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chant. M. Bourk, New Square, London, slopseller. A. Whiting, Long Acre, Middesex, coachmaker. D. Hodgkins, Liverpool, brush-maker. S. Calvert, late of Liverpool, dealer. G. Merriman, Stockport, Cheshire, dealer. Thomas Blaney, late of the East India Company's ship the Walthamstow, and of Bouverie Street, White Friars, mariner. Thomas Wigful, King's Lynn, Norfolk, iron founder. Edmund and Robert Tompkins, Deretend, Birmingham, plated ink-stand-makers. Wm. Rawlings, Gracechurch Street, London, grocer. Wm. Newton, Exeter, druggist. Wm. Stevens, Exeter, sadler. John Duneclilt, Leicester, grocer. John Avery, Queen Square, Westminster, organ-builder. Edw. Medley, Parliament Street, Westminster, scrivener. John Mouls, Hampstcad, Middlesex, corn-chandler. Thomas Cathro, Old Gravel Lane, Mkidle.-ex, baker. C. Holt, late of Leather Lane, Holborn, warehouseman. F.Fisher, .row or late of Chepstow, Monmouthshire, currier. G. Arthur, late of Shipley Mill, Northumberland, miller. A. Z. D. Cuvelie, Lancaster, merchant. J. Clayton, Sedgeberrow, Worcestershire, mealman. A. Houldsworth and H.Gravenor, Basingliall Street, London, warehousemen. James Marsh, Shad Thames, Southwark, shipwright. Thomas Madden, Pages Walk, Bermondscy, victualler. John Figgins, Trowbridge, Wilts, carpenter. Wm. Blagrove, Abingdon, Berkshire, miller. George Liddell, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, merchant. W. Schultze, and Philip Unger, Little Britain, merchants. Abraham Young, Bristol, corn-factor. John Fletcher Norman, now or late of Bristol, baker. George Glover, Dean Street, Solio, Middlesex, grocer. Richard Rogers, Cailcon, Monmouthshire, dealer. Davison Penny, jun. St. John Wapping, ship-chandler. Daniel Brien, late of James Street, Coveut Garden, victualler. Joseph Stone, late of Mersey Street, Liverpool, victualler. Wm. Bullet), Plymouth Dock, linen-draper. Joseph Evatr, Rood Lane, London, glassman. James Weldon, Lawrence Lane, warehouseman. J. Sproston, Liverpool, merchant. C. Clcgg, Milnrow, Lancashire, woollen-manufacturer. T. Man, Howard •Street, St. Clement Danes, dealer. D. N. Beckman, of Princes Row, Mile End New Town, Middlesex, sugar-grinder. G. F. Benekirt, SwanMead, Bermondsey, leather-dresser. P. Drinkwater, Manchester, and T. Dakeyne, Darley Dale, Derbyshire, corn-factors. C. Marriott, Manchester, merchant. Jos- Mitchell, Long Acre, cheesemonger. Jos. Sinee, Newington Place, Surrey, potter. W. Field, Old Cavendish Street, St.Mary

Toledano, Great Aylie Street, Goodman's Fields, merchant. Jos. Morris, St. John Street, Westminster, money-scrivener. Thos. Juxon, Birmingham, corn-factor. T. Arnold, Wolverhampton, baker. Reuben Smith, Little Chelsea, dealer. W. Holmes, Otley, vorkshire, mercer. Sam. King, Gloucester, shopkeeper. Edw. Parker, Stevenage, Herts, corn-dealer. Wm. Key, Duke Street, Aldgate, mercer. James Brady, Ipswich, linen-draper. Jos. Cowgill, Manchester, merchant. J. Daniel, Liverpool, merchant. J. Cheetham Morrey, Manchester, cotton-manufacturer. T. Fothergill, Manchester, merchant. George Mallison, Gauxholme, Lancashire, corn-miller. Geo. Woohidge, WimborriMinster, Dorsetshire, dealer. Jos. Adams, Brompton, Kent, butcher. Rees Thomas, Broad Street, £t. Giles, Middlesex, glass-seller.





