavier.
13. Do. 1658, for T. P.

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(1. Henry VI. William Shakespeare, 1600, Val.
J Simmes, for Tho. Millington.
2. D°. William Shakespeare, no Date, W. W.

for T. Millington.

11. Richard III. 1597, Valentine. Simmes, for

Andrew Wise.
1 2. Do. William Shakespeare, 1598, Thomas

... Creede, for Do.
| 3. D'. William Shakespeare, 1.602, Thomas

Creede, for Do.

14. D'. William Shakespeare, 1612, Thomas ... XV.

Creede, sold by Matthew Lawe.

| 5. Do. William Shakespeare, 1622, Thomas .. . Purfoot, 'sold by Do..

| 6. Do. William Shakespeare, 1629, John Nor

. ton, fold by Do.

7. Do. William Shakespeare, 1634, John Nors Il ton, XVI. Titus Andronicus, 1611, for Edward White,


ri. Troilus and Cresfida, William Shakespeare,
I 1609, G. Eld, for R. Bonian and H.
3 Whalley, with a Preface.
12. D'. 1609, for D'. ..

3. Do. no Date, Do.,..

( 1. Romeo and Juliet, 1997, John Danter.

2. Do, 1599, Tho.Crede, for Cuthbert Burley. 13. Do. 1609, for John Smethwicke. 4. Do, William Shakespeare, no Date, Joho

Smethwicke. 13. Do William Shakespeare, 1637, R. Young,

: fór Do.

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XIX. 1. Hamlet,

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(1. Hainlet, William Shakespeare, 1605, I. R.

for N. L. 12. D'. William Shakespeare, 1611, for John

) Smethwicke. XIX.

3. Do. William Shakespeare, no Date, W. S.

for Do. 4. Do. William Shakespeare, 1637, R. Young,

for D! (I. Othello, William Shakespeare, no Date, Tho

· mas Walkely. 2. D°. William Shakespeare, 1622, N. O. for

Thomas Walkely. XX.

3. Do. William Shakespeare, 1630, A. M, for

Richard Hawkins.. 4. Do. William Shakespeare, 1655, for William

. Leake. Of all the other Plays, the only authentick Edition is the Folio of 1623, from which the subsequent Folios Never vary but by Accident or Negligence.

FOLIO EDITIONS. I. Mr. William Shakespeare's Comedies, Histories, and Tragedies. Published according to the true original Copies. 1623. Fol. Isaac Jaggard and Ed. Blount. 11. Do. 1632. Fol. Tho. Cotes, for Rob. Allot. III. Do, 1664. Fol. for P.Č."

IV. Do. 1685. Fol, for H. Herringman, E. Brewster, and R. Bentley.

I. Shakespeare's Poems, 1609, 410. :
II. Do, no Date, 8vo. for Bernard Lintot.
III. Do. 1640. 8vo. Tho. Cotes, fold by John Benson.

IV. Paffionate Pilgrim, Poems by Do. 1599, 8vo. small, for W. Jaggard, sold by W. Leake.

V. Rape of Lucrece, a Poem, 1594, 4to. Richard Field, for John Harrison.

VI. Do. 1598, 8vo. P. S. for Do.
VII. Do. 1607, 8vo. N. 0. for Do.
VIII. Venus and Adonis, a Poem, 1620, 8vo. for J. P.


PLAYS ascribed to SHAKESPEARE, either by the

Editors of the Two later Folios, or by the Compilers of ancient Catalogues.

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1. Arraignment of Paris, 1584, Henry Marsh.

2. Birth of Merlin, 1662, Tho. Johnson, for Francis Kirk. man and Henry Marsh.

3. Edward III. 1596, for Cuthbert Burby. 2. 1599. Simon Stafford, for Do.

4. Fair Em *, 1631, for John Wright.
5. Locrine, 1595, Thomas Creede. :
6. London Prodigal, 1605.

7. Merry Devil of Edmonton, 1608, Henry Ballard, for Arthur Johoson. 2. 1617. G. Eld, for Do. 1626, A. M. for Francis Falkner. 4. 1631. T. P. for Do. 5. 1655, for W. Gilbertson.

8. Mucedorus, 1598, for William Jones. 2. 1610, for Do. 3: 1615. N. O. for Do. 4. 1639, for John Wright. 5. No Date, for Francis Coles. 6. •1668, E. O. for Do.

9. Pericles, 1609, for Henry Gosson. 2. 1619, for T. P. 3. 1630. J. N. for R. B. 4. 1635. Tho. Cotes,

10. Puritan, 1607,-G. Eld..
II. Sir John Oldcastle, 1600, for T. P.
12. Thomas Lord Cromwell, 1613. Tho. Snodham.

13. Two Noble Kinsmen, 1634, Tho. Cotes, for John Waterson.

14. Yorkshire Tragedy, 1619, for T: P,^;.

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Fair Em.

In Mr. Garrick's Collection, is a Volume, formerly belonging to King Charles I. which is lettered on the Back, SHAKESPEARE, Vol. 1. This Vol. consists of Three Plays, viz. Fair' Em, The Merry Devil, &c. and Mucedorus. There is no other Authority for ascribing Fair Em to our Author. STE E VENS.

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