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the English, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, German, and occasionally Dutch, Polish, Russian, and other languages. And the better to enable the Tyro in Bibliography to form some idea of the market value of different Editions, the prices they have obtained at the Sales of celebrated Collectors have been carefully noticed, and in many instances the present prices. From the alteration of the plan intended to have been pursued at the commencement of the Work, which alteration has been influenced solely by the wish to increase its utility, the account of the first five Authors will be found to be less complete than it would otherwise have been; while from the length of time* during which the book

*This Work was put to press early in 1823, within which year the first volume was printed and the whole of my MS. completed, which has since that period, with the exception of a few alterations and additions, remained untouched :—had the Work been published in 1824, as I desired, I might as a MINOR have had some claim on the indulgence of the Public.-I take this opportunity of returning my thanks to my (London) Printer. for his anxious solicitude in expediting the completion of this Work.

has been creeping through the press, it is feared that a few of the more recent Editions printed abroad may have been omitted. Among the works which are considered by some as forming a part of a Classical Library the Writers on the Sciences and Authors of Works of Romance are generally found; but of these no notice has been taken, as they scarcely seem to belong to that Class of elegant Literature to which these Volumes are especially devoted.

"Adspiret primo Fortuna labori."




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CL. ÆLIANI, Sen. (TACTICA) A.C. circa 240.

ROME. 4to. 1487.

A Theodoro Thessalonicense Latinum factum, et Antonio Panormita Alphonsi Regis Præceptori dicatum. Printed by Eucharius Silber, alias Franck. First Latin edition.' This edition is in great request, and contains many authors who have written on military tactics, which were separately printed same year. These authors are Frontinus, Vegetius, and Modestus. De Bure, No. 2139. At the Duke de la Vallière's sale, a copy of these authors sold for £25. Os. 2d.; at the Pinelli sale, without Modestus, £41. 5s. 2d. See Dibdin's Introduction, v. i. p. 121. Brunet, t. iii. p. 398.

BONON. fol. 1496. Latinè. Ex recens. Phil. Beroaldi.

This edition contains Frontinus, Vegetius, and Modestus. At the Pinelli sale, a copy, bound in red morocco, sold for £3. 6s. 8d. See Brunet, t. iii. p. 398.

COLONIE. 8vo. 1524. Latinè.

VENET. 4to. 1552. Græcè.

'First edition of the Greek text.'

First edition, and rather

rare. Brunet. A copy at the Pinelli sale brought 9s. 2d.; at Dr. Askew's, 10s. 6d. There is a £1. 15s.

copy in the Bodleian.

Lugd. 4to. 1613. Gr. et Lat. cum notis et animadvers. Joan. Theursii et Sixti Arcerii.

'Edit. opt. et liber rarus.' Harwood. Cette édition est rare.' Dict. Univ. Hist. Crit. et Bibliogr. t. i. p. 100. See Bibl. Askev. No. 649.; Revickzk. p. 64. 5s.

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English Version.

LOND. fol. 1616. Part I. translated by Bingham. 9s. 6d. Part II. Lond. fol. 1631. 15s.

French Versions.

PARIS. fol. 1615. trad. par Louis de Machault.

PARIS. 12mo. 1757. avec des notes, par Bouchand de Bussy. 2 vols. 16s.

German Versions.

MANHEIM. 4to. 1786.

Under the title of Claudius Ælian, on the orders of battle. I suspect the Dict. Univ. Hist. Crit. et Bibl. (t. i. p. 100.) of having confounded this edition with the following; for though they are dated differently, I think they are one and the same edition, but I never have been able to procure a sight of it. MANHEIM. 4to. 1796.

Tactici Graeci. Vollständige Sammlung aller Kriegsschriftsteller der Griechen, sowohl stratigischen als taktischen Inhalts; aus dem Griechischen übersetze, und mit Anmerkungen erläutert von A. H. Baumgärtner. Fine paper, 6s. 3d. This volume contains Onosander, and Ælian's treatise on the order of battle. They were not printed at the same time. Schoell, Répertoire, t. ii. p. 626.

FIRENZE. 8vo. 1552.

Italian Versions.

Polibio del modo d'accampare, tradotto dal Greco per Filippo Strozzi; della castramentazione di Bartolommeo cavalcanti; comparazione dell' armatura, e dell' ordinarza de' Romani, e de' Macedoni di Polibio tradotto dal medesimo; scelta degli Apotegmi di Plutarco, tradotti per M. Filippo Strozzi; Eliano de' Nomi, e degli Ordini Militari, tradotto dal greco per Lelio Carani; Frammenti de' Nomi Militari di Leone Imperatore, tradotti di greco per il Carani. Beautiful edition. Haym. v. i. p. 20 and 21.

VENEZ. 8vo. 1551, e 1552, tradotto dal greco per Francesco Ferrosi.

It was not my intention to insert this author's treatise, but considering that some persons may disagree with me as to the correctness of assigning it to another Ælian, I have therefore introduced it.

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