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For sin le Thee on is illi


17 Lo, this the man is, that did not | Far hence, that I might find a place A FTER thy loving-kindness, Lord,

make God his strength at all :

where I in rest might be. I have mercy upon me;

But he in his abundant wealth

17 Lo, then far off I wander would, For thy compassion's great, blot out

his confidence did place;

and in the desert stay: all mine iniquity. And he took strength unto himself

8 For windy storm and tempest I 2 Me cleanse from sin, and th'roughly wash throughly wochl. from his own wickedness.

would haste to 'scape away. from mine iniquity. 18 But I am in the house of God

9 O Lord, on them destruction bring, 3 For my transgressions I confess;

like to an olive green:

and do their tongues divide; my sin I ever see. My confidence for ever hath

For in the city violence 4 'Gainst thee, thee only, have I sinn'd, upon God's mercy been.

and strife I have espied. in thy sight done this ill;

19 And I for ever will thee praise, 10 They day and night upon the walls That when thou speak'st thou mays't be

because thou hast done this:

do go about it round: and clear in judging still. just, I on thy name will wait; for good

| There mischief is, and sorrow there 5 Behold, I in iniquity

before thy saints it is.

in midst of it is found. was form'd the womb within ;


11 Abundant wickedness there is My mother also me conceiv'd

. within her inward part; in guiltiness and sin. THAT there is not a God, the fool

And from her streets deceitfulness

1 doth in his heart conclude: 6 Behold, thou in the inward parts

and guile do not depart. They are corrupt, their works are vile 112 H. with truth delighted art ;

| 12 He was no foe that me reproach'd ; And wisdom thou shalt make me know 2 The Lord upon the sons of men _not one of them doth good.

then that endure I could : within the hidden part.

Nor hater that did 'gainst me boast ;

from heav'n did cast his eyes, 7 Do thou with hyssop sprinkle me, To see if any one there was

From him me hide I would : I shall be cleansed so;.

13 But thou, man, who mine equal, guide, Yea wash thou me, and then I shall

that sought God, and was wise.

and mine acquaintance wast. be whiter than the snow. 3 They altogether filthy are,

14 Wejoin'd sweet counsel, to God's house they all are backward gone;

in company we past. 3 Of gladness and of joyfulness

And there is none that doeth good, make me to hear the voice;

15 Let death upon them seize, and down

no, not so much is one. That so these very bones which thou

4 These workers of iniquity, hast broken may rejoice.

For wickedness doth much abound do they not know at all,

among them where they dwell. 9 All mine iniquities blot out,

That they my people eat as bread, thy face hide from my sin.

16 I'll call on God: God will me save.

and on God do not call ? 10 Create a clean heart, Lord; renew

17 I'll pray, and make a noise 5 Ev'n there they were afraid, and stood At ev'ning, morning, and at noon; a right sp'rit me within. with trembling, all dismay'd,

and he shall hear my voice. 11 Cast me not from thy sigbt ; nor take

Whereas there was no cause at all thy holy Sp'rit away.

18 He hath my soul delivered,

why they should be afraid :: 12 Restore me thy salvation's joy; For God his bones that thee besieg'd

that it in peace might be

From battle that against me was: with thy free Sp'rit me stay.

hath scatter'd all abroad; 13 Then will I teach thy ways unto Thou bast confounded them, for they

for many were with me.

19 The Lord shall hear, and them afflict, those that transgressors be;

despised are of God. And those that sinners are, shall then

of old who hath abode : be turned unto thee.

6 Let Isr’el's help from Sion come! Because they never changes have,

, When back the Lord shall bring 14 O God, of my salvation God,

therefore they fear not God. | His captives, Jacob shall rejoice, me from blood-guiltiness

20 'Gainst those that were at peace with L and Israel shall sing. Set free; then shall my tongue aloud

he hath put forth his hand; sing of thy righteousness.


The covenant that he hath made, 15 My closed lips, O Lord, by thee

by breaking he profan'd. SAVE me, O God, by thy great name, 121More smooth than butter were his words, let them be opened ;

w and judge me by thy strength. Then shall thy praises by my mouth

while in his heart was war; 2 My prayer hear, ( God; give ear abroad be pub ished.

