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Rendered into proper Latin.

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P. 3. With whom, penes quern.

Affections, €aritates.

No Man enjoys, Null'i est homini.

P. 4. .Goes to Wreck, Naufragium facit.

Without, Carens.

His best, Quod in sefiiit.

End at last in, Evadet in.

Must be adapted, Referantur.

Both at once, Simul.

Have great influence over, Vekementer permovenf.

P. 5. I am determined, Cerium est.

They live not well, Non vere vivitur.

That you are not accused of any thing, Ne quid accusandus sis.

P. 6. Before us. Ante pedes.

Wisdom, Sapere.

To improve, Provehere in meliut.

Is our main Business, Caput est.

P. 7. A small part, Paululum.

P. 8. Deals, Agit.

Who are a little down in the World, Quibus res sunt minus sccundee.

In Jest, per Jocum.

P. 9. Is, Sunt. Much talked of, Sermonibus eelebrantur. Whoever, Quisque.

P. 10. Summons, Advocat.

P. 11. There is more. Satisfaction in, Plus aniino satis sit en.

Such an inestimable Jew


el, Omne pretium ila exuberant.

P. 12. Keeping, Prementit.

When you have made so great a Progress, as even to' reverence yourself, Cum lanthm profeceris, ut sit tibi 'I'ium tui reverentia.

In their Absence, Absentibus.

. Good Husbandry, Diligentia.

The doing, Facere.

P. 13'. Every one hath, Nu Hi non est.

It wjll be time enough to bear, Satis citb patiendum est.

P. 14. It is a Shame, .Turf« est.

It is a Favor, I confess, Meritum (or gratum) sane est.

For the sake of, In id tanikm ut.

P. 16. Greatly improved, In melius translati.

On knowing, Ciim senserunt.

Subsist by Dealings in the World, Vitam tolerant per resquas inter se contrahunt.

Means of their Liveli

hood, Vilce ratis.

So—not, Itaut ne.

Hath formed, Conjugavit.

Prospect of Interest, Cura utilitatis sua;.

He looked, Prospexit.

P. 17. Extravagant Metaphors, Improbas Jiguras dicendi. ,

Manly, Animosas.

Fails of his Aim, Propositi) excidit.

Meets with Reproach, In opprobium incurrit.

P. 18. A Fool is no sooner provoked, but, Ut

stultus irritatus est, statim.

Stifles his Resentment even of, Premit animi sensus etiam in.

Near, Proximui.

When the Night is, Nocte.

P. 19. Who intended, Cui propositum est.

Let a Man be ever so ungrateful, Ingratissimus licet quis fuerit.

Satisfaction, Voluptatem.

Who have done, Qui pratstiti.

Having a great deal, Cum plurima possideas.

Calling, Qui invoco.

To the Advantage, In rem, or ex re.

P. 20. Courtship and Flattery, Urbanitaa et blanditice.

A Person of true Worth, Vir verd virtute preeditus.

We find, Sentimus.

Makes, Impellit.

Labor to overcome, Optram dato ut domineris.

As it is a Shame, Quibus indignum est.

As, Scilicet.

P. 21. Upon all Occasions, Omni loco.

I have paid, Argentum numeravi.

P. 22. A principal point, Preecipua pars.

Enter not into Familiarity, Ne coiias societatem.

Is so well known every where, Adeb innotescit.

Next unto, Post.

P. 23. Cometh not, Non nascitur.

Get to such a Height, In tantum convalescet.

P. 24. They are advanced, Processerint.

In great Place, Honori

bus affecti.

Are Servants, Serviunt. That some are real, Alias esse, alias videri.

P.25. In old Age,Senilis.

Provision, Viatici.

In the Perfection of it, Ad earn remperficiendam.

The less Delight, Minus deliciarum.

Is of more Consequence, Habet plus momenti.

What sort of, Quales.

Likes to ride, Non metuit insidere.

No other Evil, Nihil quicquam aliud vitii.

What Advantage, Quid fructus.

Nay rather, Immd verd.

No Time, Nihil loci.

P. 26. Full, Gravida.

Lay, Sternunt.

Is used in telling a Story, Narrandw Fabulce adhibetur.

The more likely it is to gain belief, Fidem eo faciliiis invenlura est.

Attendance, Comitatu.

Service, Opera.

Very highly, Magnified.

From others, Aliunde.

No change in the Person, Nihil mutationis in ipso homine.

That part of the Wallet, Id manticcc.

P. 28. When unmated, cannot arrive at Excellency, Solitaria non posset ad ea qua: summa sunt pervenire.

Pretends to what is good, Imitatrix est boni.

P. 30. So mnch, Tantopere.

Of a mean Estate, Tenuis ret.

To be measured by, Dirigenda est ex.

If it be fed, Si ejjlorescit.

He should stick at spreading the Slander, Eum ipsam infamiam dissem'mare dubitaturum.

P. 31. Change of Government, Rerum novarum.

A Person of Integrity will not be prevailed upon, A vivo integro nunquam impetrabitur.

To jnstify the least Untruth, Testimonio firmare quod averi) velmmbnb absit.

Cares not, Nihil pensi kabet.

Without any Difficulty, Nihil hcerens.

Without a Teacher, Nullo monente.

The Fitness of every Ac

tion, Quid agendum sit.

P. 32. To bid Defiance to, Provocate.

A strong Resolution, Pectore firmo.

There is no need, N«n iuusfaeto est mild.

I do not want it, Eo nihil mihi est usus.

P. 33. To invade another's Province, Alienum occupare ojficium.

With a better Grace, Honestius. .

Much Patience, Modus nequaquam exiguus patientue.

To bear the Loss, Utferas mortem.

For the setting up a Fortune-teller, Ad hariolum adornandum.

On the one side, Hinc; on the other, Mine.

To satisfy, Ut facias sow tis.

P. 34. The least Generosity, Cui «el minimum liberal** ingenii insit.

As not having yet bee» in want, Ut qui nondum egestate laboraverint.

Instead of raising his Family, Non modii non domum evehit, verum etiam.

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