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31739 CLARKE (Rob.) Sierra Leone; the manners and customs of the liberated Africans, the Natural History of the Colony, etc. 8vo. map, cloth, 58

1843 31740 DEMANET (Abbé) Nouvelle Histoire de l'Afrique Françoise, 2 vols. 12mo. maps, calf neat, 4s

Paris, 1767 31741 DUPUIS (J.) Journal of a Residence in Ashantee, with notes on the Gold Coast, 4to. map and numerous curious plates, bds. 10s; or, hf. calf, 12s


31742 GOLDEN COAST (the) or a description of Guinney, its commodities, traffick, people, etc. sm. 4to. hf. bd. 25s


31743 GURLEY (R. R.) Life of Jehudi Ashmun, late Colonial Agent in Liberia, 8vo. portrait, cioth, 3s 6d Washington, 1835

31744 HUTTON (Wm.) Voyage to Africa (Ashantee, etc.) 8vo. maps and coloured plates of the natives, bds. 5s

1821 31745 LETTER to King George from the King of Dauhomay and Emperor of Paupau, who lately conquered Ardah and Whidah, with Lambe's Scheme for Trade, folio, sd. 3s 6d

1731 31746 LOYER (Pere Godefroy) Voyage du Royaume d'Issyny, Côte d'Or, Pais de Guinée en Afrique, plates, veau fauve, gilt edges, by Bozerian Jeune, from the Beckford library, Hamilton Palace, £2.

Paris, 1774 31747 MÜLLER (Wilh. Joh.) die Africanische Landschafft Fetu; worinnen viele merckwürdige Seltzamkeiten von Menschen, Thieren, Bäumen, Gewächsen... beschrieben, 12mo. plates, with a curious bookplate of J. B. Nack, 1759, hf. bd. 15s Nürnberg, 1675 At the end is " Vocabula, oder Nenn-Wörter welcher sich die Fetuischen in ihrer Sprache gebrauchen."

31748 RIBEIRO (M. F.) A Provincia de S. Thomé e Principe, e suas dependencias, ou a salubridade e insalubridade relativa das provincias do Brazil, etc. stout 8vo. map of the Guinea coast, and plates, sd. 148 Lisboa, 1877

31749 RAFFENEL (A.) Voyage dans l'Afrique Occidentale, 1843-44, 8vo. with impl. 4to. Atlas, containing 2 maps of the Gambia and Senegal, and 11 plates of natives, showing costume, etc. in colours, half brown morocco gilt, £2. 2s

Paris, 1846

31750 ROBERTS (Capt. George) Four Years' Voyages, uncommon events which befell him . . . the hardships he endured, 8vo. map of the Cape Verde islands, calf, 158 1726

6. Equatorial Africa,

from Somali land to the mouth of the Congo, including the Lake Region.

31751 BAKER (Samuel W.) the Albert N'Yanza, Great Basin of the Nile, and explorations of the Nile sources, 2 vols. 8vo. portraits, map and woodcuts (published at 28s), cloth, 15s


31752 BEKE (C. T.) Sources of the Nile, with a History of Nilotic Discovery, 8vo. 6 maps, hf. calf, 4s 6d


1860 on the Source of the Nile, 4 tracts, and 1 by Gliddon on the Nile, 8vo. 2s 1848-64 31753 BURTON'S (R. F.) Lake Regions of Central Africa, 2 vols. 8vo. map and coloured plates, cloth, 20s


1860 the Lands of Cazembe Lacerda's Journey to Cazembe in 1798, translated and annotated; Journey of the Pombeiros, P. J. Baptista, and Amaro José, across Africa from Angola to the Tette on the Zambeze, etc. 8vo. map, cloth, 3s 6d 1873

31755 CAMERON (Verney Lovett) Across Africa, 2 vols. 8vo. map, fuc similes, and many woodcuts (published at 32s), cloth, 15s 1877 31756 GUILLAIN (M.) Documents sur l'Histoire, la Géographie et le Commerce de l'Afrique Orientale, 3 vols. 8vo. with roy. folio Atlas of 54 maps, plans, views, and plates of Natives, shewing the different types, their costume, etc. half morocco gilt, £2. 10s

Paris, 1856-7

Vol. I, Diverses notions acquises sur l'Afrique Orientale; Vols. II and III, Voyage d'exploration de la cote orientale d'Afrique, 1846-8. 31757 LIVINGSTON, Missionary Travels and Researches in South Africa, thick 8vo. portrait, map, and numerous illustrations, cloth, 7s

1857 31758 LIVINGSTONE (D. and C.) Expedition to the Zambesi and its tributaries, discovery of the Lakes Shirwa and Nyassa, 1858-64, thick 8vo. map and woodcuts, cloth, 8s