His speeches were more soft than oil, unto my words at length.

and yet drawn swords they were. 16 For thou desir'st not sacrifice, 3 For they that strangers are to me

22 Cast thou thy burden on the Lord. else would I give it thee; do up against me rise ;

and he shall thee sustain ; Nor wilt thou with burnt-offering Oppressors seek my soul, and God

Yea, he shall cause the righteous man at all delighted be. set not before their eyes.

unmoved to remain. 17 A broken spirit is to God

4 The Lord my God my helper is, 23 But thou, O Lord my God, those men a pleasing sacrifice : lo, therefore I am bold :

in justice shall o'erthrow, A broken and a contrite heart, He taketh part with ev'ry one

And in destruction's dungeon dark Lord, thou wilt not despise. that doth my soul uphold.

at last shalt lay them low. 18 Show kindness, and do good, O Lord, 5 Unto mine enemies he shall

The bloody and deceitful men to Sion, thine own hill; mischief and ill repay:

shall not live half their days; The walls of thy Jerusalem O for thy truth's sake cut them off,

But upon thee with confidence build up of thy good will.

and sweep them clean away. 19 Then righteous off'rings shall thee please, 16 I will a sacrifice to thee

I will depend always. and off'rings burnt, which they,

PSALM 56. With whole burnt-off'rings. aná with give with free willingness : shall on thy altar lay.

1 Thy name, O Lord, because 'tis good. ISHOW mercy, Lord, to me, for man (calves with praise I will confess.

would swallow me outright;
PSALM 52. -
7 For he hath me deli

He me oppresseth, while he doth W

against me daily fight HY dost thou boast, О mighty man,

from all adversities; And his desire mine eye hath seen 2 They daily would me swallow up

that hate me spitefully; , The goodness of Almighty God

upon mine enemies.

For they be many that do fight endureth ever still.


against me, O most High. 2 Thy tongue mischievous calumnies deviseth subtilely;

IL ORD, hear my pray'r; hide not thyself | 3 When I'm afraid, I'll trust in thee. Like to a razor sharp to cut, U from my entreating voice.

4 In God I'll praise his word : working deceitfully.

2 Attend and hear me; in my plaint | I will not fear what flesh can do, I mourn and make a noise ;

my trust is in the Lord. 3 Ill more than good, and more than truth 3 Because of th' en’my's voice, and for 15 Each day they wrest my words; their thou lovest to speak wrong: lewd men's oppression great :

'gainst me are all for ill. [thoughts 4 Thou lovest all-devouring words,

On me they cast iniquity,

6 They meet, they lurk, they mark me O thou deceitful tongue.

and they in wrath me hate.

I waiting my soul to kill. (sters, 5 So God shall thee destroy for ay, remove thee, pluck thee out

4 Sore pain'd within me is my heart; 7 But shall they by iniquity Quite from thy house, out of the land I death's terrors on me fall;

escape thy judgments so? of life he shall thee root.

5 On me comes trembling, fear and dreadl O God, with indignation down
o'erwhelmed me withal.

dr thou the people throw. 6 The righteous shall it see, and fear; 6 O that I, like a dove, had wings, 18 My wand'rings all what they have been and laugh at him they shall : I said I, then would I flee

I thou know'st, their number took ;

Into thy bottle put my tears;
18 Like to a snail that melts away,

Thou justly hast displeased bees; are they not in thy book? let each of them be gone;

return to us, o God 9 My foes shall, when I cry, turn back; I Like women's birth untimely, that 12 The earth to tremble thou hast made, I know't, God is for me. they never see the sun.

therein didst breaches make: 10 In God his word I'll praise; his word 9 He shall them take away before

Do thou thereof the breaches beal, in God shall praised be. your pots the thorns can find,

because the land doch shake. 11 In God I trust; I will not fear

Both living, and in fury great,

3 Unto thy people thou hard things what man can do to me. as with a stormy wind.

hast show'd, and on them seat; 12 Thy vows upon me are, O God. | 10 The righteous when he vengeance seeth And thou hast caused us to drink I'll render praise to thee. he shall be joyful then:

wipe of astonishment. 13 Wilt thou not, who from death me sav'a,

The righteous one shall wash his feet 4 And yet a banner thou hast gir's my feet from falls keep free, in blood of wicked men.

to them who do thee fear, To walk before God in the light | 11 So men shall say, The righteous man

That it by them, because of truth, of those that living be ? reward shall never miss ;

displayed may appear.
And verily upon the earth

5 That thy beloved people may BE merciful to me, O God,

a God to judge there is.

delivered be from thrall, thy mercy unto me


Save with the pow'r of thy right hand

and hear me when I call. Do thou extend ; because my soul M Y God, deliver me from those

6 God in his holiness hath spoke, doth put her trust in thee :

I that are mine enernies; Yea, in the shadow of thy wings

herein I will take pleasure; And do thou me defend from those

Shechem I will divide, and forth my refuge I will place, that up against me rise.

