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vice are found universally connected. still the field is too extensive to be Among them, there is no knowledge brought under cultivation without of God; no observance of religious many more agents. In the efforts worship; no marriage ; no morality; made by other religious bodies to and no solace of religion in life or increase the means of instruction in death. That portion of the yearly these important colonies, the Comamount of the subscriptions made mittee greatly rejoice; but they by the religious public for the sup- justly add, that united, and even port of the Wesleyan Missionary greatly enlarged, exertions will still Society, which has hitherto been leave an immense number of Neappropriated in aid of the West India groes, for many years, without the missions, being already very consi- ordinances, the light, the comfort, derable, cannot be much enlarged, and the control of our Divine reliowing to the pressing claims of the gion. They therefore lay this brief Society's numerous missions in Cey- statement before the religious publon and continental India, West lic generally, and particularly before and South Africa, New South Wales, those who are interested more imVan Dieman's Land, Tongataboo, mediately in the West Indies, wheNewfoundland, and other places. ther resident in Great Britain or in The Committee have at their disposal the colonies, and solicit their aid in for this work a considerable number this work of piety and charity; a of approved and zealous candidates work which for many years was for missionary labour, whom they carried on by the Society's Miscould employ in extending the be- sionaries, amidst much reproach nefits of religious instruction in the and opposition, which have, hówWest Indies, had they the means of ever, now greatly diminished, in meeting the expenses of their voy- consequence of the evidence which age, and that moderate allowance

on every side presents itself of the which is made for their support. effects resulting from their labours; The number of missionaries actually and a work in which many very vaemployed in the West Indies has luable lives have been sacrificed to of latě been increased by the aid excessive labours and pestilential afforded by the liberal subscriptions diseases; but which has amply remade to the fund by many benevo- paid the whole in the blessings it lent proprietors, who encourage, to has imparted, and the prospects it the utmost of their power, the moral has opened to religion and benevoimprovement of their people; but lence.


Rev. W. Fisher, Ilfracombe Prebend, Rev. L. A, Cliffe, Wilton juxta Taunin Salisbury Cathedral.

ton Perp. Cu. Rev. C. Atlay, St. George with St. Rey. Chas. Crook (rector of Bath), to Paul R. Stamford.

St. Mary Magdalen Chapelry, in Holloway, Rev. L. P. Baker, B. D. Impington V. and Mastership of the Hospital annexed. co. Cambridge.

Rev. T. F. Dibdin, Exning V. Suffolk. Rev. C. Beetham, Bunny V. Notts. Rev. G. Hole, Chulmleigh cum Dod

Rev. T. S. Biddulph, Brockley R. So- discomleigh R. Devon. merset.

Rev. Geo. Knight, Hagbourn V. Berks. Rev. Willoughby Brassey, Melcombe Rev. W. Knight, Stevington R. Hams. Regis Cur.

Rev. D. M'Cairy, Vig Church, co. Ross. Rev. A. Burnaby, Asfordby R. Lei- Rev. T. Musgrave (Lord Almoner's cestershire.

Professor of Arabic, and Fellow of TriRev. W. Clark, (Professor of Anatomy, nity College), Over V. co. Cambridge. and Fellow of Trinity college) Arrington Rev. T. B. Newell, Salpecton Perp, y. co. Cambridge.

Cur. co. Gloucester.

Rey. N. Orman, Great Barton R. Suffolk. Rev. W. Molineaux, Sheriff Hales V.

Rev. H. Pearce (late Conduct of King's Salop. Col. Cambridge), Hemingby R. co. Lincoln. Rev. Frederick Parry, Threapwood Per

Rev. W. S. Preston, Bowness R. co. petual Curacy, co. Flint. Cumberland.

Rev. Hen. Rycroft, Mumby V. co. Rev. James Scholefield St. Michael's Lincoln. Perp. Cur. Cambridge.

Rev. S. Farmer Sadler, Sutton-underRev. Thomas Vowler Short (Censor of Brailes R. co. Glouc. Christ Church, and Senior Proctor at Rev. John Symonds, Walcot R. Wilts. Oxford,) Stockleigh Pomeroy R. Devon. Rev. T. Vaughan, Billingsley R. Salop.

Rev. Wm. Slatter, Hethe R. Oxon. Rev. C. W. St. John Mildmay, HolyRev. E. Smyth, N. Elkington R. Line. well Perp. Cur. Oxford. Rev. Mr. Strong, elected Vicar of Pains- Rev. J. P. Wood, LL.B. Chaplain to wick, co. Glouc.

