A Guide to Degrees in Arts, Science, Literature, Law, Music, and Divinity: In the United Kingdom, the Colonies, the Continent and the United States

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L. U. Gill, 1883 - Degrees, Academic - 724 pages

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Page 427 - The number of Bursaries is two, of the annual value of about 10 each, and tenable for four years, "at any of the Scottish Universities, -St. Andrews in preference".
Page 597 - Furthermore, for the degrees of master of arts, doctor of philosophy, and doctor of...
Page 577 - The Academic Year begins on the Thursday following the last Wednesday in September. The annual Commencement is held on the last Wednesday in June. The vacation begins at Commencement and ends on the last Wednesday in September.
Page 46 - Candidates shall not be approved by the examiners unless they have shown a competent knowledge in each of the following subjects, according to the details specified under the several heads: — 1.
Page 408 - Ireland, or of such other universities as are above specified, or unless he shall, before or at the time of his obtaining the degree of Bachelor of Medicine, or thereafter, have passed a satisfactory examination in Greek, and in Logic or Moral Philosophy, and in one at least of the following subjects — namely, French, German, Higher Mathematics, and Natural Philosophy...
Page 284 - They are of the annual value of about 50 each, and tenable for four years, in any one of the Universities of St Andrews, Glasgow, or Edinburgh. Preference first to the relations of the Founder ; next, to the name of Menzies ; failing whom, to persons born on the estate of Sir Robert Menzies, Bart., within the parishes of Dull, Weem, and Fortingall ; failing whom, any student who shall be found best qualified may be appointed.
Page 47 - ... combining proportions by weight and by volume, general nature of acids, bases, and salts, symbols and nomenclature — the atmosphere, its constitution, effects of animal and vegetable life upon its composition — combustion — structure and properties of flame, nature and composition of ordinary fuel — water, chemical peculiarities of natural waters, such...
Page 677 - List of the female students who have satisfied the Examiners shall be published by the Examiners at the same time with the Class List of Members of the University, the standard for each Class and the method of arrangement in each Class being the same in the two Class Lists. 8. In each class of female students in which the names are arranged in order of merit, the place which each of such students would have occupied in the corresponding Class of Members of the University shall be indicated.

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