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Literary and Political Notices which occur in the world.

Say ye to the daughter of Sion, behold thy salvation cometh.




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Religtøtts i iscellany.

“Say ye to the daughter of Zion, behold, thy salvation cometh."


No. 1.

Vol. I.

him with hope.

ber and success of those institutions, INTRODUCTION.

which have not the mere temporal The Editor, in exhibiting the first concerns of men, but their everlasting number of the MISCELLANY, is almost ' welfare as an object. My heart overrepelled, by the crowd of fears which flows with joy, and my eyes with rush upon his mind. But the assu

I tears, when I consider the happy and rance, “Be not dismayed, for I am extensive effects which are likely to with you," with the conviction, that take place.” The effects, which he sincere intentions and honest efforts afterwards enumerates, are in a meawill be favorably received, inspire

sure secured. “The untutored mind

will receive the peaceful principles of He is happy in being able to state, religion and virtue; the savage barbarithat he has already received patron- ! an will rejoice in the copious blessage from every denomination of chris-ings, and feel the benign effects of tians, in the borough and vicinity. civilization; the ignorant idolator will To those who have thus early given be directed to offer up his prayers and him their pledge of support, he ten praises to the true God, and learn the ders his acknowledgments, and sin

way of salvation through Jesus Christ. cerely hopes, that they may never

The habitations of cruelty will behave any reason to repent of their come the abodes of


and securiconfidence in him.

ty, while ignorance and superstition The present period is marked with shall give way to celestial blessings strong and striking peculiarities. The of intelligence, purity and joy." spirit of benevolence, is urging the Missionary Intelligence will occu. Christian world into most important py a considerable portion of the and unceasing exertions with respect pages of the Miscellany. But as it is to the heathen. More than a Centu

intended to make the work a miscelry's experience has only tended to laneous one, the editor will avail himmagnify the importance of the Mis-self of every kind of news within his sionary Cause. “Who is there,” says reach, interesting to the Christian an eminent and pious writer, when community; and also give a brief contemplating the commencement

summary of the most important eand progress of missions, “that has

vents. any concern for the souls of men, and

Since his prospectus has been issulove for truth and religion, but what ed, several gentlemen of respectabilmust rejoice at the promotion, num

ity and talents, have proposd to fur

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Brief View of Missions.

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nisl occasionally, some scientific com- of schools; and the preaching of the munications for the work, which the Gospel. The mission has three sta

tions-Bombay, Mahim and Tannah. Editor will be happy to receive, being Bombay.- A large city on an island fully convinced, that whatever is cal- of the same name. It is the capital of culated to promote the cause of liter

all the British possessions on the wes

tern side of the peninsula, and is the ature will be well received by

primary seat of the mission.—Rev. Patrons.

Gordon Hall, Missionary; Mr. James With the fond hope that some good Garrett, Printer. The widow of the

late Mr. Newell resides there. may redound from the Miscellany,

Mahim.-Six miles from Bombay, and that he may be instrumental in on the north part of the island.-Rev. promoting the cause of Christ, the Allen Graves, Missionary, Editor submits it to the public, with

Tannah.The principal town of thankfulness for the encouragement Bombay.—Rev. John Nichols, Mis

the island of Salsette, 35 miles from received, and assurances, that no ef

sionary. fort shall be wanting on his part to The missionaries had established 25 render it both interesting and useful. schools;–17 on the islands of BomGEORGE FLEMING.

bay and Salsette; and 8 at as many January 9th, 1823.

different places along one hundred

miles of the adjacent coast. But of MISSIONARY INTELLIGENCE.

these 25 schools, they were obliged
to suspend ten, about the middle of

last year, for want of funds. The The following “brief view of the schools contain, on an average, about Missions," under the direction of 40 scholars. The missionaries are now “The American Board of Commis-lated by them into the Mahratta lan

ready to print the whole Bible, transsioners for Foreign Missions," is given guage, as fast as the means can be for the satisfaction of those who may procured. be anxious to judge of the extent to

This mission was established in the which they have carried their benevo

district of Jaffna, October 1816. It lent exertions. It is taken from the has five stations;— Tillipally, BattiAppendix published in connexion cotta, Oodooville, Panditeripo, and with the Sermon of the Rev. Dr. Mil


Tillipally.-Nine miles north of ler, which he delivered at the last Jaffnapatam.-Rev. James Richards, Anniversary meeting of the Board, and Rev. Daniel Poor, Missionaries. held in the city of New Haven, Con.