Duke of Sussex. Rev. G. D. Perkins, and Rev. Dr. Rev. Frederick Twisleton, S.C.L. ChapHatton, Chaplains to his Majesty. lain to Bp. Hereford.

Rev. H. B. W. Hillcoat, Chaplain to Rev. T. Bissland, Chaplain to Lord Duke of Sussex.

Bexley. Rev. George Hume, Domestic Chaplain Rev. H. V. Bayley (Sub-Dean of Linto the Marquis of Ailesbury.

coln) to be Archdeacon of Stowe. Rev. Thomas Wyatt, Domestic Chap- Rev. Mr. Troughton, Huntingdon Preb. lain to the Earl of Guilford.

Rev. Mr. Carr, Minor Canon in St. Rev. T. Beckley, Stratton All Saints R. George's Chapel, Windsor. Norfolk.

Rev, J. Curwen, Harrington, R. Cumb. Rev. H. J. Earle, High Ongar R. Essex. Rev. T. Frognall Dibdin, M. A. alternate Rev. M. H. Goodman, Bitton V. Glouc. Morning Preacher of Brompton Chapel. Rev. J. Hubbard, Horstead R. Sussex. Rev. H. Sanderson Fisher, Arkendale

Rev. G. P. Boileau Pollen, Little Book- Perp. Cur. co. York. ham R. Surrey.

Rev. F. Fleming, Lorton Per.Cur.Cumb. Rev. S. Sheen, Stanstead R. Suffolk. Rev. Peter Davy Foulkes, Abbotts Rev. C. L. Swainson, St. Mary, Edge- Bickington Perp. Cur. Devon. hill, Perp. Cur. Lancashire.

Rev. W. Godfrey, Ravenstone V.Bucks. Rev. Wm. Riland Bedford, Rector of Rev. C. Hall, Terrington R. Yorkshire. Sutton Coldfield, co. Warwick, one of the Rev. Mr. Lavie, Abdon R. Salop. Dom. Chaplains to the Marquis of Lothian. Rev. Robert Vanbrugh Law, Waverham

Rev. G. Glover, M. A. Archdeaconry V. Che:hire. of Sudbury:

Rev. George Orgil Leman, Stoven Perp. Rev. T. R. Bromfield, Gaia Major Pre- Cur. Norfolk. bend, Lichfield.

Rev. Mr. Sheppard, Eaton Constantine Rev. Edward Edwards, Leighton Broms- R. Salop. wold Prebend, Lincoln.

Rev. Peter Steeman, Whitechurch V. Rev.j T. Adin, Charlotte Town R. Devon. Prince Edward's Island, and Chaplain and Rev. Robert Stirling, Galston Church, Missionary.

in the shire of Ayr. Rev. James Baines, Warton V. Lancash. Rev. M. Townsend, Thornbury V. co. Rev. W. Barnes, Richmond R. York. Glouc. Rev. M. Barnett, Ludford Parva R. Rev. J. Vane, Worcester V. Shropshire. Lincoln.

Rev. Richard Wood, Askrigs Perp. Rev. F. Barrow, St. Mary V. Sandwich. Cur. Yorkshire.

Rev. Francis Bedford, South Ormsby Rev. Henry Wright, Maisemore Perp. R. with Ketsby, Calceby, and Driby an- Cur. co. Gloucester. nexed, co. Lincoln.

Rev. J. M. Wright, Tatham R.Lancast. Rev. P. Belcher, Heather R. Leicesters. Rev.G. Rolleston, Scampton Linc.

Hon. and Rev. W. Eden, one of the six Rev. M. West, Teffont Mevias R. Wilts. Preachers in Canterbury Cathedral.

Rev. J. Starr, North Tawton R. Devon. Rev. George Hutton Greenhill, Moul- Rev. T. Sworde, M. A. Bungay St. ton R. Suffolk.

Mary's Perp. Cur.; also Evening LecRev. Warwick Oben: Gurney, Ashton turer of that parish. Bottrel R. Salop.

Rev. E. Thackeray, Louth R. Ireland. Rev. H. Humphreys, Prince Harwell Rev. Z. S. Warren, Dorrington V. Linc. V. Berks.

Rev. G. D., Whitehead, Salixby V. Rev. W. Milton Hurlock, Hellington Lincoln. R. Norfolk.

