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We should act unlike ourselves, Simus dissimiles nostri.

Since we have a Desire to see you, Cum tenemar desiderio vestri.

Like you, Non dissimiles vestri.

P. 81. I have such an, &c. Te ed sapientid judico.

A Disgrace to human Nature, Aon haminem.

Enjoy your, own good Fortune, Tuis bonis dclectari.

The utmost Reproach to me, Turpissimum.

Let us agree, Stet Mud nobis.

P. 82. My, Med ipsius.

The Society of your Friends, Conviction nostrum.

Occupations, Consuetudinem.

Or peculiar to, Vel imam solius ac propriam.

With our own personal Amity, Nostrd ipsorum Amicitid.

P. 83. As every Man holds his own, Quia suum cujusque est.

The whole Result of it must be, &c. Ornne consilium revocandum est ad.

With an unwilling Ear, Parum eei/uis auribus.

But that my Discourse &c. Ne men molesta videatur oratio disserentis.

To his Rehearsal, ReciUiulii.

P. 84. To take care of himself, Sui capitis esse custodem.

P. 85. Makes use of it, Occupat.

Is gone off, Se remiserit.

In requiring, qui postulem.

P. 86. Its own Guardian, Conservatrix sui.

Which must at last,— Quo se ipse obrueret.

Without any Prejudice to themselves, Sine sud.

P. 88. A Competency, Mediocria.

In being superfluous, Eo quod supcrfluunt.

Is prejudicial, nocent.

Plenty lays, Ubertas sternit.

His own private Fortune, Suis facultatibus.

P. 89. Stands engaged, &c. Suscipit as alienum. In competition with Virtue, In certitmen virtutis.

Mere, ipsa.

Affliction, Malum.

A melancholy, Trhili.

Meet with due Bsteem andApprobatioa ,Suumpre. tiain, suajue suffragia inveniret.

A mean, Rationem.

P. 90. Divided from Justice, A juntitid semota.

When necessity spurs, Necessitudine adurgente.

Given them a Grace, Honestaoit.

Come to Poverty, Ad paupertatem redigi.

As next in degree, Pro.cimus.

Have the Prerogative, Suo jure hoc habentboni.

Fmd a Welcome in all Countries, Beni excipiuntur o/nni terrd.

P. 93 To an excellent,

In cgregio.

With a great deal of, &c. Per multam turbam et cencursationem.

Huddled up, Festinatd coacta.

The Foundation of it being laid in Rapine, Fundamentis in rapto posith.

It moulders away frequently, he. Eddem qud parta est celeritate deldbitur.

Art of Conversation, AP. 91. Time makes Proof gendi cum hominibus ars.

of a Friend, Amicum, quads sit, pertentat dies.

Is so far from, Aded non parat, ut.

What then > Quidenim?

Proved, Evaserunt.

Made great Proficiency, Magnos profectus assecuti sunt.

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P. 94. Under the Appearance of, Ut videantur esse.

Master of himself, Sue juris.

Quick and dexterous in the Dispatch of, &c. In ex92. And the like, Et pediendo quovis negotio sibi

ccetera ejusdem generis.

Real Legacies, Vera heereditatcs.

Plain-dealing, Sinceritas.

Wears, gerit.

mandato celeritate utitur.

You may foretel, Vera prcedixeris.

Profuse joy, Effusa latitia.

k leaves tfie Heart, 2>ettituit animurn.

To be popular, Carum nte.

More complete, I'/aniorem.

Whom he flatters, Ad cujns voluptatem dicitur.

Away with all that Craft, Tullendce sunt astuliw.

Which affects to be like, Qua se vu•t videri este.

I would advise you, Te admonition esse velim.

P. 95. So that every Man may be as grateful as he pleases, Cuivis licet quantiim libet grato esse.

A Tyrant may, Est ut tyrannns.

Numberless, Quamplurhni:

Counterfeit, Simulati.

Since he may be injurious, &c. Cui malo licet esse.

P. 96. Whether it be a Christian's or Heathen's, Christiani sit, an extranet.

Is there no end of adding, &c. Nullusne finis domibus et agellis continuandh stahiendus est?

Thou must shortly remove, &c. I'-rope adest, cum tit* mijgrandum est.

My native Borough, Cu~ jus municipii sum.

