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Zealous for, studiosi.

How long we may, quern adfinem liceat.

From some, Aliis.

Account themselves, Arbitrantur se visum iri.

So far from being consistent with, Tantum abest officio.

And, Atque adeb.

At hand, In promptu.

P. 35. Are beyond, Superant.

P. 36. That constant Tenor of Life, that leads tp Perfection, Unitas vitie in perfectum itura.

A Happiness not always to be met with, Qua facultas non semper datur.

That the latest Posterity, Ne quidem posteritas omnium sceculorum.

P. 37. Shy of Business, Fugax return.

Born for, Natus in.

Extremities, Ultima.

Probably they will grow up with him, Verisimile est, fore uti cum estate simul accrcscant.

P. 38. To secure Power, Ad opes tuendus.

P. 39. To prove, Bvadere.

Take no dye, Nullum colotem bibunt.

Like to die, Moriturus.

Long since, Jam olim.

The Importance of our Undertaking, Quanta resell.

P. 40. To secure, Ad tutandam.

Will succeed to a great Estate, Fore, ut in amplam rem succedat.

He has not, Non est ei.

P. 42. Who will be as good as his Word, Qui promissis stabit.

Proof against Flattery, Pat adulationi.

P. 43. Is so far from being inferior to all, that, Adeb non omnium infima est, nt.

P. 44. Relish Health, Ut commoda valetudo nobis


Sickness, mala.(valetudo).

Enhanceth the Value of Plenty, Addit preiium copies.

The Experience of Want, Inopice periculum.

P. 46, He that has a Heart, Qui sustinet.

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Pinches his own Flesh, Suum genium defraudat.

More for the Child's good, Infanti utilius; be left, amandari.

Sees, Reperit.

If by this means, .Si.tic ford.

In all Places, Ubique loeorum.

If their Mind be but suited, Anirnum modi gerant.

Convenient ,Opportunum.

Of no use, Inutitit.

Of service, Utitem.

P. 47. Uneasy, incommoda.

In case of, In.

I dhall be glad, Maximo mthi ci it gaudio.

At my House, Apud me.

His own Enemy, Sibi ipsi mutilis.

Deliberation, Consilium.

Hoodwinks the Mind, Mentis oculos perstringit.

The Chance is not in onr power, Quod cadat, nos penes non est.

P. 48. To have a mean Opinion of ourselves, Tenuiter de te existimare.

P. 49. But be overcome, Non vinci.—Is desirous to

approvehiroself, Mores suo9 ex probare eaysetlt.

P. 60. Who stint themselves, Quibuscircumscriptus.

From one whom, &c. De quo se beni meritum putat.

Rather a Debt than a Favor, In mercedis potius quini beneficii loco.

She sheweth herself, Prastat se.

P. 51. Near a-kin, Finitimus.

At least as much, if not more, Non minus certe, si non et multb magis.

Without some—between, Nullointerposito.

Generally speaking, Vt plurimiim

For their own sakes, Sui ipsorum ergo.

P. 52. To adapt Nicknames, Imponere vocabula cognata.

P. 53. Not degenerate from, Similis sit.

Regards not the Instruction, Respuit documenta.

Equal to, par.

Even so it is with, Sic se habeni.

Grow up, Svbmittuntur.


We arc not, Non nos rfe

E; 54. Tolonc another,

Alicui cum aliquo

A frank Nature, Aper

tum ingenium.

P; 55. To spend our Time in the pursuit of Things, Moras terere in rebus consectandis.

Who delights so much, Tarn familiari*.

Very unbecoming, Alienissimum.

P. 56. No Office of Humanity, Nihil

With genteel Behaviour, Ab honestis aetionibus.

Somewhat—ought to be displayed, Aliquodlumen elueeat.

Without being involved in, Immunis.

Met with no, Immunis tsset..

P. 57. In the Grave, A pud inferos.

Under Command, dioto audientes.

Every one—not,Nonquivisi

To distribute Justice, Jus reddendum.

And to end, minuendas.

P. 58. Being made, Natus.

No more, Nihil ultra:

The Grouud, Materia.

Converseth, Sermonem habet.

