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made between S. John's hospital and the Carmelites for a possession at Newham and the use of S. Peter's church, MS. Baker XLII. f. 195 vo. P. 21 n. 3. I have copied out a great part of this Barnwell book. MS. Baker IX. I-152. A charter of Barnwell priory was printed by Gough, Archæol. x. 396-398.


P. 21 n. 4.

Missa pro benefactoribus. MS. Baker XXIV. 221-226; MS. Cole XXI. 128. From Stokys' book in the registry.

P. 22 1. 13 seq. Hugh de Balsham's foundation. See University and Coll. Documents, 1852, II. 1—3; MS. Baker XXXVIII. 152 seq.

P. 22 1. 27 and p. 23 1. 9. Decembr. 27. In Documents II. p. 1. and I. p. 3 10 the day is 24 Dec.

A MS. of bishop Wren. MS. Baker XLII. f. 199 vo.

P. 23 n. I.

P. 23 1. 21. 20, 21; P. 24 1. 21.

the brethren de pænitentia Jesu.' MSS. Cole XLI. 222; XLII. Documents (as above) I. 4; MSS. Baker v. 244; XLII. 191. secundum regulam scholarium, qui de Merton cognominantur. 15 Documents I. 3; II. I.

the division (between the hospital and scholars). Documents

P. 24 1. 30. II. 2, 3. P. 25 1. 9 seq. they gave up the impropriation of St Peter's church. Documents 1. 3; MS. Baker XXXVIII. 151-155. See the list of the livings 20 appropriated to Peterhouse MS. Baker xxvIII. 56, 57; xxx. 186, 187. 30 Mar. 1284 the bp. gave to Peterhouse Triplow church, before held by the scholars and hospital in common, MSS. Baker XLII. 191; V. 249.

P. 25 1. 26. Read Lenna.

P. 26 1. 9. a chantry in St Mary's chapel in St Sepulchre's. See Commun. 25 to Cambr. Ant. Soc. 1. 209, 210.

P. 27 1. 12. a synagogue. The old synagogue, near the prison, was assigned to the Franciscans, Monumenta Franciscana, ed. J. S. Brewer, Lond. 1858, pp. 17, 18.


P. 28 1. 28. Magister Glomeriae. See MSS. c.c.o.c. cvI. art. 60; cxvIII. art. 35; MSS. Baker XXIV. 219=XLI. f. 171 v°; III. 515; XIX. 95, 140; XLII. ff. 90, 91; Peacock On the Statutes App. A. n. xxxiii. Jo. Cheke was master of glomery 1539-40, MS. Baker XXXI. 198,


P. 30 l. 24. annual exequies for Hugh Balsham. Stat. antiq. in ord. re- 35 dacta, c. 185.

Documents I. 3.
Read Hotham.

P. 30 n. 5.

P 31. 1. 4.

P. 31 1. 7. the manner of electing their prior. See a letter of the bp. to the convent at Ely desiring them to ascertain whether the mastership 40 was elective, MS. Baker XXXVIII. 146.

P. 31 1. 18. the hospital of St John's at Ely. MS. Cole XXVI. 44, 124;


P. 33 1. 30. King's hall. The charter is printed in Rymer IV. 821, 822.


See Catal. of Cambr. Univ. MSS. v. 563. A large number of documents relating to the hall are described in Documents 1. pp. 10–43. P. 35 l. 17. the church extra Trumpington gates. MS. Baker XIX. 232, 233. P. 35 1. 34. the hall of the Annunciation. Documents I. 18, 20, 21, 33. On 5 non. Mar. 26 Edw. III. Wm. Bier master and the brethren of the hospital granted to this hall a messuage in Lurtebourgh lane, MS. Baker XXIX. 272, 273.


P. 36 n. 4.

P. 36 n. 5. 15 P. 37 n. I.




MSS. Baker II. 151; XXVIII. 65 seq., 265; XXX. 31, 54, 55, 121, 133, 196.