will Succoth's valley measure. Until these sad calamities

2 Do thou deliver me from them do wholly overpass.

that work iniquity;

17 Gilead I claim as mine by right; 2 My cry I will cause to ascend And give me safety from the men

Manasseh mine shall be ; into the Lord most high ;

Ephraim is of mine head tbe strength,

of bloody cruelty. To God, who doth all things for me

Judah gives laws for me: 3 For, lo, they for my soul lay wait: 18 Moab's my washing pot; my shoe perform most perfectly. the mighty do combine

I'll over Fdom throw; 3 From heav'n he shall send down, and Against me, Lord ; not for my fault,

And over Palestina's land from his reproach defend

[me nor any sin of mine. That would devour me : God his truth

I will in triumph go. 4 They run, and, without fault in me, and mercy forth shall send.

19 O who is he will bring me to ready make:

Awake to meet me with thy help, 4 My soul among fierce lions is;

the city fortified ?

O who he is he that to the land

and do thou notice take. I firebrands liye among:

of Edom will me guide ? Men's sons, whose teeth are spears and 5 Awake therefore, Lord God of hosts, 10 O God, which hadest us cast off. a sharp sword is their tongue. (darts, thou Go

this thing wilt thou not do? 5 Be thou exalted very high

To visit heathen all; spare none

Even thou, O God, which didest not above the heav'ns, () God; that wickedly rebel.

forth with our armies go? Let thou thy glory be advanc'd

6 At erining they go to and fro; o'er all the earth abroad. they make great noise and sound, 11 Help us from trouble ; for the help

is vain which man supplies. 6 My soul's bowed down for they a net! Like to a dog, and often walk

about the city round. Have laid, my steps to snare:

| 12 Through God we'll do great acts ; be

I 17 Behold, they belch out with their mouth,

tread down our enemies. Into the pit which they have digg'd

[shall for me they fallen are. and in their lips are swords :

PSALM 61. 7 My heart is fix'd, my heart is fix'd, For they do say thus, Who is he

TO GOD, give ear unto my cry; O God: I'll sing and praise. that now doth hear our words?

unto my pray'r attend. 8 My glory, wake; wake psaltery, harp; 8 But thou, O Lord, shalt laugh at them, 2 From the utmost corner of the land myself I'll early raise. and all the heathen mock.

my cry to thee I'll send. 19 While he's in pow'r I'll wait on thee; | What time my heart is overwhelm’d, 9 I'll praise thee 'mong the people, Lord;

for God is my high rock. _'mong nations sing will I:

and in perplexity, 10 For great to heaven thy mercy is, 10 He of my mercy that is God

Do thou me lead unto the Rock thy truth is to the sky. betimes shall me prevent :

that higher is than I. 11 O Lord, exalted be thy name

Upon mine en'mies God shall let

13 For thou hast for my refuge been Above the heav'ns to stand ; me see mine heart's content,

a shelter by thy power; Do thou thy glory far advance

11 Them slay not, est my folk forget; And for defence against my foes above both sea and land. but scatter them abroad

thou hast been a strong tow't. By thy strong pow'r; and bring them 4 Within thy tabernacle I PSALM 58.

O thou our shield and God. (down, DO ye, O congregation,

for ever will abide ; indeed speak righteousness ?

12 For their mouth's sin, and for the words And under covert of thy wings O ye that are the sons of men,

that from their lips do fly,

with confidence me bide. Let them be taken in their judge ye with uprightness?

5 For thou the rows that I did make,

because they curse and lie. 2 Yea, ev'n within your very hearts 13 In wrath consume them, them consume,

O Lord my God, didst hear: ye wickedness have done;

Thou hast gir'n me the heritage

that so they may not be : And ye the vi'lence of your hands

of those thy name that fear. And that in Jacob God doth rule do weigh the earth upon.

16 A life prolong'd for many days

to th' earth's ends, let them see. 3 The wicked men estranged are,

thou to the king shalt give; ey'n from the very womb; 14 At ev'ning let thou them return,

Like many generations be They, speaking lies, do stray as soon making great noise and sound,

the years which he shall live. as to the world they come. Like to a dog, and often walk

17 He in God's presence his abode 4 Unto a serpent's poison like

about the city round.

for ever more shall have: 15 And let them wander up and down their poison doth appear;

O do thou truth and mercy both Yea, they are like the adder deaf,

in seeking food to eat;

prepare that may him save. And let them grudge when they shall 8 And so will I perpetually that closely stops her ear;

be satisfied with meat.

