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Grace of Jesus Christ had joyn’d to his Illustrious Birth a more solid Piety; and that Piety was truly according

to Knowledg, since it was illuminated by that Divine Light which he had drawn from the holy Scriptures, the Councils and Fathers. The Example of his Life and the Remembrance of his Virtues, ought to induce not only the Great of the world, but likewise those who are below their condition, to follow the same Maxims which this Prince prescribed himself for his own Conduět. It is therefore our opinion that this Treatise is not only conformable to the Rules of the Catholick and Apoftolick Church, but that it will be so much the more useful, that it teaches a most pure and most holy Morality, which may serve for the In. struction of all sorts of Perfons.

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The Approbation of Monsieur le Tel.

lier, Doctor in Theology of the Fa.
culty of Paris, of the House and
Society of Sorbon, Abbot of St.
Benigne de Dijon, and Grand
Master of the Chappel Royal, G.

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Have read and examin'd the Book

entitled, The Duties of the Great composed by the late Prince of Conti, The Illustrious Birth and the extraordi, nary Merit of that Great Prince, places this Book above all the Elogies that I couid give it. It is most conformable to the Rules of the Holy Apoftolick Catholick Religion, and may lerve for the Instruction of the Faithful of all Ranks. In Testimony whereof, I have signed this present Approbation, at Paris, the 3d of September 1666.

Le Tellier,


1o.q ., Tract VII.

Decrées of the Councils concerning Playis

ånd Publick Shews, with a Preface.

S p. 1

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The Sentiments of the Fathers, rela

ting to Plays and Publick Shews, with a Preface. Collected by the Prince.


p. 1

:: Tract IX, The Opinion of St. Francis de Sales

concerning Balls, Plays, Games, &c. with Remarks upon it. ' B b. p. 1

Tract X. A Discourse of Christian Perfection, I written to a Person of great Note. By the Archbishop of Cambray.

Cc. p. 1


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