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As to re

tion of

British Columbia, to admit those Colonies or Provinces, or any of them, into the Union, and on Address from the Houses of the Parliament of Canada to admit Rupert's Land and the NorthWestern Territory, or either of them, into the Union, on such terms and conditions in each case as are in the Addresses expressed and as the Queen thinks fit to approve, subject to the provisions of this Act; and the provisions of any Order in Council in that behalf shall have effect as if they had been enacted by the Parliament of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland.

147. In case of the admission of Newfoundland and Prince presenta- Edward Island, or either of them, each shall be entitled to a Newfound representation in the Senate of Canada of Four Members, and land and (notwithstanding anything in this Act) in case of the admission




of Newfoundland the normal number of Senators shall be Island in Seventy-six and their maximum number shall be Eighty-two; but Prince Edward Island when admitted shall be deemed to be comprised in the third of the Three Divisions into which Canada is, in relation to the constitution of the Senate, divided by this Act, and accordingly, after the admission of Prince Edward Island, whether Newfoundland is admitted or not, the representation of Nova Scotia and New Brunswick in the Senate shall, as vacancies occur, be reduced from Twelve to Ten Members respectively, and the representation of each of those Provinces shall not be increased at any time beyond Ten, except under the provisions of this Act for the appointment of Three or Six additional Senators under the direction of the Queen.



Electoral Districts of Ontario.



Electoral Districts of Quebec specially fixed.



Provincial Public Works and Property to be the Property of Canada.

1. Canals, with lands and water power connected therewith. 2. Public Harbours.

3. Lighthouses and Piers, and Sable Island.

4. Steamboats, Dredges, and Public Vessels.

5. Rivers and Lake Improvements.

6. Railways and Railway Stocks, Mortgages, and other Debts due by Railway Companies.

7. Military Roads.

8. Custom Houses, Post Offices, and all other Public Buildings, except such as the Government of Canada appropriate for the use of the Provincial Legislatures and Govern


9. Property transferred by the Imperial Government, and known as Ordnance Property.

10. Armouries, Drill Sheds, Military Clothing, and Munitions of War, and Lands set apart for general Public Purposes.


Assets to be the Property of Ontario and Quebec conjointly. [Omitted.]


Oath of Allegiance.

I, A. B., do swear, that I will be faithful and bear true Allegiance to Her Majesty Queen Victoria.

Note. The name of the King or Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland for the time being is to be substituted from time to time, with proper terms of reference thereto.

Declaration of Qualification.

I, A. B., do declare and testify, that I am by law duly qualified to be appointed a Member of the Senate of Canada [or as the case may be], and that I am legally or equitably seised as of Freehold for my own use and benefit of Lands or Tenements

held in free and Common Socage [or seised or possessed for my own use and benefit of Lands or Tenements held in Franc-alleu or in Roture (as the case may be,)] in the Province of Nova Scotia [or as the case may be] of the value of Four Thousand Dollars over and above all Rents, Dues, Debts, Mortgages, Charges, and Incumbrances due or payable out of or charged on or affecting the same, and that I have not collusively or colourably obtained a title to or become possessed of the said Lands and Tenements, or any part thereof, for the purpose of enabling me to become a Member of the Senate of Canada [or as the case may be], and that my Real and Personal Property are together worth Four Thousand Dollars over and above my Debts and Liabilities.



1. Canada shall be liable for the debts and liabilities of British Columbia existing at the time of the Union.

2. British Columbia not having incurred debts equal to those of the other Provinces now constituting the Dominion, shall be entitled to receive, by half-yearly payments, in advance, from the General Government, interest at the rate of five per cent. per annum on the difference between the actual amount of its indebtedness at the date of the Union and the indebtedness per head of the population of Nova Scotia and New Brunswick (27-77 dollars), the population of British Columbia being taken at 60,000.

3. The following sums shall be paid by Canada to British Columbia for the support of its Government and Legislature, to wit, an annual subsidy of 35,000 dollars, and an annual grant equal to 80 cents per head of the said population of 60,000, both half-yearly in advance; such grant of 80 cents per head to be augmented in proportion to the increase of population, as may be shown by each subsequent decennial census, until the population amounts to 400,000, at which rate such grant shall thereafter remain, it being understood that the first census be taken in the year 1881.

4. The Dominion will provide an efficient mail service, fortnightly, by steam communication, between Victoria and San Francisco, and twice a week between Victoria and Olympia; the vessels to be adapted for the conveyance of freight and


5. Canada will assume and defray the charges for the following services :

A. Salary of the Lieutenant-Governor ;

B. Salaries and allowances of the Judges of the Superior Courts and the County or District Courts;

C. The charges in respect to the Department of Customs; D. The Postal and Telegraphic Services;

[blocks in formation]

G. Lighthouses, Buoys, and Beacons, Shipwrecked crews, Quarantine and Marine Hospitals, including a Marine Hospital at Victoria;

[blocks in formation]

And such further charges as may be incident to and connected with the services which, by the "British North America Act of 1867," appertain to the General Government, and as are or may be allowed to the other Provinces.

6. Suitable pensions, such as shall be approved of by Her Majesty's Government, shall be provided by the Government of the Dominion for those of Her Majesty's servants in the Colony whose position and emoluments derived therefrom would be affected by political changes on the admission of British Columbia into the Dominion of Canada.

It is agreed that the existing Customs Tariff and Excise Duties shall continue in force in British Columbia until the Railway from the Pacific Coast and the system of Railways in Canada are connected, unless the Legislature of British Columbia should sooner decide to accept the tariff and excise laws of Canada. When customs and excise duties are, at the time of the union of British Columbia with Canada, leviable on any goods, wares, or merchandizes in British Columbia, or in the other Provinces of the Dominion, those goods, wares, and merchandizes may, from and after the Union, be imported into British Columbia from the Provinces now composing the Dominion, or from either of those Provinces into British Columbia, on proof of payment of the customs or excise duties leviable thereon in the Province of exportation, and on payment of such further amount (if any) of customs or excise duties as are leviable thereon in the Province of importation. This arrangement to have no force or effect after the assimilation of the tariff and excise duties of British Columbia with those of the Dominion.

8. British Columbia shall be entitled to be represented in the Senate by three members, and by six members in the House

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