31759 LACERDA (Jose de) Exame de Viagens do Doutor Livingstone, thick 8vo. 7 large maps, including facsimiles in colours of early maps, hf. bd. 10s Lisboa, 1867 31760 MEROLLA. Relatione del Viaggio nel Regno di Congo nell'Africa Meridionale fatto dal P. Girolamo Merolla . . . scritto. . . dal P. Angelo Piccardo, 12mo. numerous plates of the Natives, their Manners and Customs, and of Natural History, and including a curious plate of a Mermaid, old gilt calf, rare, £3. 3s Napoli, 1692 31761 RAVENSTEIN (E. G.) Map of Eastern Equatorial Africa, between 10° N. and 20° S. and East of Long. 25, publ. under the authority of the R. Geographical Society, in twenty-five large sheets, 27 inches square, 258


RAVENSTEIN'S MAP OF AFRICA.-At length we have the second part of the great map of Eastern Equatorial_Africa, which Mr. Ravenstein is compiling for the Geographical Society. The part contains six sheets-12 to 18. with the exception of 15-and includes one of the most interesting regions of the continent, that around Lakes Tanganyika, Mwutan Nzige, and Victoria Nyanza, and down to the coast at Zanzibar. It embraces much of the upper and middle course of the Lualaba, and the country to the north and northeast of Lake Nyassa. The map is really a compendium of the results of African exploration for the region which it covers; the information which it gives as to the routes of explorers and the various results that they have obtained is probably more detailed than will be found in any treatise on African geography. It is impossible to speak too highly of the way in which Mr. Ravenstein has done his work.

31762 SANTAREM, Statement of the right of Portugal to Molembo, Cabinda, and Ambriz, on W. Coast of Africa, between 5 and 8 degrees of S. Lat.-the same in French and Portuguese-Sa da Bandeira, Droits de Portugal sur Molembo, etc. 5 maps -the same in Portuguese-Saldanha da Gama, as Colonias Portugal na Costa Occidental d'Africa-6 vols. in 1, 8vo. hf. morocco, 20s 1839-56 31763 SCHÖN AND CROWTHER, Journals of the Expedition up the Niger, 8vo. map, cloth, 3s 6d

1842 31764 SPEKE (J. H.) Journal of the Discovery of the Source of the Nile, large 8vo. portrait, maps and woodcuts, cloth, 78 6d



What led to the Discovery of the Source of the Nile (Journal of Adventures in Somali Land; and of a Cruise on the Tanganyika Lake), 8vo. front. hf. calf, 5s


31766 TUCKEY'S Expedition to explore the River Zaire, usually called the Congo, in South Africa, in 1816, 4to. map and numerous plates, some of Natural History, sd. 30s

31767 31768

the same, 4to. whole russia extra, 24s

[blocks in formation]




7. Southern Africa,

from Angola and Mozambique to
the Cape of Good Hope.

31769 BARROW (John) Travels into the interior of Southern Africa, 1797-98, including observations on the geology, natural history, the various tribes, etc. 4to. large map, bds. 12s


31770 BOTELHO (Seb. Xavier) Memoria estadistica sobre os Dominios Portuguezes na Africa Oriental, 8vo. 6 maps and plans, hf. bd.

10s Lisboa, 1835 31771 BUNBURY (C. J. F.) Journal of a Residence at the Cape of Good Hope with excursions, into the interior and notes on the Natural History and the Native Tribes, sm. 8vo. woodcuts, cloth, 58 1848 31772 BURCHELL (W. J.) Travels in the Interior of Southern Africa, 2 vols. 4to. maps, numerous COLOURED PLATES and many woodcuts, bls. 36s 1822-24

31773 CAPE MONTHLY MAGAZINE, Vols. I-XI (without Vol. VII; VIII pts. 1, 2, 3; IX pt. 1; XI pts. 1, 3), 8vo. portraits and Views, six vols. hf. calf neat, the rest in parts, £4. Cape Town, 1857-62 Including papers on the languages and ethnography of the aborigines of South Africa. Added are two parts (49 and 65) of the New Series, 1874-75. 31773* CAVAZZI (Gio. Antonio) Istorica Descrizione de' tre Regni Congo, Matamba et Angola, folio, map and plates, fine copy in old cali,


Rare. Mr. Beckford's copy sold for £3.

Bologna, 1687

31774 DURAN (ANTONIO) Soldado Antiguo de la India. CERCOS DE MOÇAMBIQUE, defendidos por Don Estevan de Atayde, Capitan General, y Governador de aquella plaça, sm. 4to. vellum, £3. 38 1633

A VERY RARE BOOK ON THE SIEGE OF MOZAMBIQUE in 1608, not in Salva, Leclerc, Brunet, or the Ramirez and Fischer collections. It is dedicated to the "Conde de Olivares Gran Canciller de Indias."

The above copy fetched £6. 6s at the Sunderland Sale, and then passed into the possession of the late Mr. Burnell.

31775 FRITZSCH (Dr. Gustav) Drei Jahre in Süd-Afrika, 8vo. numerous views, coloured and plain, and woodcuts of the Fauna, Flora, and Natives, cloth gilt, 14s


Breslau, 1868 31776 GARDINER (Capt. Allen F.) Journey to the Zoolu Country, 8vo. maps and many plates, cloth, 68 31776* GREVENBROECKIUS (N. N.) Gentis Africanæ, circa Promontorium Capitis Bone Spei vulgò Hottentotten nuncupatæ descriptio epistolaris anno 1695, sm. 4to. UNPUBLISHED AUTOGRAPH MANUSCRIPT, clearly written on 62 11. vellum, from the Sunderland library, £3. 33

31777 HARRIS (Capt. W. C.) Portraits of the Game and Wild Animals of South Africa, impl. folio, 30 fine coloured lithographs (pub. £10. 10s), hf. red morocco gilt, gilt edges, £5.


