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mercy unmerited, pardon unfolicited, a full and free remiffion of all your fins. "I have blot

ted out thine iniquities as a cloud, and as a "thick cloud thy fins: return unto me, for "I have redeemed thee?" Receive this teftimony, and "fet to your feal that God is true."

Think not to do injury to the grace of God, by weaving a felf-righteous cobweb, and refusing to believe, till you have laid down fome rules of a new life, and effected fome partial reformation, as if you would first fave yourfelves, that you may be fit for falvation by Chrift. Thefe hopes will foon be dashed in pieces. Faith in the imputed righteousness of Chrift is the finner's only plea. The more vile you are in your own apprehenfion, the more need you have "to "put on Chrift." The fubfequent change of heart and practice must be the effect of his power, is a part of his purchase, and ought to be received as his gracious gift. And I will venture to foretel, that you will make the greater progrefs in true holiness, the lefs you are difposed to boast of, or to truft in it.

This, I apprehend, is the gofpel itself, ftiled in fcripture with the higheft propriety, the "gospel of ❝ the grace of God." Chrift came "not to call "the righteous, but finners to repentance." If you will rely on him for falvation, he will shed abroad


abroad the love of God in your hearts by the Holy Ghoft, which will be a powerful and operative principle of new obedience.. I befeech you therefore, in the most earnest manner, not to reject the counsel of God against yourselves.. Nothing can be more liberal, or more gracious, than the offer of the gofpel: "I will give, to "him that is athirst of the fountain of the wa

ter of life freely." There is no fin of fo deep a dye, or fo infectious a stain, but the blood of Chrift is fufficient to wash it out. There is not any flave of Satan fo loaded with chains, but he is able to fet him free. If you perifh, it is of yourfelves. I have given you. warning, from a fincere and ardent concern for your everlasting intereft; and may God himself, for Chrift's fake, by his Holy Spirit, effectually perfuade you to comply with it.


in the Poultry, London.

(Recommended by the Rev. Dr. John Gill, Dr. Walker, Dr. King, Mr. Hall, Mr. Brine, Mr. Gibbons, and by the late Rev. Mr. James Hervey, in his Theron and Afpafio, Vol. II. p. 366.)


1. HE Oeconomy of the Covenants between God and Man: Comprehending a Complete Body of Divinity. By Herman Withius, D. D. Profeffor of Divinity in the Universities of Leyden, &c. Faithfully tranflated from the Latin, and carefully revifed by William Crookshank, D. D. In Three Volumes Octavo, Price

bound 15 s.

Extract of a Letter from a Clergyman in the Country to the Publisher.

"The Sale of Witfius's Oeconomy of "the Covenants increases among my Friends. "The Tranflation is very juft; and the Excellency of the Work merits

a Place "in every Christian's Library. I shall do my "utmost to recommend it at all Times, and up"on all proper Occafions. No pious Perfon on "Earth can forbear reading this Book without "Wonder, Rapture and Devotion; it exceeds


all Commendation, Hervey might well fay, "I would not fcruple to risk all my Reputation upon the Merits of this Performance. For my own part, I am not ashamed nor afraid of "any Scorn and Ridicule that may be poured "on me from any Quarter, whilft I conftantly aver, that the Work has not its equal in the **World."

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2. The

BOOKS Published by E. and C. DILLY.

2. The Works of the Rev. Thomas Jones, M. A. late Chaplain of St. Saviour, Southwark: With a fhort Account of his Life, in a Recommendatory Preface, by the Rev. William Romaine, M. A. The Second Edition, Price few'd 4 s. or bound in Calf 5 s.

3. Evangelical Principles and Practice: Being Fourteen Sermons, preached in the Parish Church of St. Mary Magdalen in Oxford. By the Rev. Thomas Haweis. The Second Edition. Price few'd 4 s. or bound in Calf 5 s.

4. The Communicant's Spiritual Companion; or, An Evangelical Preparation for the Lord's Supper: In which, 1. The Nature of the Ordinance is fhewn. 2. The Way of approaching thereto defcribed. 3. The dangerous Tendency of Weeks Preparations fet forth.-The careless Sinner is here admonished. The Formalist detected and reproved. The Feeble-minded comforted. The Doubting relieved. The Sincere affifted, and the Faithful confirmed. With Meditations and Helps fuitable to the Subject. By the Rev. Thomas Haweis, late of MagdalenHall, Oxford, and Chaplain to the Right Hon. the Earl of Peterborow. The Third Edition. Price bound 1 s. 6 d.

5. The Duty of a Real Chriftian, both in Faith and Practice, upon Gofpel Principles; for promoting a Devout and Holy Life; in a new and eafy Method, adapted to all Capacities. Neceffary for all Families. Price bound 3s.

A handfome Allowance will be made to those who give them away.

6. A Collection of Pfalm and Hymn Tunes, for the Ufe of the Lock Hofpital. In two Parts, Price 2 s. each.

7. An

7. An Expofition of the Old and New Teftament: Wherein each Chapter is fummed up in its Contents; the facred Text inferted, at large in diftin Paragraphs; each Paragraph reduced to its proper Heads; the Senfe given, and largely illuftrated. With practical Remarks and Obfervations. By Matthew Henry. The fifth Edition. In five large Volumes Folio. Price bound in Calf and letter'd 71.

8. A Practical Expofition of the New Teftament, in the Form of a Paraphrase: With occafional Notes in their proper Places, for further Explication; and ferious Recollections at the Clofe of every Chapter. For the Ufc of the Family and Clofet. By John Guyfe, D. D. In • Three Volumes Quarto, Price bound 21. 10 S.

9. A New Edition (being the Fourth) of the Rev, Mr. Ebenezer and Ralph Erfkine's Sermons, from various important Subjects, and on divers Occafions. In 3 vol. 8vo. Price bound 15 s.

Univerfal Satisfaction has been given to experienced Chriftians of all Denominations, by the Perufal of thefe Authors; particularly the Rev. Mr. Hervey, fee his Theron and Aspasio, Vol. iii. p. 358:

10. A Full and Complete Anfwer to the capital Errors contained in the Writings of the late Rev. William Law, M. A. In a Letter to a Friend. To which are prefixed, Some Cautions to the Readers of Mr. Law's Works. With a Preface by the Rev. Mr. Madan. Price 3 s.

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