(not 5 That so she may not hear the voice

sing praise unto thy name; 16 But of thy pow'r I'll sing aloud; of one that charm her wcald,

That having made my vows, I may No, not though he most cunning were, at morn thy mercy praise :

each day perform the same. For thou to me my refuge wast, and charm most wisely could.

PSALM 62. 6 Their teeth, O God, within their mouth, ||

and tow'r, in troublous days.

17 O God, thou art my strength, I will M y break thou in pieces small;

soul with expectation sing praises unto thee;

N depends on God indeed : reat teeth break thou out, O Lord, I

My strength and my salvation doth For God is my defence, a God of those young lions all. of mercy unto me.

from him alone proceed. 7 Let them like waters melt away,

12 He only my salvation is, which downward still do flow :


and my strong Rock is he : In pieces cut his arrows all, Jo LORD, thou hast rejected us,

He only is my sure defence, when he shall bend his bow. and scatter'd us abroad :

much mor'd I shall not be.

The great t

3 How long will ye against a man

In whose bent bows are arrows set, 13 Say unto God, How terrible, plot mischief? ye shall all ev'n sharp and bitter words :

in all thy works art thou ! Be slain : ye as a tout'ring fence 14 That they may at the perfect man

Through thy great pow'r thy foes to thee shall be, and bowing wall. in secret aim their shot :

shall be constrain'd to bow. 4 They only plot to cast him down Yea, suddenly they dare at him | 4 All on the earth shall worship thee, from his excellency: to shoot, and fear it not.

they shall thy praise proclaim They joy in lies; with mouth they bless, 15 In ill encourage they themselves ;

In songs; they shall sing cheerfully but they curse inwardly. and their snares closc do lay:

unto thy holy name. 5 My soul, wait thou with patience

Together conference they have ; 5 Come, and the works that God bath upon thy God alone; Who shall them see ? they say.

with admiration see: [wrought On him dependeth all my hope 6 They have search'd out iniquities, In's working to the sons of men and expectation. a perfect search they keep;

most terrible is he. 6 He only my salvation is,

Of each of them the inward thought, 16 Into dry land the sea he turn'd, and my strong rock is he; and very heart is deep.

and they a passage had; He only is my sure defence, I shall not moved be.

17 God shall an arrow shoot at them, Ev'n marching through the flood on foot, and wound them suddenly :

there we in him were glad. 7 In God my glory placed is,

18 So their own tongue shallthem confound; 7 He ruleth ever by his pow'r; and my salvation sure ; all who them see shall fiy.

his eyes the nations see: In God the rock is of my strength, 9 And on all men a fear shall fall,

O let not the rebellious ones my refuge most secure. God's word they shall declare :

lift up themselves on high. 8 Ye people, place your confidence

For they shall wisely notice take

18 Ye people, bless our God; aloud in him continually; what these his doings are.

the voice speak of his praise ; Before him pour ye out your heart : 110 In God the righteous shall rejoice,

9 Our soul in life who safe preserves, God is our refuge high. and trust upon his might;

our foot from sliding stays. 9 Surely mean men are vanity,

Yea, they shall greatly glory all 10 For thou did'st prove and try us, Lord, and great men are a lie; in heart that are upright.

as men do silver try; In balance laid, they wholly are

| 11 Biought'st us into the net, and mad'st

PSALM 65. more light than vanity.

IDRAISE waits for thee in Sion, Lord; 112 Thou hast caus'd men ride o'er our 10 Trust ye not in oppression,

bands on our loins to lie. in robb'ry be not vain; I to thee vows paid shall be.

and though that we did pass [heads; On wealth set not your hearts, when as 2 0 thou that herrer art of pray'r,

Thro' fire and water, yet thou brought'st increased is your gain.

all fiesh shall come to thee.

3 Iniquities, I must confess, 11 God hath it spoken once to me,

us to a wealthy place.

13 I'll bring burnt-off“ rings to thy house ; yea, this I heard again, prevail against me do :

to thee my vows I'll pay, That power to almighty God But as for our transgressions,

14 Which my lips utter'd, my mouth spake, alone doth appertain.

them purge away shalt thou.

