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And see yon sapient train! with lib'ral aim, 'Twas theirs new plans of liberty to frame; And on the gothic gloom of slavish sway To shed the dawn of intellectual day. With mild debate each musing feature glows, And well-weigh'd counsels mark’d their meaning

brows. “ Lo! these the leaders of thy patriot line," A Raleigh, Hampden, and a Somers, shine. These from thy source the bold contagion caught, Their future sons the great example taught: While in each youth th' hereditary flame Still blazes, unextinguish’d, and the same!

Nor all the tasks of thoughful peace engage; 'Tis thine to form the hero as the sage. I see the sable-suited prince advance With lilies crown’d, the spoils of bleeding France, Edward. The Muses in yon cloister's shade Bound on his maiden thigh the martial blade: Bade him the steel for British freedom draw; And Oxford taught the deeds that Cressy saw.

And see, great father of the sacred band, The * Patriot King before me seems to stand. ! He, by the bloom of this gay vale beguild, That cheer'd with lively green the shaggy wild, Hither of yore, forlorn forgotten maid, The Muse in prattling infancy convey’d; From Vandal rage the helpless virgin bore, And fix'd her cradle on my friendly shore: Soon grew the maid beneath his fost'ring hand, Soon stream’d her blessings o'er th' enlighten’d

land. Though simple was the dome, where first to dwell She deign’d, and rude her early Saxon cell, Lo! now she holds her state in sculptur'd bowers, And proudly lifts to Heaven her hundred towers. 'Twas Alfred first, with letters and with laws, Adorn’d, as he advanc’d, his country's cause : He bade relent the Briton's stubborn soul, And sooth'd to soft society's controul A rough untutor'd age. With raptur’d eye Elate he views his laurel'd progeny:

* Alfred.



Serene he smiles to find, that not in vain
He form’d the rudiments of learning's reign:
Himself he marks in each ingenuous breast,
With all the founder in the race express’d;
Conscious he sees fair Freedom still survive
In yon bright domes, ill-fated fugitive !
(Glorious, as when the Goddess pour'd the beam
Unsullied on his ancient diadem)
Well pleas’d, that at his own Pierian springs
She rests her weary feet, and plumes her wings;
That here at last she takes her destin'd stand,
Here deigus to linger ere she leave the land.



GIVE, O give Love's sportful joys; Youth, and all that youth employs ; Wine like rubies bright, and red; And the board with dainties spread; Gay associates, fond to join . In the cup of circling wine !

Give the handmaid's lip divine,
Blushing deeper than her wine ;
Minstrels vers’d in tuneful art;
And the friend that's next our heart;
With the valued, cheerful soul,
Drainer of the brim-full bowl !

Give the nymph, that's tender, kind; Pure in heart, and pure in mind,

As th’ unsullied fount that laves
Eden's banks with blissful waves,
And whose beauty sweetly bright
Shames the clear moon's full-orb'd light!

Give the festive hall, that vies
With our boasted Paradise ;
Round it, breathing rich perfume,
Let refreshing roses bloom ;
Such as, with unfading grace,
Deck the blest abode of peace !

Give companions, who unite
In one wish, and one delight;
Brisk attendants, who improve
All the joys of wine and love;
Friends who hold our secrets dear,
And the friend who loves good cheer!

Give the juice of rosy hue,
Briskly sparkling to the view,

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