Handbuch der classischen Bibliographie, Volume 2, Issue 1

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Page 163 - The Epistles of MT Cicero to M. Brutus, and of Brutus to Cicero, with the Latin text on the opposite page, and English notes to each epistle : together with a prefatory dissertation, in which the authority of the said epistles is vindicated, and all the objections of the rev. Mr. Tunstall particularly considered and confuted.
Page 511 - Juvenal's | Sixteen | Satyrs | Or, | A Survey | Of The | Manners and Actions | Of | Mankind. | With Arguments, Marginall Notes, | and Annotations clearing the obfcure | places out of the Hiftory, Lawes and | Ceremonies of the Romans.
Page 432 - A Poetical Translation of the Works of Horace, with the original text, and critical Notes collected from his best latin and french Commentators, by the Rev.
Page 511 - Persius Flaccus. Made English by Mr. Dryden. With Explanatory Notes at the end of each Satire. To which is Prefix'da Discourse concerning the Original and Progress of Satire.
Page 466 - Iter Britanniarum or that part of the itinerary of Antoninus which relates to Britain, with a new comment by the Rev.
Page 50 - The Eyght Bookes of Caius Julius Caesar. Conteyning his Martiall Exploytes in the Realme of Gallia and the Countries bordering uppon the same, translated oute of Latin into English by Arthur Goldinge.
Page 161 - Quintum fratrem summa diligentia castigatae ut in iis menda quae plurima erant paucissima ,iam supersint. Pauli Manutii in easdem Epistolas scholia quibus abditi locorum sensus ostenduntur cum explicatione castigationum quae in his epistolis pene innumerabilea factae sunt.
Page 50 - Julius Caesar's Commentaries of his Wars in Gaul, and Civil War with Pompey. . To which is added, a Supplement to his Commentary of his Wars in Gaul : as also, Commentaries of • the Alexandrian, African, and Spanish Wars, by Aulus Hirtius, or Oppius...
Page 511 - Mores Hominum. The manners of men, described in sixteen satyrs, by Juvenal: as he is published in his most authentick copy, lately printed by command of the King of France. Whereunto is added the invention of seventeen designes in picture: with arguments to the satyrs.
Page 105 - Ausg. __ * — opcra quae supersunt omnia cum Asconio et scholiaste veteri; ac notis integris P. Victorii, J. Camerarii, F. Ursini et selectis P. Manutii, D. Lambini, J.

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