Rev. E. Postle Colney R. Norfolk. Rev. Peter Johnson, B. D. Wittenham Rev. J. Powell (Head Master of MonEarls .V. Berks.

mouth Grammar School), Lecturer on Mr. Rev. Wyndham Knatchbull, B. D. Al. Jones's Foundation in that town. dington cum Smeeth R. Kent.

Rev. O. Raymond, Middleton R. Essex. Rev. G. Beckett, Epworth R. co. Linc. Rev. Jeremiah Smith, D. D. (High

Rev. Johu Law, B.D. Broadworthy V. Master of Manchester Grammar School) Devon.

St. Anne R. in that town.

Rev. S. Raymond, Flempton cum Hen- Rer. William Wood, Llanvihangel, grave R. Suffolk.

Heligon Living, co. Radnor. Rev. F. Rowden, B. D. Cuxham and Rev. George Greaves, Chaplain to the Ibstone RR. Oxon.

British Factory at Archangel. Rev. W. Read, Domestic Chaplain to Rev.J.Jones, Amlwch P. Cur. Anglesey. the Duke of Clarence.

Rev. John Edmund Jones, Chaplain to Rev. H. H. Mogg, Domestic Chaplain Baroness Dowager Lavington. to the Marquis of Aylesbury.

Rev. Mr. Burgh to be Dean of Cloyne. Rev. W. Pitman Jones, Domestic Chap- Rev. R. Hood to be Dean of Kilmaclain to Baroness Dowager Lavington. duagh.

Rev. A. Goode, jun., one of the Chap- Rev. W. Venables Vernon, M.A., (son lains of the Hon. East India Company on of the Apb. of York,) Canon Residenthe Bombay station.

tiary at York. Rev. W. Barnes, Chaplain to the Duke Rev. G. Wilkins, Normanton Prebend, of York.

in the Church of Southwell. Rev. T. Henshaw, Chaplain to Duke Rev. Archd. Wrangham, Ampleforth of Cambridge,

Prebend, at York. Rev. E. Nepean, Chaplain to Visc. St. Rev. T. Gaisford, Regins Professor of Vincent.

Greek, Caddington Major Prebend, St. Rev. G. Hodson, Chaplain to the Bishop Paul's. of Gloucester.

Rev. Henry Cotton, Killardry Prebend, Rev. W. Dewe, Chaplain to the Cam- at Cashel, with Vicarage thereof annexed. bridge; the Rev. T.Quarles, to the Sybille; Rev. Charles Phillips, B.D., Treasurer and the Rev. J. S. Cox, to the Spartiate. and Canon in Cathedral of St. David's.

Rev. J. Hallewell, Chaplain on the Rev. C. Alcock, Empshott R. Hants. Madras Establishment.

Rev. J. J. C. Adamson, St. Leonard's Rev. F. R. Broomfield, a Prebend in Parochial Chapelry, Padiham, Lancashire. Lichfield Cathedral.

Rev. W. Astley Browne Care, B.A., Rev. George May Coleridge, Whit- Flixton Perp. Cur. near Manchester. church Prebend, in Wells Cathedral. Rev. C. H. Cox, St. Mary Magdalen V.

Rev. M. Barnett, Ludford Parva R. Oxford. Lincolnshire.

Rev. T. F. Dil'in, R. New Church, Rev. C. Bridges, Old Newton V. Suffolk. Wyndham place, A arylebone.

Rev. W. Chambers, B.D., Ashbury V. Rev. J. R. Fisblake, Little Cheverel Berks.

R. Wilts. Rev. John Croker, Clonnelly Cloarca Rev. J. C. Franks, Huddersfield V. united Vicarages, Diocese of Limerick. Rev. Gatenby, Overton V. nearYork.

Rev. George Henry Curtois, South Rev. J. Gedge, Humberstone V. Line. Willingham R. Lincolnshire.

Rev. Mr. Haw ins, St. Mary V. Oxford. Rev. J. Davis, Chepstow V. co. Monm. Hon. and Rev. H. Hobart, D.D., (Dean

Rev. J. Earle, Watton Curacy, near of Windsor,) Fulmer V. Bucks. Driffield, co. York.

Rev. J. Holdern, Shaw Perp. Cur. Rev. M. Hogg, West Winch R. Norfolk. Rev. T. E. M. Holland, Stoke Bliss V.

Hon. and Rev. Henry-Edward J. How- Herefordshire. ard, Slingsby R. Yorkshire.

