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P. I.47. The Characteristic, 'Miuciiuf propria.

P. 148. Hath done more, I'fura prcpsiitit.

He gave, lii tulit.

Lies contiguous to, Adjacet.

Coveted to be his Heir, Oculuin hareditati adjevit.

To apply to, Adscisco.

They bring, Applico.

V. 149. To be under a accessUy of failing in any Point of Duty, Ut utlajiaf hitermissio oj/i'ii.

He that has got, Cui


Together with a Friend recommend, &c. Fautor

to recommend, «c. ra

eliam commendatorqyc

To add Fuel, Subm

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Gives a check to, 06ttat.

To detract from, Obtrectare.

Poring over, Imminere.

Relaxation, Intervallum.

P. 1.02* Arrives at, Oontin^et.

Ex. 5. To excel, PrteIrc.

Ex, 6. To excel, Ante

P. 153. Will be your Portion, Te taciturn obrepet.

To shelter him from the Rain, Quod succederet causd imbris ritandi.

Reaches, Accidit.

V. 154. You have a Man to deal with, Cum viro tibi negotium est.

When a Man has Credit, Utfama est homini.

To suit—to an end, Ad propositum accommodate.

To commend him, A4 laudem. ,

P, 155. Maybe answerable to, Suppelant.

P. 156. Delight, Amori. For your good, Tibi esse saluti.

I see many Reasons to believe, that, Multa mild veniunt in mentem, ut.

Blame you for it, Id vitio vertet tibi.

P. 157- Nothing looks more silly, Nihil aspectu conlemptius est.

Outwitted, Ingenio superatus.

Beaten, Confossus.

P. 15S. Is the Result, Consequitur. Delicacy, Verecundiafn.

P. 159. The whole Race of Mankind, Universos popnlos.

If she was a Stranger to general Benevolence, Si cl caritiUe vulgi abhorTevet

P. 160. To live a Saint, Sc sanctum esse victurum.

P. 161. To demand, Flagitare.

Letters, Elementa.

P. 162. Like those, Forum more.

To be taken notico of, Conspici.

Were required to produce their Corn, 'Flagitarentur frumentum.


^P. 163. He that travels into foreign Parts, Qui peregrb proficiscilur. Y

'Doubles the Gift, Bis dat.

Soon dissipated by the Wind, Qua ventis max differuntur.,

P. 164. By the Furnace,


Shake at every Breath, Nullo nmflamine moventsr.

P. 165. Mischief is their Business, In malefivio occupantur.

Enters into contest with, Certamen ink cum.

The Fool will still have the last Word, Non deerit stulto quod objiciitt.

Dispatch them in due Order, Cmtficiximus, justo deinceps ordine.

To our Content, Ex animi scnteniid.

The Avenues, Fores.

When we cannot have an advantageous Cast, Ubi non datvr commodus jactus.

Imperfections, Vitia,

P. 166. Worm-eaten, Vitiosd. Bought off with Liberty upon Liberty, Conduct tribus libertatibut.

Have averted—at the Expense of, &c. Redemistemmeis incommodis.

P. 167. If they who know the Value of Things, Callidi rerum ecstimatores.

A little more than half, Prope dimidio minori.

And of bad Materials, Et maid materiatam.

P. 168. In your own Eye, Tibi.

In the Eye of others, Aliis.

P. 169. That go by Hearsay, Auriti.

Sets an high value upon, Mag-no pretio indicat.

Dangerous, Duris.

Will not make, Nonfuturus erit.

P. 170. Distinguished with, Redundares.

P. 172. Their Behaviour ought to be the Reverse, Quod contra oportebat.

While I am free from all Blame, Cum omni vacem culpd.

Fatten with Dung, Saturate pinguifimo.

He ungarrisoncd, Vacuavit auxiliis.

P. 173. Worthless, Le


I am filled, Me cumulari.

P. 174. Make me sick, Me taturant.

Who direct their greatest Services, Ei pot minium inscrviunt.

P. 175. Applied to these Labors, His muneribus fungerentur.

Enjoy his being, Frui animd.

The sweet Pleasure, Ammnitate.

Ex. 6. Enjoy, Perfruuntur.

P. 176. Nor so disturbed as to quit his post, Nee tumultuantum de gradu dejici.

P. 177. Without some Grains of it, Sine ulldparticuld.

P. 178. Spare yourself the Trouble, Supersedeas.

In nothing hath Nature more obliged us, than in that, Nullo nomine melius de nobis meretur natura, quam quia.

P. 179. As you promised me you would, Ut rnihi coram recepUti.

Will force, Exprimet.

It consists not with the Character of a good Man, -Von cadit in virum bonum.

To rob a Man, Detrahere aliquid alCeri.

P. 180. In Exchange for it, Pro iis.

Withdraws, Subcrahit.

P. 181. It is proper, Par est.

When things are calm, In re populi placidd.

When the fit is upon him, CUm morbi vis accesserit.

But he is nothing so bad as he, who suppressing, Longissimi abest ab illius malitid, qui premens.

Deliberately, Prudens sciensque.

Endearment, Caritate.

Being punished, Supplirio affectis.

The whole of, Tota.

It would engage, In adtnirationem sui raperet.

excusable, Lacrymis ignosci potest.

But not bewail, Non plorandum.

Are disregarded, Jacent.

P. 183. Without, Nisi. By whose Instruction, Qua Prceceptrice. Every ardent Desire,

Omnium cupiditatum ardore.

P. 184. With my Sides, Latera prmpeditus.

I am in great Doubt, Pendeo animi.

P. 185. The scandalous, Improbis.

To wallow in Wealth, Ciroumfluere omnibus copiU.

Is taken notice of, Notcitur.

P. 186. But from him who would retain it, Nisi retinenti

A VI an that applies himself to Business is insensible when, In studiis laboribusque vi'tnti nan iitelligitur, quando—Flame of Life, /Etas.

Extinguished, Frangitur.

Burns out, Diuturnitate cxtinguitur.

192. Tears are very P. Aa2


The deepest

. * Inrprwwaw e.f Sorrow, Maximos luctus.

Far be it from us, to, Absit, ut.

The being willing however to proceed, is great part of the Way, Magna pars est profectils, telle proficere.

P. 189. The Difference, Quid intersk.

Called forth into Action, In opere lentanda sunt.

Can be rendered intelligible, Percipi posse.

P. 190. To hear yourself ill spoken of, Male andirc.

P. 191. To let the World go as it will, NegI'igere humana.

ft is a pleasure, Bettum est.

To cringe to, S'ervire.

P. 19$. At our House, Apud nos.

P. 194. An old Man at his ABC, Elementarius senex.

Improved by the Advantage of Education, Prteclard eruditione atque doctrlnd ornati.

P. 195. That they may amend them, Emendandi causd.

Sei right, Corriguntur.

Who has had the offer of one, Cut fuit potestas aecipiendi.

The Humour, Libido.

Piloting, Gubernatio.

The being tired with seeking, Defatigatio qwBrendi.

P. 196. Righteousness, Recta.

ft is absurd to play with him, Frustrii cum Mo ditur.

P. 197. They who affirm that old iMen are improper for managing Business, Qui in re gerendd versari negant senectutem.

Rigorous, Aeerbum.

In all.his Contracts, In, re contrahendi.

Avoiding Law-suits, A litibvif abhorrentem.

P. 198. Aversion, Fugiendo.

P. 199. Off-hand, Subitb.

To give Assistance, Ad juvandum.

Swift in running, Valent seleritate.

Sweetness, Venustas.

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