That he may be tm? worse, but cannot be the better for, Quo deterior pottit fieri, melior nequeat.

P. 97. So—as not, Itaut ne.

To be discomposed at Disasters, In rebus asperis perturbari.

Put beside his Guard, De loco moveri.

To maintain, Preesente aniiiio uti.

Without, Nee.

To weather a Tempest, Subvenire tempestati.

To execute his Master's Commands, Herilia jusea pcrsequi.

To be brave himself, Se fortetn dare.

That those under, Qui merent sub.

To forecast in our Thoughts the Event of Things to come, Animo ante designarc rerum, qua? futura sint, eventa.

That we may never be. put to the foolish Exclamation, Nee redigi adfatuam istam vociferationem.

Mark of Ingenuity, Liberals est ingenii.

To make no difference, &c'. Ifaurftfampersonal nulla habere discriiuine.

To give our assent to Truth, Verls mantis dare.

Where it will, Undecunque.

P. 98. To employ it generously, &c. Ad Uberalitalem aique beneficentiam conferre.

Have the World at will, Rebus ad voluntatem nostrum fiuenlibus.

To be transported with, Immoderate ferre.

Be used, Adhibenda est.

Not to care what the World thinks of him, Nihil pensi habere, quid de se alii put ant.

P. 99. To ffirig himself into, Se conjicere in.

To the Resentment of those in power, Contra potent es.

Not to accept the Apology for a short Letter, Aregare veniam breeibus epistolis.

Mean, Humilis animi.

Obstinacy, Pertinacis.

P. 100. To act agreeably to the circumstance of the Times, Consulere temporibus.

To do what you are commanded, Jussa facere.

To inquire, Queererc.

P. 101. To be dissolved, Desidiosd luxurid solvi.

The \\oleat,Pr<scipitantes.

It is a common thing, Non insolens est.

P. 102. To judge his Heart, Noscere ejus pectus.

We do not know, Prorshs ignoramus.

As they are imagined, Uti plerique in animo fingunt.

For their Wealth some-' times only serves to make them be accused, Hactantummodb pratstant opes, ut accwientur.

To evade the Law, Ut legibus eripiantur.

To pay a large sum of Money Reprasentaregrandempeouniam, Ex. 5, 6. To accuse, Insimulare.

He owns, Allegat.

He accused, Astrinxk.

To accuse of a capital' Crime, Capitis arcessere.

Take care, Vide.

It is a good Argument, Non levi est argumento.

That 'I am moderate. and unblameable in both, . Modici et inculpatb re utrdqne uti.

To condemn, Infamart.

Pt 103. He th at takes the Liberty to tell others qf 1 their Fault*, Qui liberepeccatorum moneal.

To their very Face, In ipsum os.

To be told, Admoncri.

It is acertain Sign, Signo laud incerto est.

He is in the very way to be undone,Adexhium recta pergit.

Intent, Consilio.

Who sincerely wishes it was in his power, Qui ex animo optat se posse.

P. 104. He is accused, Arguitur.

Of not being punctual in writing, De non missione iiterarum.

Of Extortion, De repeiundis pecuniis.

P. 105. To advise you of it, Ed de re te admonendum esse.

Lay any thing to the charge of, Libero culpa.

As if you waa upon Oath, Tanquam juratus.

To charge, Insimulare.

To be accused, Argui.

P. 10ff. Retort thp Charge, Te eodem crimine eondemnabo.

A guilty Conscience, Mens mate conscia.

P. 107. As, Ut qui.

We oftentimes envy, Siupe sit, ut invideamus.

In all, Inter.

State, Splendorem.

Hap*py in their Obscurity, Fcliciter ebscuri.

With an impartial Eye, Iisdem oculis.

But more earnestly when, &c. Impensius quidem laborantibus.

P. 108. But so as to remember, Ut reminiscar tamen.

In the case of, In.

And then, Turn verb.

Favor to me, Meriti in me.

My Promise, Data; Jidei.

P. 109 Suitable to your Circumstances, Qua digna tud persond sunt.

It will be an eternal Obligation to me, Semper me tibi devinctum habetis.

But in a little while, Post pauib.

The Note is changed, Alid canitur cantilend.

When they toroe to be 1 ransported with, Cum incideni iit in.

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