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P. HO. TTie Dignity' of my Character, Dignitatis nostra.

We must mind other' Meii's Business, Aliena sic nobis tractanda sunt.

To their last, Ademrema.

Former Insolence, Veteris contumelies'.

Practice, Consuetudinis.

P. 111. Reduce to the same Condition, In eundem locum redigere.

Employ, Artificium.

Without being ashamed, Sine rubore.

Moral Decency, Verecundia.

To cast a. severe Eye on the Example, Cum severitate exemplum tueri.

P. 112. The many Obligations you have laid upon me, Plurima quibus me ti6i devinctiim habcs merita.

P. 113. The general, Constans.

By the Decree of Fate should be Masters of the World, Esse in fatis,potirentur rerum.

Had Power, Rerum potita est.

I would not, nolim.

Tho' I was sure thereby

to gain a Kingdom', Ne si escploratum qliidcm hdbe'am regrtb me eo paclo pMiturStm.

Wc eagerly desire; Concupisci?nus.

Undo us, Pdssunkarent.

What labouring Man, EcquitHam merc'endrius.

That his Work is over, Opere dSsoluto.

Cutting off all Convoys, &c. Commeatu intercluso.

Without Bloodshed, Sine vutnere.

. P. 114. For the Wrong's sake, Tpsius injuria: ergo.

Let not—tempt thee to contrive any Mischief to him, Cavete impellat illi malum parare.

Under the Name of Good Offices, Specie benevolenti<E.

The worst, gravissima.

P. 115. What is there great, in that a Man, Quid magnifici est, horn inem.

Procures, conciliate

P. 1 16. To assist : to do a Favor, Commodore.

Endanger, Svceat.

The Body politic, Gorpore reipublicce.

Idolizes himself, Se maxime ipse delectet.

Has his Ears most open, Maxime patefaciat aures.

When their Occasions require, Cum usus poscit.

P. 117. To serve, Opitulor.

To protect -. to defend, Patrocinor,

The Business, Proprium.

Interest, Laudi.

P. 118. Never ,depnri. from, Nunquam till excedat.

Treat great ones with, Commodore magnis.

As may preserve a good state of Health, Quantum bonce valetudini satis est.

As, Non secus ac.

P. 119. Of that promising turn, Exlmid spc.

Exalted Virtues, Summee virtutis.

P. 120. Makes a Man - to be froward, Ut difficilior sit impellit.

Ever so malicious, Maxime malevoli. Violates, leedit.

. P. 121. Nnrscd up, Ad fructum producta.

Tutored, Ingenia educdrunt.

Are serving, Juvamus.

Whom we had better let. alone, Quos non expcdil.

Presumption, Temerita~ tis est.

For fear of giving Offence to certain Persons, Ne alicujus animum offenderes.

P. 122. To compare, Comparo.

A sprightly successful Courser, rictoris cgui.

Ex. 5. Compare, Compono—G, Confero.

And then, Ita.

P. 423. Vexation?, OJbsa.

Be rejected, Jaceat.

Prevail, Valeat.

Who has a fine Air, Honestd crat facie et liberali.

To compare to, JEquiparo ad.

P. 124. Come in competition with one another, Inter se comparentur.

Compare together, Conferte inter se.

Abilities, Ingcnii dotes.

Is nffected, J'ermovetur.

To impose upon, Dare verba.

Houses and Fields, Teeta et agri.

To offer, Largiri.

P. 125. And be setback tothe Starting Post, si deckceres a calce revocari. . Thing, Absurdum est. V In the general Course of their Lives, In omiii J'eri vitce spalio.

Myself up entirely, Me totum.

Go with us, Darit sese nobis.

Attentive to, Defy operani.

Qualifications, Doiibus.

Count it lost, Perditum dueas.

Gives me, Exhibet.

The Palm-Tree afforded, Platanus ministrabat.

As they were drinking, Potantibus.

Pi 126. Unnatural, Prater naturam est.

To help you to, Reddere.

.P. 127. Of a Bad Heart, jStalitiae.

Retort the Question, Idem reponam.

Towards the Accomplishment, Qud effectum reddatur.

Not certain of to-morrow, Ne crastino quidemdominamur.