4 Bless'd is the man whom thou dost 15 Burnt-sacrifices of fat rams, 12 Yea, merey ilso unto thee

when trouble on me lay. belongs, O Lord, alone : and mak'st approach to thee, (choose,

with incense I will bring; For thou according to his work That he within thy courts, O Lord,

Of bullocks and of goats I will
rewardest ev'ry one.
may still a dweller be:

present an offering.
with thy abundant grace,

16 All that fear God, come, hear, I'll tell

what he did for my soul. I ORD, thee my God, I'll early seek, And with the goodness of thy house,

ise, 17 I with my mouth unto him cried, U my soul doth thirst for thec;

ev'n of thy holy place.

my tongue did him extol. My Hesh longs in a dry parch'd land, 15 O God of our salvation,

18 If in my heart I sin regard, wherein no waters be:

thou, in thy righteousness, 2 That I thy power may behold, By fearful works unto our pray'rs

the Lord me will not hear; and brightness of thy face,

19 But surely God me heard, and to

thine answer doth express : As I have seen thee heretofore Therefore the ends of all the earth,

my prayer's voice gave ear.

| 20 O let the Lord, our gracious God, within thy holy place and those afar that be

for ever blessed be ; 3 Since better is thy love than life, Upon the sea, their confidence,

Who turned not my pray'r from him, my lips thee praise shall give. O Lord, will place in thee.

nor yet his grace from me. 4 I in thy name will lift my hands, 16 Who, being girt with pow'r, sets fast and bless thee while I live. by his great strength the hills :

PSALM 67. 5 Ev'n as with marrow and with fat 17. Who noise of seas, noise of their waves, I ORD, bless and pity us, my soul shall filled be ; and people's tumult stills.

shine on us with thy face : Then shall my mouth with joyful lips 18 Those in the utmost parts that dwell 2 That th' carth thy way, and nations all sing praises unto thee: are at thy signs afraid :

may know thy saving grace. 6 When I do thee upon my bed

Th' outgoings of the morn and ev'n

3 Let people praise thee, Lord; remember with delight by thee are joyful made.

let people all thee praise. And when on thee I meditate

9 The earth thou visit'st, wat'ring it ; 4 O let the nations be glad, in watches of the night. thou mak'st it rich to grow

in songs their voices raise : 7 In shadow of thy wings I'll joy; With God's full Rood; thou corn pre- Thou'll justly people judge, for thou mine help hast been.

when thou provid'st it so. (par'st, on earth rule nations all My soul thee follows hard; and me 10 lIer ridg's thou wat’rest plenteously, 5 Let people praise thee, Lord; let them thy right hand doth sustain. her furrows settelest:

praise thre, both great and small. 9 Who seek my soul to spill shall sink

With show'rs thou doet her mollify; 16 The earth her fruit shall yield; down to earth's lowest room. her spring by thee is blest.

our God shall blessing send. 10 They by the sword shall be cut off, 11 So thou the year most lib'rally 17 God shall us bless ; men shall him fear and foxes' prey become. dost with thy goodness crown;

unto carth's utmost end. 11 Yet shall the king in God rejoice; And all thy paths abundantly

Another of the same. and each one glory shall

on us drop fatness down. That swear by him : but stopp'd shall be 12 They drop upon the pastures wide, TORD, unto us be merciful, the mouth of liars all.

that do in deserts lie:

u do thou us also bless; The little hills on every side

And graciously cause shine on us PSALM 64. rejoice right pleasantly.

the brightness of thy face; WHEN I to thee my prayer make, 13 With flocks the pastures clothed be,

hed he 12 That so thy way upon the earth W Lord, to my voice give ear;

the vales with corn are clad;

to all meu may be known; My life save from the enemy „And now they shout and sing to thee,

Also among the nations all of whom I stand in fear. 2 Me from their secret counsel hide

thy saving health be shown. for thou hast made them glad.

3 O let the people praise thee, Lord; who do live wickedly :


let people all thee praise. From insurrection of those men

LA LL lands to God, in joyful sounds, 14 O let the nations be glad, that work iniquity: A aloft your voices raise:

and sing for joy always : Who do their tongues with malice whet, 2 Sing forth the honour of his name. For rightly thou shalt people judge and make them cut like swords; I

and nations rule on carth.

rious make hi

5 Let people praise thee, Lord, let all And unto God the Lord from death 15 Lord, thou my folly know'st, my sins the folk praise thee with mirth. I the issues do belong.

not cover'd are from thee. 6 Then shall the earth yield her increase ; 121 But surely God shall wound the bead 16 Let none that wait on thee be stan'd God, our God, bless us shall. of those that are his foes ;

Lord God of hosts, for me: 7 God shall us bless ; and of the earth The hairy scalp of him that still

O Lord, the God of Israel, the ends shall fear him all. on in his trespass goes.

