The Examination Statutes ... Together with the Regulations of the Boards of Studies and Boards of Faculties

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Page 54 - Two Books, either both Greek, or one Greek and one Latin, one of such Books being some portion of a Greek philosophical work, and the other a portion of a Greek or Latin Historian. (2) The Outlines of Greek and Roman History, with a special period of one or the other, and English Composition.
Page 122 - Dr. Dorner. — History of the Development of the Doctrine of the Person of Christ.
Page 63 - Aphorisms 1-20. Under the head of Political Philosophy, Candidates are recommended to study the following subjects : — The origin and growth of Society ; Political institutions and forms of government, with especial reference to the history of Greece and Rome ; The sphere and duties of Government ; The leading principles of Political Economy.
Page 157 - A list of the names of those who have satisfied the Examiners shall be made in a book to be kept for the purpose, and shall be signed by the Examiners.
Page 128 - Hon. MA Oxon. Crown 8vo., cloth, 12s. THE FIRST PRAYER-BOOK OF EDWARD VI., compared with the Successive Revisions of the Book of Common Prayer ; together with a Concordance and Index to the Rubrics in the several editions. By the same Author. Crown 8vo., cloth, 12s. DID QUEEN ELIZABETH TAKE " OTHER ORDER " in the "ADVERTISEMENTS
Page 152 - All Candidates will be examined either in— The general principles of Private International Law; or in The Law of Neutrality. Every Candidate is required to give notice to the Regius Professor of Civil Law of the subjects in which he proposes to offer himself to be examined, four weeks at least before the first day of Trinity Term.
Page 42 - III. All Candidates will be examined in Latin Prose Composition. Papers will also be set in Greek Prose Composition, and in Greek and Latin Verse Composition : but — (1) The omission of either or both of the Verse Composition papers may be compensated for by a fourth book taken from the list in Sect. I, clause 3, or an additi'onal subject taken from the list in Sect.
Page 80 - Science is nothing less than to discover and demonstrate the ancient history of the Earth. For this purpose it is required not only to obtain correct knowledge of the composition, structure, and arrangement of Rocks, and the nature and distribution of Organic Remains, but further to apply to the phenomena which have been observed just reasonings founded on analogies in existing nature, and principles established by Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. Only in proportion as this can be truly accomplished...
Page 109 - Candidates will be expected to have mastered the leading principles of existing Constitutional Law, and in particular to show a knowledge of the following topics : The legislative power of Parliament, the modes in which it is exercised, and its extent as to Territory and Persons ; the Prerogatives of the Crown, the Privileges of the Houses of Parliament; the constitutional position of — the Privy Council, the Ministers of the Crown, the Established Church, the Courts of Law, and the Armed Forces....

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