Rewriting Indian History

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India Research, 2003 - History - 160 pages
In this examination of Indian history, the case is made that India's greatness is not only a lingering memory of the pre-Muslim conquest golden age, but has never diminished and continues today. Evidence for the argument includes recent archaeological research, linguistic discoveries, and new satellite imagery. The political, spiritual, cultural, and social importance of India is affirmed, throughout its history and into the future.

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This book is absolute nonsense. It was probably written by some starry-eyed nationalist sycophant, and his writing reeks of a vindictive and intolerant tone toward Marxist historians, and the writer seems to be insecure about his views, so he overly concerned to rebut the Marxist point of view, instead of making his own point. Often these 'rebuttals' are nothing but familiar rhetoric and clever wordplay, and his amateur writing style makes itself apparent to even the most obtuse of readers. A very unprofessional work. Read it only at gunpoint. 

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This book, "Rewriting Indian History" by Francois Gautier, has become one of my top 5 favorite books.
This is the must-read book for every Indian, who
has grown up reading Indian history which had been distorted by Britishers and Marxists.
This light- weight book, with not more than 160 pages, has clearly explained how christian missionaries and Marxists had twisted the facts in Indian History in order to mislead the people of India, how Islamic forces invaded India and destroyed the ancient Indian culture and how, last but not the least, subsequent generations in India followed it blindly.
There are no long and boring chapters, in fact every chapter is short and very informative.
About the Author:
Francois Gautier, born in Paris 1950, is a journalist and writer. For fifteen years, he was the political correspondent in south Asia for "Le Journal De Geneve" and subsequently represented "Le Figaro" France largest circulation Paper.

About the author (2003)

François Gautier is a journalist and former political correspondent in South Asia for Le Journal De Geneve and Le Figaro, France's largest circulation newspaper. He is the author of Arise O India, A Western Journalist on India, The Guru of Joy, and India's Self Denial.

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