let none who search do make, 22 God said, My people I will bring

And seek thee, be at any tiine
again from Bashan hill;

confounded for my sake. I ET God arise, and scattered

Yea, from the sea's devouring depths 17 For I have borbe reproach for thes, let all his en'mies be ; them bring again I will :

my face is hid with shame. And let all those that do him hate loo

18 To brethren strange, to mother's sens 23 That in the blood of enemies before his presence flee.

an alien I became. 2 As smoke is driv'n, so drive thou them;

thy foot imbru'd may be ;
1 And of thy dogs dipp'd in the same

eama 19 Because the zeal did eat me up as fire melts wax away,

which to thine house I bear; Before God's face let wicked men

the tongues thou mayest see.
24 Thy goings they have seen, O God;

And the reproaches cast at thee so perish and decay.

upon me fallen are.

the steps of majesty 3 But let the righteous be glad;

Of my God, and mighty King,

| 10 My tears and fasts t'afflict my soul, let them before God's sight

were turned to my shame.

within the sanctuary. Be very joyful ; yen, let them

(11 When sackcloth I did wear, to the rejoice with all their might. 25 Before went singers, players next

a proverb I became 4 To God sing, to his name sing praise ; on instruments took way;

| 12 The men that in the gate do sit extol him with your voice, | And them among the damsels were

against me evil spake; That rides on heav'n, by his name JAH, and did on timbrels play,

They also that vile drunkards were, before his face rejoice. | 26 Within the congregations

of me their song did make. 5 Because the Lord a father is

bless God with one accord;

13 But in an acceptable time, unto the fatherless : From Israel's fountains do ye bless

my pray'r, Lord, is to thee: God is the widow's judge, within

and praise the mighty Lord.

In truth of thy salvation, Lord, his place of holiness.

27 With their prince, little Benjamin, and mercy great, hear me. 6 God doth the solitary set

princes and council there

14 Deliver me out of the mire, in fam'lies : and from bands Of Judah were, there Zebulon's

From sinking do me keep; The chain'd doth free; but rebels do and Napht'li's princes were. (strong Free me from those that do ne hate, inhabit parched lands.

28 Thy God command'st thy strength; make and from the waters deep. 7 0 God, what time thou didst go forth what thou wrought'st for us, Lord. 15 Let not the flood on me prevail, before thy people's face, 29 For thy house at Jerusalem

whose water overflows; And when through the great wilderness kings shall thee gifts afford.

Nor deep me swallow ; nor the pit thy glorious marching was ;

h30 The spearmen's host, the multitude 8 Then at God's presence shook the earth,

her mouth upon me close.

16 Hear me, O Lord, because thy love then drops from heaven fell;

of bulls, which fiercely look, This Sinai shook before the Lord,

Those calves which people have forth and kindness is most good;

O Lord our God, rebuke, [sent, I the God of Israel.

Turn unto me, according to
Till ev'ry one submit himself,

thy mercies' multitude. 9 O God, thou to thine heritage

and silver pieces bring :

17 Nor from thy servant hide thy face ; didst send a plenteous rain, The people that delight in war

l'in troubled, soon attend. Whereby thou, when it weary was,

disperse, O God and King.

18 Draw near my soul, and it redeem; didst it refresh again. 10 Thy congregation then did make

me from my foes defend. 31 Those that be princes great shall then

come out of Egypt lands; their habitation there :

19 To thee is my reproach well known,

my shame, and my disgrace: And Ethiopia to God Or thine own goodness for the poor, O God, thou didst prepare.

Those that mine adversaries be shall soon stretch out her hands. 32 O all ye kingdoms of the earth,

are all before thy face. - 11 The Lord himself did give the word, sing praises to this King;

20 Reproach hath broke my heart; I'm full the word abroad did spread; For he is Lord that ruleth all,

of grief: I look'd for one Great was the company of them

unto him praises sing ;

To pity me, but none I found ; the same who published. 33 To him that rides on heav'ns of heav'ns,l.

comforters found I none. 2 Kings of great armies foiled were,

which he of old did found; and forc'd to flee away ;

21 They also bitter gall did give And women, who remain'd at home, I |

unto me for my meat; Lo, he sends out his voice, a voice did distribute the prey.

They gave me vinegar to drink, in might that doth abound. 34 Strength unto God do ye ascribe;

when as my thirst was great. Though ye have lain among the pots,

for his excellency

122 Before them let their table prore like doves ye shall appear, Is over Israel, bis strength

a snare; and do thou make Whose wings with silver, and with gold |

is in the clouds most high.

Their welfare and prosperity whose feathers cov'red are. 4 When there th' Almighty scatter'd kings 35 Thou'rt from thy temple dreadful, Lord;

a trap themselves to take. like Salmon's snow 'twas white.

ilor23 Let thou their eyes so darken'd be, Isr'el's own God is he, Who gives his people strength and

that light may them forsake ; 15 God's hill is like to Bashan hill,

O let God blessed be.