P. 361. 26. thirty-two clerks.
III. maintained 32 students.

Before the foundation of the college Edw.
Documents I. 10; cf. 11, 13, 14.

Documents I. 150.

Early Statutes of St John's (Cambr. 1859) p. 306 l. 37.
Documents I. 28.

P. 38 L. 20 seq.

Chantries at St Botolph's and St Sepulchre's. An. 37 Hen. VIII. the value of S. Sepulchre's chantry was £4. 148. 4d. more than the amount named in the 'liber decimalis.' Documents I. 294.

In the statutes of 1516 (c. 38 De his quae antiquitus fieri consueverunt' in Early Statutes, p. 391 l. 30): ‘Missas item duas, quarum altera diebus certis per quendam fratrem religiosum in ecclesia quae Rotunda dicitur, et altera quae in ecclesia Sancti Botulphi celebrari consueve. runt, volumus deinceps per duos ex sociis ad assignationem magistri et decanorum observari, alteram domi, alteram in ecclesia dicta Rotunda, qui socii pro stipendiis recipient annis singulis 40 solidos ad singulos anni terminos persolvendos. Curam insuper animarum, quae semper antiquitus exerceri consuevit per magistrum antiquae domus, nunc per alterum eorundem duorum ad magistri designationem volumus administrari. Isque diebus singulis oblationum, qui in anno quatuor occurrere solent, duodecim denarios pro labore suscipiet, residuum collegii usibus relicturus.' In the statutes of 1524 (c. 42, ibid. p. 338 l. 6) the cure of souls was assigned to the sacrist. See further ibid. p. 321 l. 17 seq. In the statutes of 1530 and 1545 those who enjoyed the profits of the chantries were bound to pray for the founders, but this obligation was abolished by king Edward's visitors. Ibid. 170 l. 20, 171 1. 16 with the notes.

P. 391. 5. Appropriation of Hinton church. MS. Baker XXVIII. 56, 57= xxx. 186; xxX1. 232-234; XXXVIII. 147.


P. 42 1. 24. Chapel of the hospital. Wm. Bamburgh, cit. and draper of London, bequeathed for the repair of the church of the hospital £3. 68. 8d., by will dat. 1 Dec. 1437, prob. 15 Jan. 1437 (MS. Baker XXVI. 365). Compare this history p. 69. See a paper by Prof. C. C. Babington On some remains of the hospital of St John, published in Commun. to Cambr. Ant. Soc. II. 352-362, and reprinted in the Eagle.

P. 42 1. 28.

The stone hostel. See p. 371 1. 4.

P. 44 n. I.
P. 44 1. 20.

See Hist. and Antiq. of Barnwell Abbey, App. no. xiii.
I think Cardinal Lewis de Luxem-
burgh had been at Ely. I sent a long life of him, with others, to Mr
James Bentham, to be inserted in his History of Ely.' WM. COLE.

A commendatory prelate.


P. 45 1. 25. Union of the churches of S. Jo. Bapt. and S. Edw. See MSS. Baker XXVII. 317 seq.; XXVIII. 57 seq.; Hist. of Barnwell Abbey, App. pp. 16, 19.

On 12 Oct. 1450 S. John's hospital is named as exempt from tenths, MS. Baker xxx. 187.

P. 45 1. 28. Appropriation of Quy church.

Printed in Hist. of Barnwell Abbey, App. p. 16 seq.; transcribed from bp. Gray's register in MS. Baker xxx. 56-59.

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P. 47 l. 4 seq. St John's hospital shares the privileges of the university. In 1500 the hospital was confessed by the king to be a college, MS. Baker 15 XLII. f. 196 vo; Cooper's Annals 1. 254.