Rev. C. Hull, Terrington R. Yorkshire. Rev. W. Jones, Bedfont V. Middlesex. Rev. J. W. 'luntley, Clanfield V. Oxford. Rev. J. Marston, Stokesay V. Salop. Rev. J. Kiik, Barrie Church, co. Forfar. Rev. Mr. Mason, Skipsea V. co. York. Rev. Benj. Lefroy, Ashe R. Hants.

Rev. Josiah Pratt, B.D., St. Stephen, Rev. R. Leicester, Hurlington V. Bedi. Coleman street, V. London.

Rev. E. Şmi h, Stow Mary's R. Esser. Rev.G.Pyke, Wickhambrook V. Suffolk. Rev. J. G. Storie, Camberwell V Surrey. Rev. J. Richardson, Crambe V. and Rev. C. T. Longley, Cowley Cur. Oxon. Hulton Ambo Chapelry annexed, Yorksh. Rev. W. H. Neale, Chaplain to Gosport

Rev. Thos. Robinson, Milford with Bridewell. Hordle V. Hants.

Rev. T. Robinson, Milford V. Hants. Rev. Wm. Beauclerk Robinson, Lit- Rev. S. Payne, Ardagh Living, Fretand. lington R. Sussex.

Rev. J. M‘Shane, DunmanwayLiv. Ireld. Rev. Francis Rose, Woughton R. Bucks. Rev. J. Handcock, Tashinny Longford Rev. J. Sheepshanks to the endowed Living, Ireland. Chapel of Torquay, Devon.

Rev. R. D. Freeman, Ardnageehy Liv. Rev. T. R. Smith, Startforth V. Yorksh, Ireland.

Rev. R. Thomas, Hoenswell Perp. Cur. Rev.T.P. Lefanu, Abingdon R. Ireland. co. Lincoln.

Rev. R. St. Laurence, MirossLiv. Ireland. Rev. R. Uvedale, HogsthorpeV.Lincoln. Archd. St. Laurence, Ballivinny Liv.

Rev. Jonathan Williams, Rhyader Perp. Ireland. Cur. Radnor.

DISPENSATION. Rev. Jas. Wood, D.D., Freshwater R. Rev. G. Tuberville, to hold the R. of Isle of Wight.

Whichford, co. Warwick, rith Hanley Rev. W. H. Langley, WheatleyCar. Oxon. Castle.


&c. &c.

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ABIJAH, his Character

470 Cambridge ........ 55, 180, 385, 451, 807
Abyssinian Church

- Bible

693, 808
38 Caste in India

Admiration of God
434 Catechisms, Use and Abuse of

Africans (see Slavery, Slave Trade, &c.) Catholic, the Term improperly applied
capable of Improvement 629 to Papists

Christianized (see Sierra Leone, &c.) Cattle, Act against Cruelty to 452, 527
Colony of Freed
.......... 685 Cedars of Lebanon

African Institution
823 Canielion

America, North 18, 86, 151, 218, 283, 351 Charitable Societies ....... 318, 458, 733
South (see South America)

House, ..... 736
American Board of Missions

261 Charity, Encouragements and Discou-
Mission School

ragements of

465, 529
Anglo-American Church (see United States Child, Suliloquy of a

Episcopal Church)

Children Management of 309,541, 768, 769
Answers to Correspondents, 68, 132, 198,

of Religious Parents

264, 332, 400, 464, 528, 600, 668, China

... 195, 452, 590
740, 808 Chinese Scriptures


475 Christ, Characteristics of his Glory 741
Anti-Infidel Tracts


Benevolence and Condescens
-Slavery Society (see Slavery and Society) sion of ....

Antinomiavism, Progress of..

Humiliation of

-, why popular


proved to be the Messiah 145
Remedies against 726

Harbinger of bis Glory 745
Antioch described

610 Christianity, beneficial Effects of 85, 562
Earthquake at ..

56, 60

compared to Light
A pocalypse, the

confirmed by Opposition . 145
Arctic Voyage
.......... 254, 561, 730

Extension of

Articles, Thirty-nine

113, 230 Christian distinguished from Moralist .. 561
Asiatic Historians .................729

Observer, American Character
........... 318 of

...... 670, 674

· Remembrancer

Authorized Version of Scripture de- Church Building Commissioners.. 732

.... 278, 411 of England Articles (see Articles)
Austrian Censorship


Aspersions on

State of ..... 121
....... 164, 480, 671

Rome .. S1, 125, 135, 201, 597
Barbadocs, Outrage at.

835 Clergy are Conservators of Morals....722
Barley Wood

Duties of

... 112, 115

Education of

Benefits of Christianity

Evangelical ..