The present copy is in the earliest state in the later issue the vignettes representing the heads, horns, and skins of animals were omitted.

31778 KOLBE (Peter) Beschryving van de Kaap de Goede Hoop, 2 vols. folio, numerous plates of the Manners and Customs of the Hottentots, hf. calf, 36s Amst. 1727 31779 LINDLEY (Capt. Aug. F.) Adamantia; the truth about the South African Diamond Fields, vindication of the right of the Orange Free State to that territory, etc. 8vo. front, and plans, cloth, 78 1873 31780 LOURENÇO MARQUES. Question entre le Portugal et la GrandeBretagne soumise a l'arbitrage du Président de la République Française (2 mémoires), Portugais et Français, 2 vols. folio, maps, sd. 10s Lisboa, 1873-74 31781 SHOOTER (Rev. J.) the Kafirs of Natal and the Zulu Country, 8vo. front. and woodcuts, cloth, 30s 1857 31782 SMITH (Andrew) Illustrations of the ZOOLOGY of South Africa, in 4 vols. impl. 4to. 278 finely COLOURED PLATES, some slightly foxed, with text (pub. at £18.), green morocco extra, gilt edges, £5. 1838-1849

CONTENTS:-Mammalia, 52 plates—Aves, 113 plates-Reptilia, 78 plates --Pisces, 31 plates-Invertebrata, 4 plates-total, 278 plates.

31783 STEEDMAN (Andrew) Wanderings and Adventures in the interior of Southern Africa, 2 vols. 8vo. map, plates of Native Tribes and the Wild Animals, cloth, 10s


Including much that is interesting to sportsmen and naturalists. 31784 THOMPSON (George) Travels in Southern Africa, present state of Cape Colony, etc. 4to, map, plans, plates, and cuts, bds. 20s

31785 TRIMEN (R.) Rhopalocera Africa Australis; a Catalogue of South African Butterflies, 8vo. 6 coloured plates, hf. green morocco, gilt tops, 35s Cape Town, 1862-66 31786 WAHLBERG (J. A.) Insecta Caffraria annis 1838-5 collecta, descripsit C. H. Boheman: Coleoptera, 2 vols. 8vo. 3 plates, hf. calf, 30s Holmiæ, 1848-57

8. Madagascar.

31787 BOISDUVAL, Lépidoptères de Madagascar Bourbon et Maurice, royal 8vo. 16 coloured plates, sd. 10s

1833 31788 (CARPEAU DU SAUSSAY) Voyage de Madagascar, 12mo. front. map and plates, old calf gilt, 30s Amst. 1722 31789 ELLIS (Rev. Wm.) Three Visits to Madagascar, 1853-56, with notices of the Natural History, 8vo. map and 25 illustrations of the Natives, the Flora and Fauna, Views, etc. cloth, 108 1858 31790 the same, 8vo. calf neat, 12s; or, calf extra, gilt edges, 1858 31791 FLACOURT (E. de) Histoire de la Grand Isle Madagascar; avec une relation de ce qui s'est passé depuis l'an 1642 jusques en 1657 sm. 4to. maps and plates, calf or vellum, £2. Paris, P. Bien-fait, 1661 31792 HAMOND (W.) Paradox proving the Inhabitants of Madagascar the happiest in the World, with a true description of that Island, sm. 4to. very large copy, some leaves uncut, hf. cf. 328




31793 ROCHON (Abbé) Voyage to Madagascar and the East Indies, with a memoir on the Chinese Trade, 8vo. 475 pp. map of Madagascar, russia extra, 20s 31794 RICHARDSON (Rev. J.) Lights and Shadows; chequered experiences among some heathen tribes of Madagascar, 8vo. with MS. corrections by the author, map and plate, sd. 10s

Imarivolanitra, 1877

31795 Australia. ALMANAC (The Monthly) and Illustrated Commentator, Nos. 1-6, 8vo. one leaf defective, Comic Political Cartoons and woodcuts, with 7 duplicate Cartoons, and 2 additional lithographed Views of ADELAIDE (in duplicate), sd. EXTREMELY RARE, £2.168 ADELAIDE, Febr.-July, 1850 An early Australian Comic Paper.


31796 Assyria: LAYARD'S Monuments of Nineveh, BOTH SERIES, impl. folio, 171 plates, some coloured, in portfolios, £9. 1849-53 the same, 2 vols. LARGE PAPER, atlas folio, 171 plates, hf. bd. £12. 1849-53 31798 India. Moor's Hindu Pantheon, roy. 4to. frontispiece and 105 plates, old calf, £3. 16s


31799 WILLIAMSON'S (T.) Wild Sports of the East, oblong roy. folio, frontispiece and 40 coloured plates, after W. Howitt, hf. bd.

£10, 10s


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