British and Foreign Medico-chirurgical Review: Or, Quarterly Journal of Practial Medicine and Surgery, Volume 12

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Page 95 - Professor of Clinical Medicine and Therapeutics at the New York Post-Graduate Medical School and Hospital ; Visiting Physician, St.
Page 73 - Did we know the mechanical affections of the particles of rhubarb, hemlock, opium, and a man; as a watch-maker does those of a watch, whereby it performs its operations, and of a file which by rubbing on them will alter the figure of any of the wheels; we should be able to tell before-hand, that rhubarb will purge, hemlock kill, and opium make a man sleep...
Page 243 - They are no more the producers of vital phenomena than the shells scattered in orderly lines along the sea-beach are the instruments by which the gravitation - force of the moon acts upon the ocean. Like these, the cells mark only where the vital tides have been and how they have acted.
Page 85 - In one most interesting case, a lady, aged thirty-five, was seized with violent convulsion of the left side of the face, and of the left arm, the leg being unaffected ; when the convulsion ceased, the face and arm were left extremely, if not perfectly paralytic.
Page 343 - It is divided into three parts ; the first of which treats of the nature of consumption ; the second, of the symptoms of consumption ; and the third, of the treatment of consumption.
Page 10 - It is observed by a modern writer that ' there is hardly a mechanical pursuit in which insects do not excel. They are excellent weavers, house-builders, architects. They make diving-bells, bore galleries, raise vaults, construct bridges. They line their houses with tapestry, clean them, ventilate them, and close them with admirably fitted swing-doors.
Page 38 - Heller has during the past year contributed five papers, the title of which we have placed at the head of this article. The...
Page 101 - ... urate will occur. On the other hand, if an excess of uric acid be separated by the kidneys it will act on the phosphate of soda of the double salt, and hence, on cooling, the urine will deposit a crystalline sediment of acid sand, very probably mixed with amorphous urate of ammonia, the latter usually forming a layer above the crystals which always sink to the bottom of the vessel.
Page 58 - Then also those poets which are now counted most hard will be both facile and pleasant, Orpheus, Hesiod, Theocritus, Aratus, Nicander, Oppian, Dionysius ; and in Latin, Lucretius, Manilius, and the rural part of Virgil.
Page 101 - ... to 1 , the secretion will, at the ordinary temperature of the air, remain clear; but if the bulk of fluid be less, an amorphous deposit of the urate will occur. On the other hand, if an excess of uric acid be separated by the kidneys, it will act on the phosphate of soda of the double salt, and...

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