.882, 673
Benevolence (see Charity)

on Provision for the

Bible (sce Scriptures)

Poverty of the
Authorised Version of, defended 278, whether right to be Magistrates 92

411 Clergymen's Daughters, Schools for... 520
Discrepant Renderings of 534, 681 Clerical Provident Societies
Biblical Criticism

534, 681

Bishop's College, Calcutta
04 Cochin Jews

Bishops, Influence of
138 Comets

Buuk Sales ..... 386, 452, 588, 770) Communion with God.

Boyd, the Massacre of her Crew 225 Conditional Şalvation..

Brain, Experiments on....
254 Confirmation, Benefits of

British Museum

315, 800 Congregationalism (see Independency)
Congress at Verona

65, 824
64, 183, 380, 432, 818 Contentment


536 Controversy,Cautions in conducting 245, 274

5 U

.... 192

• 156


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... 386


Coronation Expenses


Coloured People, Grievances of Free (see Fossile Remains (see Mosaic Cosmogony)

also Slavery, &c.) ........ 688, 764 France 66, 125, 127, 193, 261, 589, 591,
Covenanters, Spirit of the


597, 663, 737, 801, 824
Creation (see Mosaic Cosmogony)

Free Labour
Criminal Laws......

399 French Clergy
Cromwell's Army.......

786 Future Judgment (see Day of Judgment)
Cross, planting of the



.. 729

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.... 418

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Dairyman's Daughter ...,
284 Game Laws ...

752 Gas Lights

David's Conduct at Adullam
250 Gases liquified

Day, meaning of the Term in Scripture 421 Gaza

(see also Mosaic Cosmogony)

Geodesic Operations

of Judgment

557, 566 Geology (see Mosaic Cosinogony)
Deacons, on their officiating
683 German Schools

Dead Sea ...

77, 751

598, 729, 844
Death, when introduced


Glasgow, Pauperism diminished in 638
--, wby terrible


Glay School Institution
Deceitfulness of the Human Heart 377 God, a Father ....
Decision in Religion

102 Communion with
Declaration prefixed to Thirty-uine Ar-

Forbearance of


114 Justice of
Delaware Indians

Power of

Demerara, Disturbances in. 663, 833

speaks to Man


511, 594
Law of

Depravity of Man ...

160, 537
tender Mercy of

Desiderata, C. Mather's.

.:. 359
Unchangeableness of

Devil.(sve Satan)

Good Men, Sins of.
Discouragements to Charity 465, 629 Gospel Advocate

Diving Bell..


(see Christianity)
Dort, Synod of

103 Gratitude to God

........ 119 Great Britain--Public Affairs 67, 130, 180,
Duties to God


195, 262, 328, 398, 463, 587, 605,

738, 807
Picture of

... 589
Earnestness in Religion . ... 380 Greece and Greeks 67, 129, 262, 461, 463,
Earthquake in Syria ...
56, 60

527, 807
Ecclesiastical Patronage

121 Greek Church .............. 51, 63, 203
Preferments 68, 263, 332, 464,

. Testament vindicated

Edinburgh Review ....

24 Heathens, Conduct towards .... 224, 561
Education... 289, 304, 317, 318, 425, 588 Heathenism, Iınmorality of....... 316
Benefits of
28 Heaven, Blessedness of

in Germany

259 Hell (sec Day of Judgment)
Progress of 189, 457, 450, 511 Herculaneun

521, 838, 811 Hieroglyphics
in Sonth America
590 Hindoo Immorality


189, 391, 814

Election (see Predestination)

Castes .............

Emancipation of Slaves (see Slavery and Chronology


Emmaus, Journey to

... 755

Encouragement to Charity .... 465, 529 Literary Society

Episcopal Church in America (see United Holiness


Holy Alliance

65, 67, 130

731 Honesty

624 Hope
Ethiopic MSS.

Human Depravity

• 160, $37
Evangelical Ministers defined


Life (see Life)
defended .682, 673 Responsibility..

Evening Hymh, Bishop Kenn's ...... 498 Humility characteristic of a Christian.. 238

Hymn, Bishop Heber's


... 11, 15, 82 Kenn's Morning and Evening.. 488
Nature of

Family Sermons 13, 81, 147, 211, 474, 343, Independents .... ..... 782, 795

413, 470, 537, 610, 677,755 India 119, 182, 255, 316, 319, 386, 388,
Fashionable Education

Field Officer's Tour in India .... 475, 516 Infallibility, Papal

511, 524, 655, 731, 735, 804, 816

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• 451

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