Nicholas Permander, Native PreachIt will be useful as a table of refer

Batticotta. Six miles north-west

of Jaffnapatam.-Rev. Benjamin C. The board was instiutel in June 1810; Meigs, and Rev. Henry Woodward, and incorporated June 20, 1812. Missionaries, Gabriel Tissera, Native

Preacher. This mission became fixed in 1814. Oodooville.--Five miles north of The missionaries are engaged in three Jaffnapatam. Rev. Miron Winslaw, principal objects: the translation of Missionary, Francis Malleappa, Nathe Scriptures; the superintendence | tive Preacher.





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Panditeripo.-Nine miles north- its of the state of Mississippi; on the west of Jaffnapatam.-Rev. John Yalo Busha creek; about 30 miles Scudder, M. D. Missionary. above its junction with the Yazoo;

Manepy-Four miles and a half 400 miles W.S. W of Brainerd; and north-west of Jaffnapatam.-Rev. 145 from the Walnut Hills.-Mr. Levi Spaulding, Missionary, Philip Cyrus Byington, Licensed Preacher Matthew, Native Preacher.

and Missio, arri; Dr. William W. The blessing of God has attended Pride, Physician; and Messrs. Moses the labors of the missionaries among Jewell, Joel Wood, Anson Dyer, the youths in the schools; especially Zechariah Howes, John Smith, and

, at Tullipally, where those who had Elijah Bardwell, Assistant Missionbeen longest in the schools principal... aries. ly resided. A silent, but preceptible, Mayhew.On the Ook-tib-be-ha influence is also exerted on many na- creek, 12 miles above its junction with tives in the district of Jaffna.

the Tombigbee, and 100 east of Elliot.

Commenced in the spring of_1820.This mission was established in Rev. Cyrus Kingsbury and Rev. Al1817. It has three stations;-Brain- fred Wright, Missionaries; and erd, Creek-Path, and Taloney; and Messrs. Calvin Cushman, William new stations are contemplated at Hooper, Samuel Wisner, Philo P. High-Tower, Chatooga, Wills-Town, Stewart, and David Remington, Asand other places.

sistant Missionaries. Brainerd. Is the oldest station of French Camps.-A settlement on the Board among the Indians; and is the Natches road, south-west of Maysituated within the chartered limits of hew.-Mr. Loring 9. Williams, AsTennessee, on the Chickamaugah sistant Missionary. creek, 250 miles N. W. of Augusta; 150 S. E. of Nashville; and 110 S.

OR THE ARKANSAW, W. of Knoxville.—Rev. Ard Hoyt,

Commenced in 1820. There is Rev. Daniel S. Butrick, and Rev. William Chamberlain, Missionaries;

only the station of Dwight.-On the Dr. Elizur Butler, Physician; messrs.

west side of Illinois creek; 4 miles

north of the Arkansaw river, 200 Abijah Congar, John Vaill, John C.

miles from the Arkansaw Post; and Ellsworth, Erastus Dean, Sylvester Ellis, and Ainsworth E. Blunt, Assis

500 up the Arkansaw, following the

course of the river.-Rev. Alfred Fintant Missionaries; and John Arch, a converted Cherokee, Interpreter.

ney and Rev. Cephas Washburn, Creek-Path.100 miles W. S. W.

Missionaries; and" Messrs. Jacob

Hitchcock and James Orr, assistant of Brainerd. A school was establish

Missionaries. ed here April, 1820.--Rev. William Potter, Missionary.

Taloney.-Sixty miles S. E. of Brainerd. A school was established Established in April, 1820. It has here in May, 1820,--Messrs. Mondy

two stations;--Hanaroorah, and Wy, Hall, and Henry Parker, Assistant

mai. Missionaries.

Hanaroorah. On the island of

Woahoo.--Rev. Hiram Bingham and IV. MISSION AMONG THE CHOCTAWS,

Rev. Asa Thornton, Missionaries; Commenced at Elliot, in August, Messrs. Daniel Chamberlain and Eli1818. It has three stations;-Elliot,

sha Loomis, Assis ant Missionaries; Mayhew, and the French Camps.

and Thomas Hopoo and John HonElliot.--Within the Chartered lim





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oore, Native Assisiants.


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