For a State of, Ad.

P. 59. To all manner of Politeness, Ad omneni comitate m facilitatemque.

Passea by, Facile patitur.

V P. 60. A Heart* Animus. As a pure Being, Ut qui purus sit.

. P. 62. A Cripple in his Limbs, Fractus membra.

P. 63. Put out to use, In fwnore.

Desiguing, dolosus.

P. 64. Stand thick with Com, Sunt fertiles ubere.

All Places abound, Omnia sunt pinna.

Of Days, Vital.

Full of, Fascunda.

Abounded, with, Fertilis:

Poor in Words, Inops verbis.

P..65.,Sturdy, Contumaces. Free itom, Expers. Unhappy, Ut sit infalix.

Stands hi no need, Xon indigna est.

Without, Expert.
Not nsed to, Erpers.

P. 66. In effect, Re,

P. 67- A Thing, Aliquid. Of such a Nature, Tale. Will take up with it, Eo ntetur.

P. 68. Merely, Modb.

With Reason, Meritb.

Which is sure to eclipse, Isiuc verb pro certo ojficiet.

Let him look to that, Ipse viderit.

Deserving, Dignum.

P. 69. Who would pass, Qui velit esse. Overlook, Deipiciant.

P. 70. An amicable Difference of Opinion, &c. Differentium inter le reprehensiones nunquam debent esse acerbee.

Dislikes, agrifert.

Condition, Res.

P. 71. Lies quite' out of the Road of this Temptation, Vilam colit ab istius modi illecebris longe sitam.

Because there'is'nothing which can induce them to

wish it longer, Quia atiest quod inducat eos, iit vitam productiorem velint.

A cheap Market, Pllem annonam.

If disappointed herein, Qui si careat.

P. 72. Deaf and blind, Auribus et ocnlis eaptum.

With propriety, prudenter.

With Deliberation, considerati. .

Mad, Mente eaptum.

Being driven from Home, Finibus extorris.

Like to miscarry, Successu cariturus est.

Because he follows, &c. Quia stulto duce utitvr.

P. 73. Sold for Gold, Venales auro.

Salutation, Salutis.

The Equestrian Order. Auqusti clavi.

'1 he Sweets, Suavitate.

P. 74. Returns, Remu


Intercourse, Vicissitudine.

Extreme Pain, Acutissimo dolore.

Extreme Pleasure, Shmmd voluptatc.

P. 75. Dearer than, An


Come to such a pass, as, Eb perveniunt ut.

There is no hope of a Cure, where, &c. Desiiiit esse remedio locus, icfn qua fuerant vitia fiunt mores.

More stubborn Things, Difficilipra.

To get so much, &c. Id iapientiee adipisci ut culleas.

Upon all occasions, Qudcunque in re.

P. 7(5. That lives by cheating, Cui cxfraude vivitur.

Getteth Wealth, Opes invenit.

The Guests, Accnmbentes.

Wirtl improved, Bend culto.

Is so far from—that, Non modb non,rerhm etiam.

Rural Enjoyments, ad qiiem fruendum.

Of all the Things which, &c. Omnium rerum ex quibus aliqu'id e&qniritur.

V 77. Who has Bo better Success in his Cures, Oui cumtioncs non rcotius cedant.

P. 78. When we have no Opinion, JJetmcid apikione.

If at rariance with itself, A seipso dissidens, tecumque discordans.

If the Pleasure, Si jucunditas.

The greater—the more, Quo majoreomagis.

P. 7». With a much better grace, Multb Iionestiiis.

Be anxious in the pecuniary Concerns of his Friends, do pecunid amicorum labqrare.

One would think, Ut sperit quis.

Of a more forgiving romper, Ignoscentior.

That he should have any Disgust against me, Qubd odium mei ilium capered.

Of his Affection towards me, Ex caritate mei.

For want of your Assistance, Desiderio tui.

P. 80. For ypu, Tui. In your Race, Curreutem.

To perpetuate his Memory, Qua extendat memoriam sui.

Of me, No'strL

Iiut merely, in Compliance of, &e. Scd qui a moa est k(i rogpudi.

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