(pow'r: like Bashan hill for height.

And let their loins be made by thre

continually to shake 16 Why do ye leap, ye mountains high?


24 Thy fury pour thou out on them, this is the hill where God ISAVE me, O God, because the floods

and indignation ; Desires to dwell; yea, God in it

do so environ me,

And let thy wrathful anger, Lord, for ay will make abode. That ev'n unto my very soul

fast hold take them upon. 17 God's chariots twenty thousand are,

come in the waters be.

25 All waste and desolate let be thousand of angels strong : 2 I downward in deep mire do sink,

their habitation; In's holy place God is, as in

where standing there is none :

And in their tabernacles all mount Sinai them among. I am into deep waters come,

inhabitants be none. 18 Thou hast, O Lord, most glorious

where floods have o'er me gone.

26 Because him they do persecute ascended up on high;

whom thou didst smite before; And in triumph victorious led 13 I weary with my crying am,

They talk unto the grief of those captive captivity ; my throat is also dried :

whom thou hast wounded sore. Thou hast received gifts for men, Mine eyes do fail, while for my God for such as did rebel;

I waiting do abide.

27 Add thou iniquity unto

their former wickedness; Yea, ev'n for them, that God the Lord 14 Those men that do without a cause

bear hatred unto me, in midst of them might dwell.

And do not let them come at all

into thy righteousness. Than are the hairs upon my head 19 Bless'd be the Lord, who is to us

28 Out of the book of life let them of our salvation God; in number more they be :

be raz'd and blotted quite ; Who daily with his benefits

They that would me destroy, and are Among the just and righteous us plenteously doth load. mine en'mies wrongfully,

let not their names be writ. 20 He of salvation is the God,

Are mighty ; so what I took not 129 But now become exceeding poor who is our God most strong; to render forc'd was I.

and sorrowful am l:

By thy salvation, O my God,

19 O do not cast me off, when as 19 They in the wilderness that dwell let me be set on high. old age doth overtake me;

bow down before him must; 30 The name of God I with a song

And when my strength decayed is, And they that are his enemies most cheerfully will praise ; then do not thou forsake me.

shall lick the very dust. And I, in giving thanks to him,

10 For those that are mine enemies 10 The kings of Tarshish, and the isles, his name shall highly raise. against me speak with hate; .

to him shall presents bring; 31 This to the Lord a sacrifice

And they together counsel take

And unto him shall offer gifts more gracious shall prove, that for my soul lay wait.

Sheba's and Seba's king. Than bullock, ox, or any beast

11 They said, God leaves him; him pursue 11 Yea, all the mighty kings on earth that hath both horn and hoof. _and take : none will him save.

before him down shall fall; 32 When this the humble men shall see, 12 Be thou not far from me, my God: And all the nations of the world it joy to them shall give : thy speedy help I crave.

do service to him shall. O all ye that do seek the Lord, 13 Confound, consume them, that unto 12 For he the needy shall preserve, your hearts shall ever live. my soul are enemies;

when he to him doth call; 33 For God the poor hears, and will not

| Cloth'd be they with reproach and shame The poor also, and him that hath his prisoners contemn. that do my hurt devise.

no help of man at all. 34 Let heav'n, and earth, and seas, him 14 But I with expectation

| 13 The poor man and the indigent and all that move in them. (praise, will hope continually;

in mercy he shall spare ; 35 For God will Judah's cities build, 1 And yet, with praises more and more! He shall preserve alive the souls

And yet, with praises more and more and he will Sion save; I will thee magnify.

of those that needy are. That they may dwell therein, and it 15 Thy justice and salvation

14 Both from deceit and violence in sure possession have. my mouth abroad shall show,

their soul he shall set free; 36 And they that are his servants' seed | Ev'n all the days; for I thereof

And in his sight right precious inherit shall the same: the numbers do not know.

and dear their blood shall be. So shall they have their dwelling there 16 And I will constantly go on

15 Yea, he shall live, and giv'n to him that love his blessed name. in strength of God the Lord;

shall be of Sheba's gold: PSALM 70.

And thine own righteousness, even thine For him still shall they pray, and he LORD, haste me to deliver;

alone I will record.

shall daily be extoll'd. with speed Lord, succour me.

17 For even from my youth, O God, 16 Of corn an handful in the earth 2 Let them that for my soul do seek

by thee I have been taught;

on tops of mountains high, sham'd and confounded be: And hitherto I have declar'd

With prosperous fruit shall shake, like Turned back be they, and shamd, the wonders thou hast wrought.

on Lebanon that be.

