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141. j. 317


This work is termed an Abridgments but it is in fact the Original Commentary with a few omissions. These omissions, it is hoped, will not detract from the value of the Book; indeed the editor trusts that they will increase its usefulness, by rendering it less voluminous and consequently more accessible. The style has been seldom altered, the sentiments never; so that the reader of these pages may be satisfied, that he has always before him the real opinions of the author expressed generally in his own language.

This Commentary cannot require from its present editor any commendation. He is ready to confess that he once thought the very exalted praise bestowed on it by others somewhat more than it could justly claim : he is now better acquainted with its excellencies, and will venture to assert that there is but one book better cal. culated to be the constant companion of the Christian, and that is a book written, not by the pen of man, but by the Spirit of God.

High Wycombe,

July 13, 1821.

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