P. 50 l. 31. Lady Margaret urged to found a college on St Frideswide's priory. See Thin red book f. 62: Christi collegio consummato Oxonienses doctores aliquot, qui in principis famulitio id temporis agebant, et inter hos precipue quidam vir magne authoritatis neque minoris 20 fame, principem in sua vota pellicere student, hortantur ut tale quidpiam Oxonij ageret, quale iam fecerat Cantabrigie, ostendunt monasterium diue Fridiswyde, impensius orant, ut illud in studiosorum Collegium mutare dignaretur; id illi facillimum esse, que nichil non et opibus et potentia potuit. Quo beneficio affirmant nomen illius in vtraque 25 academia perpetuo celebratum iri. Neque vero hoc negotium vel segniter vel oscitanter egerunt Oxonienses illi, sed magnis et continuis precibus nunquam non inculcabant, ut parum abfuerit, quod non eorum votis assentiretur princeps inclitissima, si non mature interuenisset Presull Roffen.'

P. 52. Catalogue of masters of the hospital. See some additions in Cooper's Memorials II. 64, 65; MSS. Cole XXVI. 182; XXXI. 75.


'In 21 Edw. I. there is a writ to the Sherif, in the proctor's book p. 23, wherein it appears that the forfeited victuals of regrators are to be St John in Cambridge, Millar's Acc. of the 35 Wм. COLE.

See MS. Baker XXXVIII. 146.

given to the hospital of
Univ. of Cambr. p. 80.'

P. 52 1. 16. Wm. de Gosfield.
P. 52 1. 25. Wm. Beere. See MS. Baker XXIX. 272.

'I find one Robert Bere of Horningsey, aged 40 years, of a free condition and born at Horningsea, was witness in a cause betwene the 40 hospital and the rector of Ditton in 1412, concerning the bounds of the two parishes he might be a nephew or great nephew of the master. v. my vol. in 4to containing the history of Ditton, in the Appendix, p. 15.' WM. COLE.


P. 52. 1. 27. Henr. Brown.


'Brother Henry Brown was elected master on the death of bro.



P. 53 1. I.

P. 53 n. I.

IO P. 53 n. 2.

P. 53.






Wm. Beere 1374, and presented to Bp. Arundel for admission, who orders his official, M. Nic. Rose, L.D. to examine him, and if he find him fit, to institute him and instal him. Dat. London. III. Idus Apr. Ao. Dni. 1374, and nræ consecrationis primo. Whereupon the official certifies the Bp. that on 16 Kal. May he had examined him, and finding him fit, he had installed him. v. my vol. 41, p. 14.'


Wm. Killum. MS. Baker XXXI. 219.

MS. Baker xxx. 28.

Ibid. 51, 52.

St. John's hospital.

'About the year 1256, John Shotley, prior of Bernwell, with his convent, demise the messuage now called Pythagoras his schole, to Eustace Fitz-Henry of Cambridge, which formerly had been in the occupation of Henry, the son of Edward Frost, the person, I presume, mentioned [p. 15 l. 6] as being the original founder of this hospital, about 1210. So that St. John's college, now grafted on that hospital, and still enjoying its possessions, may justly be accounted the first of our present colleges. By a document I have seen from the original in Merton college archives, it appears that this old building now called Pythagoras his schole, and then Domus lapidea, was about the year above mentioned, 1256, in the occupation of St. John's Hospital: for about that time, the master and brethren grant to Hervey Fitz-Eustace, and his heirs for ever, 2 beds, with their necessary coverlids for the use of infirm persons, in their stone house, obliging themselves to find a chaplain to celebrate mass particularly for the soul of Eustace FitzHervey, in acknowledgement for the lands granted by him to the hospital, lying in Cambridge, Chesterton and Madingley. No doubt he had been a considerable benefactor to this religious house, tho' omitted by Mr. Baker, who probably might not record all the benefactions to it, for fear of swelling his history to too great a bulk for even so late as the year 1284, while Ric. Cheverel was master, they oblige themselves to find and maintain a chaplain, one of their brethren, for the above purpose, within their own house. This was after that old building was in the possession of Merton college: yet as he had been a benefactor to them in other lands, they were obliged to celebrate for him as such. v. my vol. 31. p. 75, and vol. 25, p. 46* &c. [* Sent to Mr Grose]'. WM. COLE.

