Stories Selected from the History of Scotland for Children: Intended as a Companion to the Stories Selected from the History of England

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John Harris, 1825 - Kings and rulers - 170 pages

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Page 160 - ... from her for ever, the shrieks of the women and the scarcely less audible lamentations of the men were heard in distant parts of the castle. At the foot of the staircase leading down to the hall below, Mary was met by the Earls of Kent and Shrewsbury ; and she was allowed to stop to take farewell of Sir Andrew Melvil, the master of her household, whom her keepers had not allowed to come into her presence for some time before. With tears in his eyes Melvil knelt before her, kissed her hand, and...
Page 20 - Edgar, who ordered his eyes to be put out, and condemned him to perpetual banishment, in which he died some time after.
Page 28 - Henry and his sons, and the prisoners on both sides were set at liberty, William only excepted, who bore his confinement with great impatience. Of this Henry took the advantage, to make him pay homage for the whole kingdom of Scotland, and acknowledge that he held it only as a feu of the crown of England ; and, as a security, he was obliged to deliver into the hands of Henry all the principal forts in Scotland : viz.
Page 164 - The executioner, either on purpose, or from unskilfulness, or agitation, struck three blows before he separated her head from her body. He held it up, mangled with wounds, and streaming with blood ; and her hair, being ruffled, was discovered to be grey through afflictions and anxieties.
Page 62 - Frank was their guide ; he still remembered the path, and was the first to ascend the wall. But before the whole party could reach the top, an alarm was given, the garrison ran to arms, and a desperate battle followed. The English fought bravely till their commander was killed, after which they laid down their arms ; and Leland, the former governor, being released from his dungeon, joined the Scottish army.

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