(trees that in my hurt delight.

| 18 And now, Lord, leave me not, when I The city shall be flourishing, 3 Turn'd back be they, Ha, ha! that say,

old and gray-headed grow;

her citizens abound their shaming to requite.

Till to this age thy strength and pow'r | In number shall, like to the grass 4 In thee let all be glad,

to all to come, I show.

that grows upon the ground. and joy that seek for thee :

19 And thy most perfect righteousness, 17 His name for ever shall endure: Let them who thy salvation love

O Lord, is very high,

last like the sun it shall : say still, God praised be.

Who hast so great things done : O God, Men shall be bless'd in him, and bless'd 5 I poor and needy am;

who is like unto thee?

all nations shall him call. come, Lord, and make no stay : 20 Thou, Lord, who great adversities, 18 Now blessed be the Lord our God, My help thou and deliv'rer art,

and sore, to me didst show,

the God of Israel, O Lord make no delay.

Shalt quicken, and bring me again For he alone doth wond'rous works, . Another of the same. from depths of earth below.

in glory that excel. 21 My greatness and my pow'r thou wilt 19 And blessed be his glorious name M AKE haste, O God, me to preserve;

increase, and far extend :

to all eternity: V with speed, Lord, succour me. On ev'ry side against all grief

The whole earth let his glory fill. 2 Let them that for my soul do seek

thou wilt me comfort send.

Amen, so let it be. sham'd and confounded be: Let them be turned back, and sham'd, 22 Thee, ev’n thy truth, I'll also praise,

PSALM 73. my God, with psaltery : that in my hurt delight. Thou holy One of Israel,

V ET God is good to Israel,

1 to each pure-hearted one.

with harp I'll sing to thee. their shaming to requite. 23 My lips shall much rejoice in thee,

2 But as for me, my steps near slipp'd, 4 O Lord, in thee let all be glad,

my feet were almost gone. when I thy praises sound: and joy that seek for thee : My soul, which thou redeemed hast,

13 For I envious was, and grudg'd Let them who thy salvation love

the foolish folk to see, in joy shall much abound. say still, God praised be.

When I perceiv'd the wicked sort 5 But I both poor and needy am; 24 My tongue thy justice shall proclaim,

enjoy prosperity. come, Lord, and make no stay:

continuing all day long :

14 For still their strength continued firm, My help thou and deliv'rer art; For they confounded are, and shar'd

their death of bands is free. that seek to do me wrong. O Lord, make no delay.

5 They are not toil'd as other men; PSALM 71.


* nor plagu'd as others be. LORD, my hope and confidence Jo LORD, thy judgments give the king, 6 Therefore their pride, like to a chain, is placed in thee alone; his son thy righteousness.

them compasseth about ; Then let thy servant never be 12 With right he shall thy people judge,

And, as a garment, violence put to confusion. thy poor with uprightness.

doth cover them throughout. 2 And let me, in thy righteousness,

13 The lofty mountains shall bring forth 17 Their eyes stand out with fat; they have from thee deliv'rance have; unto the people peace;

more than their heart could wish. Cause me escape, incline thine ear

Likewise the little hills the same 8 They are corrupt; their talk of wrong unto me, and me save. shall do, by righteousness.

both lewd and lofty is. 3 Be thou my dwelling-rock, to which 14 The people's poor ones he shall judge, 19 They set their mouth against the heav'ns I ever may resort : the needy's children save;

in their blasphemous talk; Thou gav'st commandment me to save, And those shall he in pieces break

And their reproaching tongue throughout for thou'rt my rock and fort. who them oppressed have.

the earth at large doth walk. 4 Free me, my God, from wicked hands, 15 They shall thee fear, while sun and moon | 10 His people oftentimes for this hands cruel and unjust : do last, through ages all.

look back, and turn about; 5 For thou, O Lord God, art my hope; 6 Like rain on mown grass he shall drop, Sith waters of so full a cup and from my youth my trust. or show'rs on earth that fall.

to these are poured out: 6 Thou from the womb didst hold me up: 17 The just shall flourish in his days,

| 11 And thus they say, How can it be thou art the same that me and prosper in his reign:

that God these things doth know? Out of my mother's bowels took: He shall, while doth the moon endure, Or, can there in the highest be I ever will praise thee. abundant peace maintain.

knowledge of things below ? 7 To many I a wonder am ;

8 His large and great dominion shall 12 Behold, these are the wicked ones, but thou'rt my refuge strong. from sea to sea extend;

yet prosper at their will 8 Fill'd let my mouth be with thy praise It from the river shall reach forth

In worldly things; they do increase and honour all day long. . unto earth's utmost end.

in wealth and riches still

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