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of Commons. The representation to be increased under the provisions of the "British North America Act, 1867."

9. The influence of the Dominion Government will be used to secure the continued maintenance of the Naval Station at Esquimalt.

10. The provisions of the "British North America Act, 1867," shall (except those parts thereof which are in terms made, or by reasonable intendment may be held to be specially applicable to and only affect one and not the whole of the Provinces now comprising the Dominion, and except so far as the same may be varied by this Minute) be applicable to British Columbia, in the same way and to the like extent as they apply to the other Provinces of the Dominion, and as if the Colony of British Columbia had been one of the Provinces originally united by the said Act.

11. The Government of the Dominion undertake to secure the commencement simultaneously, within two years from the date of Union, of the construction of a Railway from the Pacific towards the Rocky Mountains, and from such point as may be selected, east of the Rocky Mountains, towards the Pacific, to connect the seaboard of British Columbia with the railway system of Canada; and further, to secure the completion of such Railway within ten years from the date of the union.

And the Government of British Columbia agree to convey to the Dominion Government, in trust, to be appropriated in such manner as the Dominion Government may deem advisable in furtherance of the construction of the said Railway, a similar extent of public lands along the line of Railway, throughout its entire length in British Columbia, not to exceed, however, Twenty (20) miles on each side of said line, as may be appropriated for the same purpose by the Dominion Government from the public lands in the North-west Territories and the Province of Manitoba. Provided, that the quantity of land which may be held under pre-emption right or by Crown grant within the limits of the tract of land in British Columbia to be so conveyed to the Dominion Government shall be made good to the Dominion from contiguous public lands; and, provided further, that until the commencement, within two years as aforesaid from the date of the union, of the construction of the said Railway, the Govern

ment of British Columbia shall not sell or alienate any further portions of the public lands of British Columbia in any other way than under right of pre emption, requiring actual residence of the pre-emptor on the land claimed by him. In consideration of the land to be so conveyed in aid of the construction of the said Railway, the Dominion Government agree to pay to British Columbia, from the date of the union, the sum of 100,000 Dollars per annum, in half-yearly payments in advance.


The Dominion Government shall guarantee the interest for ten years from the date of the completion of the works, at the rate of five per centum per annum, on such sum, not exceeding £100,000 sterling, as may be required for the construction of a first class Graving Dock at Esquimalt.

13. The charge of the Indians, and the trusteeship and management of the lands reserved for their use and benefit, shall be assumed by the Dominion Government, and a policy as liberal as that hitherto pursued by the British Columbia Government shall be continued by the Dominion Government after the union.

To carry out such policy, tracts of land of such extent as it has hitherto been the practice of the British Columbia Government to appropriate for that purpose, shall from time to time be conveyed by the Local Government to the Dominion Government in trust for the use and benefit of the Indians, on application of the Dominion Government; and in case of disagreement between the two Governments respecting the quantity of such tracts of land to be so granted, the matter shall be referred for the decision of the Secretary of State for the Colonies.

14. The constitution of the Executive Authority and of the Legislature of British Columbia shall, subject to the provisions of the "British North America Act, 1867," continue as existing at the time of the union until altered under the authority of the said Act, it being at the same time understood that the Government of the Dominion will readily consent to the introduction of Responsible Government when desired by the inhabitants of British Columbia, and it being likewise understood that it is the intention of the Governor of British Columbia, under the authority of the Secretary of State for the Colonies, to amend the existing constitution of the Legislature by providing that a majority of its members shall be elective.

The union shall take effect according to the foregoing terms and conditions on such day as Her Majesty by and with the advice of Her Most Honourable Privy Council may appoint on Addresses from the Legislature of the Colony of British Columbia and of the Houses of Parliament of Canada, in the terms of the 146th Section of the "British North America Act, 1867," and British Columbia may in its Address specify the Electoral Districts for which the first election of members to serve in the House of Commons shall take place.




1. Canada shall be liable for the debts and liabilities of Prince Edward Island at the time of the Union.

2. That in consideration of the larger expenditure authorized by the Parliament of Canada for the construction of railways and canals and in view of the possibility of a re-adjustment of the financial arrangements between Canada and the several provinces now embraced in the Dominion as well as the isolated and exceptional condition of Prince Edward Island that Colony shall on entering the Union be entitled to incur a debt equal to 50 dollars per head of its population as shown by the census returns of 1871 that is to say 4,701,050 dollars.

3. That Prince Edward Island not having incurred debts equal to the sum mentioned in the next preceding resolution shall be entitled to receive by half-yearly payments in advance from the general government interest at the rate of five per cent. per annum

on the difference from time to time between the actual amount of its indebtedness and the amount of indebtedness authorized as aforesaid, viz. 4,701,050 dollars.

4. That Prince Edward Island shall be liable to Canada for the amount (if any) by which its public debt and liabilities at the date of the Union may exceed 4,701,050 dollars and shall be chargeable with interest at the rate of five per cent. per annum.

5. That as the Government of Prince Edward Island holds no lands from the Crown, and consequently enjoys no revenue from that source for the construction and maintenance of local works the Dominion Government shall pay by half-yearly instalments in advance to the Government of Prince Edward Island 45,000 dollars per annum less interest at five per cent. per annum

upon any sum not exceeding 800,000 dollars which the Dominion Government may advance to the Prince Edward Island Government for the purchase of lands now held by large proprietors.

6. That in consideration of the transfer to the Parliament of Canada of the powers of taxation the following sums shall be paid yearly by Canada to Prince Edward Island for the support of its Government and Legislature that is to say 30,000 dollars and an annual grant equal to 80 cents per head of its population as shown by the census returns of 1871, viz. 94,021, both by halfyearly payments in advance-such grant of eighty cents per head to be augmented in proportion to the increase of population of the Island as may be shown by each subsequent decennial census until the population amounts to 400,000 at which rate such grant shall remain it being understood that the next census shall be taken in the year 1881.

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That the Dominion Government shall assume and defray

all the charges for the following services, viz.

The salary of the Lieutenant-Governor.

The salaries of the Judges of the Superior Court and the
District or County Courts when established.

The charges in respect of the Department of Customs.

The Postal Department.

The protection of fisheries.

The provision for the Militia.

The lighthouses, shipwrecked crews, Quarantine and Marine

The geological survey.

The Penitentiary.

Efficient steam service for the conveyance of mails and passengers to be established and maintained between the Island and the mainland of the Dominion winter and summer, thus placing the Island in continuous communication with the intercolonial railway and the railway system of the Dominion.

The maintainance of telegraphic communication between the Island and the mainland of the Dominion.

And such other charges as may be incident to and connected with the services which by the B. N. A. Act 1867 appertain to the General Government and as are or may be allowed to the other provinces.

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