Tlx letter P signifies that the piece to which it is annexed is to be
found in the Poetry; and the letter R Intimates
d:at it is an article in bur Stoiew.

A. Page
Alfred, a Poem,analyzed 23,

Appeal to the Society of

Friends ft - - 96
Apology M: the Sabbath R 311
Addington, Mr. Sketch of 333
A Dream P - 410
Arithmetical Questions R 41S

Butcher's Family & - 92
Butcher's Tales R - 98
Bankrupts, List of 105,213,320,


Bustard - - 143
Beggar s Tale - 157,251,380
Baetm's Essays K - 205
■rie:unfc, by Ogih ie R - 206
liiimgton, M1s. Memoirs of 215
Beaut:es of Sentiment R 310
Bless:ngs of Peace - - 367


Cabinet of Mirth - 75, 277
Cowper's W orks P - 90
Chronulogist - 102,211,317,

Cherry, Lines on P
Charity P

Cit:zen and Philosopher,
Essay on


Death of a Friend' P
Dramatic Biography R


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Evan's Excursion through

Kent - 41, 172, 264,391


ExtractsfrosAEccentric Bio-
graphy - - :. 70; 153
Emma of die Vale P - 86
Eccentric Bidgraphy R 97
Ed|ew»rthV:'ales R - 98
Essay on the Philosopher

and Ci:iifcn - 283
Essay on Religiu* R - 314
Encyclopedia of Wit R 420

Flora and the Boy P - 89
Forester, a Tale * 144
Fr:endship, Essay on - 345

Guide to Domestic Happi-
ness R - 97
General Biography R - 313

Hare, Account of - 6*
Historical Museum - 89
Hermit P - 296

I. fe;.

Irregular Sonnet P - 409
Jefferson, President, Me-
moirs of 1
Juvenile Recreations 77, 196,


Kiss P - - - 297

Lines on Farmer's Boy P 88
London, Prospect of - 227
Lycurgus, Life of - 332
Lines on d:e Heath of Gen.
Sir R. Abercromby P 41»


tines on the Death of a.

Younglady P -.412
Love and Time P - 414
Letters on Education K 419

Mucru< Like, Prospects in 27
Milton's Paiudlse Lost R 93
Morris's Science of Teach-
ing R - 95
Medical Admonitions R 96
Macneil's Works R - 99
Muxims, by Rocliefuucalt 12$
Marriage, Lines on P 302
Maniac Boy P - 305
Miscellanies R - 312

Nonconformist's Memo-
rial R 418

. O

Ode to Health P - 407
On my Child's Illness P 408
On Winter P - 409
On Happiness P - 411

Pope's Willow 63
Price, Memoirs of - 107
Peace- P - 200

Pontypool, Account of 234
Peace P - 294

Parson's Daughter P - 303
Peiersburgh, Picture of R 308
Priestley s Jews and Hin-
doos. R - 313
Parson s, Wm. Esq. Me-
moirs of - - 324
Philosophy and Mathema-
tics, Select Amusements
in R 418

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Sensitive Plant P - 86

Sonnet P - 87

Spaniel, Elegy on P - 91
Swindlers: Who are the R 95

Slavery reprobated - 241

Spring. Thoughts on - 250

ep, Account of - 287

Soliloquy P - 29*

Town, Superiority to the

Conntry - 16

Turkith Harem - 59

T ears and Smiles P - 93

Truth, an Essay - 169
The Partridg* P
- II. & V.

Verses on Sirttnouth P 297

Wakefieldj-Gilbert, Sketch

of". , '- . - 32

Do. Lines on P - 2*1

Wiltshire; Beauties of R 309

W inandermere, Lake of 343

', . -•• -• Co (EomsponBCtttg.

. The Editors acknowledge the receipt of many valuable articles,
which shall have due attention paid them.

To the author of the "Beggar's Tale" (concluded in the present
numher' they are much indebted, and shall te happy to hear from

A hn"Portrait of M. OTTO, the Flench Minister, now resident

in England, in our next.

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