P". 128. He was very liberal, Liberal'msimb pollicitus erat.

I answer, Spondee Take upon me, In me mcipio.

To Voiir Satisfaction, Ex sententid.

He paid to the Tythingmen, Exsolvit decumanis.

Th'ey paid, Perideoaht.

He paid, Numeravit.

P. 136. Feel a Joy, Oaudebunt.

I give Instructions, Preecipio.

Was Mistress, Dominabdtur.

Strictly charge, Edi'cam.

To intimate, Significare.

With, Apud

P. 131. When it is in your power, Cum apud te est in promptu.

He saluted me, Salutem mihi nuncupavit.

I doubt not but. they will approve of it, Facere non possum qvin declararem.

P. 132., You have been plea^d, Dlgpatus es.

In such Things as were offered to your Consideration, De quibwi te consului.

Set right, Regere.

It requires no, Non est.

Correct, Temperent.

So as not, Qub minus.

[blocks in formation]

They pretend Conscience in any Thing, Aliquid sibi per animi conscientiam nan licere pr<e seferunt.

In every thing, Omnia.

Thou shalt be at ease, Ab animo otioiui fueris.

To persuasion, Suadenti.

However weak they are, Quantulicunque tint.

P. 134. Prospers in his Designs, Propositum adfelicem e.vhium perducit.

Ex. 6. To trust to, Confido:—9, 10. Committo.

Has prevailed with, Co«git.

P. 135. To your Sagacity, Tibi, ut perspicias.

My Distresses, Nostris falis.

Attention, Cognitione.

Close-fisted, Astricti.

Ill report, Famigerationi.

Inventor, Auctor.

P. 136. Hath entrusted —with, Concredidit.

With the Pursuit of, nor rasy to believe, a Calumny, In inferendis criminibus nee credat oblatis.

P. 137. Will be brought, Eo venient ut.

He could have no other end—but, Nihil aliud spectare poi ail, nisi.

If we would deny ourselves sometimes in unnecessary desires, Si modb in animum induceremu4 nobismetnon necessaria cupietttibus adversari.

Of excellent use, Apprinii utile.

Is so far from, Adeb no».

P. 138. To submit to it, Ei morigerari.

To what is self-evident, Perspicuis.

Be Slaves to, Deservient.

There are certainly no greater Slaves than they, Profectb nusquam graoius servitur quani ab Us.

To comply with, Servire.

Resists his own evil Inclinations, Pravis animi sui momentis obsistit.

P. 139. Bear up against, Superior resislercs.

To prevent ill Habits, OcCurrere pravis consuetudinibus.

P. 140. You must die once, Semel moriarisnevessi est.

"Scarce, ParUm.

Being on T'iTe,Ardoretuo.

To threaten, Minitor.

With Elm Rods, Futuro* ulmeos.

Melancholy Men, Atrd bile laborantes.

Which is commonly the Error of weak Minds, Quod fere peccatum peccant.

P. 141. Is offended, Succenset.

By being ruffled at, &c. Si irascamur intempestivi) accidentibus.

To be angry with, Quod succenseas.

May be in contempt for a time, Conlcmpiui shit ad temp us.

P. 142. He is my principal Concern, In eo mihi sunt omnia t

Let no one be displeased, Abslt mihi.

To stand by, to defend, Adesse.

A Present, Dona adsunt tibi.

Is apt to, Facili inducitur, nt.

In many Respects, Non in una re.

P. 143. Are wanting, deaunt.

Men ought to have, Debet inesse viris.

It should be onr' first Care, Primb videndum est.

That it may not be above our Circumstances, Ne majus sit quam res sinit.

P. 144. Had the chief Management in, Presfuit.

In punishing, Adpuniendum.

To excel, ,to remain to, Su

P. 145. manage, to peresse.

Laid up with, Positum apud.

To lose as little of my Kindness as possible,BeneJicia men quam minimi! possum abjicere.

P. 140. Made for, Natus in.

Not that we are debarred, Non quod non liceat.

Provided we use them, Modd adhibeamus.

We have discharged, Satisfecimus.

He would not deign to give ine Satisfaction, Non me dignum haheret cui satisjaceret.

To satisfy him, Utcisatkjiet.

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