P. 54. Carmen. Printed at the end of Fisher's Fun. Serm. on Lady Marg. p. 42 ed. Baker; p. 254 ed. Hymers.


P. 55 l. 1. The foundress. Mr C. H. Cooper left behind him a MS. life of lady Margaret.

P. 55 1. 21. The Lady Margaret's professorship. The deed of foundation and other documents relating to it are printed in Trusts, Statutes and directions affecting the professorships...and other endowments of the University. 8vo. Cambr. 1857. pp. I seq. See the catalogue of profes

sors in Fisher's Fun. Serm. ed. Baker, pp. lxiv. seq.; ed. Hymers, pp. 62 seq.

P. 56 1. 17. Lady Margaret's preacher. Deeds in Trusts etc. pp. 169 seq. A catalogue of the preachers in Fisher's Fun. Serm. ed. Hymers, pp. 93 seq.


P. 56 1. 24, 35. Jo. Fawn president of the university. See Fiddes' Life of Wolsey, collect. p. 50.

P. 581. 13. The foundress' will. Printed by Hymers, Fisher's Fun. Serm. pp. 230-253, and in Nichols' Royal Wills.

P. 581. 18. God's house. See Documents (1852) I. 43, 48, 53, 73, 74; II. IO

153-174. The site was 'prope Aulam de Clare' ibid. p. 127. See MSS. Baker II. 156; IX. 209-257; XVII. 107-110; XX. 261, 262.

P. 58 1. 30.

Lady Margaret's intended foundations at Westminster. Thin red book f. 61 vo, printed in Hymers ibid. 197.

P. 59 1. 21. The king's letter.
pp. 37-40 ed. Baker, pp.

P. 60 l. 14.
P. 60 l. 23.

Crimes of the nuns of St. Radegund. See Documents III. 91. Excesses of the brethren; and 1. 37 the college account. See Documents III. 230; Thin red book f. 62 vo, printed in Hymers 199, 200. P. 61 1. 36, cf. l. 39. if ever lady Margaret's fun. sermon should be printed 20 again, as it well deserves. Printed by Baker (without his name) 8vo. Lond. 1708. See Baker's allusions to this 'trifle' in Thoresby's Correspondence II. 236; he says p. 259 (Cambr. 29 June 1710): "The cut of the foundress's tomb cost me nothing, being the same with that in Sandford's Genealogical History, which was made use of by my book- 25 seller's contrivance: the College arms was new, and is a pretty fair, clean cut.' Dr Hymers employed for his edition (8vo. Cambr. 1840) Baker's own copy with his additions, since presented to the college library by W. F. Beadon esq. grandson of bp. Beadon (MS. R 52). The original edition (Wynkyn de Worde 1509) was given by Baker 30 (MS, I 41). Wm. Beale gave a transcript which he ordered to be made from that edition 'in memoriam Regiæ Fundatricis et Praesulis optimi' (MS. L 6); and Humphry Gower gave a copy of Baker's reprint (MS. I 42).

Printed at the end of Fisher's Fun. Serm. 15 160—163 ed. Hymers.

P. 61 1. 37. a more perfect copy upon an old register. A vellum register 35 in 4to, in excellent preservation, in a vellum wrapper, kept in drawer A in the treasury. It contains a number of charters relating to Ospringe, papal bulls and other instruments. The sermon is about the middle of the volume.

P. 62 1. 11.
P. 62 1. 36.

P. 62 1. 6. Lady Marg. admitted into the fraternity of Crowland. 'The 40 probable reason... was her large estate at East-Deeping, near to that Abbey. v. my vol. 44. p. 79, 80.' WM. COLE.

Lady Margaret's vow of celibacy. See p. 345 1. 3.
The bishop of Ely. See Hymers p. 201.

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