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And where towers and temples rose,
Buried continents. repose-
Giant secrets of thy breast,
With their thousand isles of rest,
With their brave and beauteous forms,
Undisturbed beneath thy storms,
In a safe and peaceful home,
Where the mourner may not come,
Nor the stranger rudely tread,
O'er their calm and coral bed.
Where the ocean buried lies,
May no monuments arise,
For thy bosom bears no trace
Of our evanescent race.
On thy wild and wandering wave,
Bloom no laurels for the grave;
O'er thy dread unfathomed gloom,
Lower no trophies for the tomb.
But there comes a day of dread,
To reclaim thy thousand dead;
Bursting from thy dark control,
While in fire thy billows roll,
Shall thy countless multitude,
Soar from out thy shrinking flood.”

Appleby, Westmoreland.




Introduction. Glance at Porto Santo. Procellaria pela-

gica. Their food and habits. Holothuria physalis.
Exocetus volitans. Their visits to the English coast.
Vast fields of sea-weed. A man overboard ! Mada-
gascar at sunset. Search after the lost boy. Sorrow
of the crew. Have the sharks eaten him ? Sunday
on the ocean. Our sea-service. The Sesostris steam-
Her deck passengers.

Bombay harbour.
Land-sharks and sea-gulls. First impressions of India.
Vasco del Gama. Moguls. Portuguese and Charles
the Second. Situation of Bombay. Strange people.
Goa. What have we done for India ? Reflections ...



Early impressions. A chat with the reader. Resources

of India. Beautiful scenery. A tiger; but a stuffed
one. My friend's bungalow at Colabah. Its flowers.
Principal buildings in the Fort. A great fire. Street

[blocks in formation]


Climate. South-west monsoon. Mangoe showers. Put

your house in order. Letters and post-men. Palan-
quins. Clearing tents off the Esplanade. Warm
clothing. Why I was called a Griffin. The rains at
last descend. Atmospheric changes. Appearance
of the ocean. Awful thunder and lightning. Nature
is agitated. The sun darkened. Strife of the
elements. Tempest terrific to behold. Houses
shaken in the Fort. The floods.

Scene pregnant
with horrors. Flying bugs and hideous spiders. A
rest for the punkahs. What the poor natives suffer
at this season. A glance from our bungalow. Won-
derful changes in the vegetable world. Flowers and
fruits. Golden oriole and jungle-cock. Shere Khan
and his good works. Neglect of old tanks. Cool
breezes and Delhi shawls. A peep into the sick

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