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8. That the new building in which are held the Law Courts, Registry Office &c., shall be transferred to Canada on the payment of 69,000 dollars. The purchase to include the land on which the building now stands and a suitable space of ground in addition for yard room &c.

That the Steam Dredge Boat in course of construction shall be taken by the Dominion at a cost not exceeding 22,000 dollars.

That the Steam Ferry Boat owned by the Government of the Island and used as such shall remain the property of the Island.

9. That the population of Prince Edward Island having been increased by 15,000 or upwards since the year 1861 the Island shall be represented in the House of Commons of Canada by six members; the representation to be adjusted from time to time under the provisions of the B. N. A. Act 1867.

10. That the constitution of the executive authority and of the Legislature of Prince Edward Island shall, subject to the provisions of the B. N. A. Act 1867, continue as at the time of the Union until altered under the authority of the said Act and the House of Assembly of Prince Edward Island existing at the date of the Union shall unless sooner dissolved continue for the period for which it was elected.

11. That the provisions in the B. N. A. Act 1867 shall, except those parts thereof which are in terms made or by reasonable intendment may be held to be especially applicable to and only to affect one and not the whole of the provinces now comprising the Dominion and except so far as the same may be varied by these resolutions be applicable to Prince Edward Island in the same way and to the same extent as they apply to the other Provinces of the Dominion and as if the Colony of Prince Edward Island had been one of the Provinces originally united by the said Act.

12. That the Union shall take place on such day as Her Majesty may direct by Order in Council on addresses to that effect from the Houses of the Parliament of Canada and of the Legislature of the Colony of Prince Edward Island under the 146th section of the B. N. A. Act 1867 and that the Electoral Districts for which, the time within which and the laws and provisions under which the first election of members to serve in the House of Commons of Canada for such Electoral Districts

shall be such as the said House of the Legislature of the said colony of Prince Edward Island shall specify in their said addresses.

In the addresses from Prince Edward Island it was stipulated that the Island should be divided into three districts each returning two members and

"that the 1st election of members to serve in the House of Commons of Canada shall take place within three calendar months after this Island shall be admitted and become part of the Dominion of Canada and that all laws which at the date of the Order in Council by which the said Island of Prince Edward shall be admitted into the Dominion of Canada, relating to the qualification of any person to be elected to sit or vote as a member of the House of Assembly of the said Island, and relating to the qualifications or disqualifications of voters and to the oaths to be taken by voters and to returning officers and poll clerks and their powers and duties, and relating to polling divisions within the said Island, and relating to the proceedings at elections and to the period during which such elections may be continued, and relating to the trial of controverted elections and the proceedings incident thereto, and relating to the vacating of seats of members and to the execution of new writs in case of any seat being vacated otherwise by a dissolution, and all other matters connected with or incidental to elections of members to serve in the House of Assembly of the said Island shall apply to elections of members to serve in the House of Commons for the Electoral Districts, situate in the said Island of Prince Edward."

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Extracts from Order in Council, dated 24 June, 1870, surrendering the North-West Territories of Canada.

"It is hereby ordered and declared by Her Majesty by and with the advice of the Privy Council in pursuance and exercise of the powers vested in Her Majesty by the said Acts of Parliament' that from and after the 15th day of July, 1870, the said NorthWestern Territory shall be admitted into and become part of the Dominion of Canada upon the terms and conditions set forth in the first hereinbefore recited address and that the Parliament of Canada shall have from the day aforesaid full power and authority to legislate for the future welfare and good government of the said Territory. And it is further ordered that without prejudice to any obligations arising from the aforesaid approved report, Rupert's Land shall from and after the said date be admitted into and become part of the Dominion of Canada."

The conditions contained in the Address from the Parliament of Canada regarding the North-West Territory were :

"That the Government and Parliament of Canada would provide that the legal rights of any corporation, company or individual within the same should be respected and placed under the protection of courts of competent jurisdiction."

"That the claims of the Indian tribes to compensation for lands required for purposes of settlement should be considered and settled in conformity with the equitable principles that had uniformly governed the British Crown in its dealing with the aborigines."

The conditions relating to Rupert's Land were:

1. "Canada to pay the Hudson's Bay Company £300,000 when Rupert's Land is transferred to the Dominion."

2. "The Company are to retain the posts they actually occupy in the North-West Territory and may within twelve months of

1 i.e. B. N. A. Act, 1867: Rupert's Land Act, 1868.

2 i.e. from the Canadian Parliament.

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the surrender select a block of land adjoining each of its posts within any part of British North America not comprised in Canada and British Columbia in conformity except as regards the Red River Territory with a list made out by the Company and communicated to the Canadian Ministers being the list in the Schedule to the Deed of Surrender. The actual survey is to be proceeded with, with all convenient speed."

3. "The size of each block is not to exceed 10 acres round Upper Fort Garry, 300 acres round Lower Fort Garry; in the rest of the Red River Territory a number of acres to be settled at once between the Governor in Council and the Company but so that the aggregate extent of the blocks is not to exceed 50,000


4. "So far as the configuration of the country admits, the blocks shall front the river or road by which means of access are provided and shall be approximately in the shape of parellelograms of which the frontage shall not be more than half the depth."


"The Company may for fifty years after the surrender, claim in any township or district, within the Fertile belt, in which land is set out for settlement, grants of land not exceeding one twentieth part of the land so set out. The blocks so granted to be determined by lot and the Company to pay a rateable share of the survey expenses not exceeding eight cents Canadian an acre. The Company may defer the exercise of their right of claiming the proportion of each township for not more than ten years after it is set out: but their claim must be limited to an allotment from the lands remaining unsold at the time they declare their intention to make it."

6. "For the purposes of the last article, the Fertile belt is to be bounded as follows-On the South by the United States boundary on the West by the Rocky Mountains: on the North by the northern branch of the Saskatchewan on the East by Lake Winnipeg, the Lake of the woods and the waters connecting them."

7. "If any township shall be formed abutting on the north bank of the northern branch of the Saskatchewan River the Company may take their one twentieth of any such township which for the purpose of this article shall not extend more than

five miles inland from the river, giving to the Canadian Dominion an equal quantity of the portion of lands coming to them of townships established on the southern bank."

8. "In laying out any public roads, canals, &c., through any block of land secured to the Company the Canadian Government may take without compensation such land as is necessary for the purpose not exceeding one twenty fifth of the total acreage of the block but if the Canadian Government require any land which is actually built upon or which is necessary for giving the Company's servants access to any river or lake, or as a frontage to any river or lake, they shall pay to the Company the fair value of the same and shall make compensation for any injury done to the Company or their servants."

9. "It is understood that the whole of the land to be appropriated within the meaning of the last preceding clause shall be appropriated for public purposes."

10. "All titles to land up to the 8th March, 1869, conferred by the Company are to be confirmed."

11. "The Company is to be at liberty to carry on its trade without hindrance in its corporate capacity and no exceptional tax is to be placed on the Company's land, trade or servants nor any import duty on goods introduced by them previous to the surrender."

12. "Canada is to take over the materials of the electric telegraph at cost price-such price including transport but not including interest for money and subject to a deduction for ascertained deterioration."

13. "The Company's claim to land under agreement of Messrs Vankvughnet and Hopkins is to be withdrawn."

14. "Any claims of Indians to compensation for lands required for the purposes of settlement shall be disposed of by the Canadian Government in connection with the Imperial Government and the Company shall be relieved of all responsibility in respect of them,”

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