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P. 63 L. 8. Bp. Stanley's ill example. Leland Itin. VII. 42; Angl. Sacr. 1. 676.

P. 64 1. 3.

P. 64 1. 18.


Lincoln 'Wolsey.' Norwich 'Nix.' WM. COLE.

The king's licence. Printed from Baker in Documents III. 221

P. 65 1. 11. a clog that yet remains upon the society. By the last statutes the bp. of Ely's right of nomination to a fellowship is extinguished. No fellowship is now (1867) held by the bp.'s nomination.



P. 66 1. 22. a lasting monument to all..charitable and religious foundations, not to neglect the rules or abuse the institutions of their founders. rule wanted to be observed as much as ever in these walls, where it was proposed some few years ago, about 1766, for fellows of colleges to marry; which would have reduced it to its original state of an hospital. Other societies, I believe, more neglect their original institution.' WM. COLE. Ashby of St John's was warm in the cause. See Cooper's Annals IV. 340, 341.

P. 671. 5. college.

P. 67 1. 25.

20 P. 67 1. 27.

Bp. Fisher's account of his agency in the establishment of the
See p. 344 1. 26.

limited to £50. Hymers p. 184.

The foundress left lands to the yearly value of £400. See p. 379 1. 7 and 27; Aschami Epist. (1703) p. 293; Hymers p. 252; Early Statutes p. 48 l. 9, 49 l. 11, 240 l. 7, 301 l. 34.

P. 68 1. 3. The charter of the foundation. Printed from Baker in Documents III. 230-244.

25 P. 69 1. 27. The chapel. See p. 42. Licence to consecrate altars ete.

26 July 1516, MS. Baker xxx. p. 111.

P. 71 1. 9. two of them. Jo. Kensham and Wm. Chandler. See p. 50 1. 3.

P. 71 1. 18. Wm. Tomlyn's resignation. Vid. Instrument. original.' BAKER MS.


P. 72 1. 8. Bp. of Ely's charges as visitor. The expenses of visitations were so formidable as to require canons to control them (Johnson's Canons, II. 109). In the various codes of statutes the bp. is entreated to be moderate (Early Statutes pp. 394 l. 33, 234 l. 39, 235 l. 39).

35 P. 73 1. 9. hospital at Ospring. MS. Baker XIX. 322. In Lewis II. 274 -277 is a terriar of Elverland manor there; cf. ibid. p. 281, 296; Documents 1. 74; Hasted's Kent 11. 801. A number of documents relating to the dissolution are contained in the register described p. 562 1. 35, near the beginning, immediately after lady Margaret's will.

40 P. 73 1. 35. John Underhill. Rex 16 Feb. [An. 6 H. 8] concessit Johanni Underhill clerico custodiam hospitalis B. Mariae de Hospring in Com. Kancii. Privata sigilla de an. 6 H. 8. p. 348. One J. U. was master of Northill College com. Bedf. at or before the year 1513. [B. Willis] Hist. of Abbeys Append. p. 3.' BAKER MS.

P. 74 1. 26 seq. See in Dugd. Baron. II. 122 the lands of lady Margaret's grandfather.


P. 74 1. 27. Torpell 'V. [Gunton's] Hist. of Ch. of Peterb. p. 56.' BAKER MS. Maxey now lord Fitzwilliam's and Torpell now Sir Tho. Trollop's estate.' BAKER MS.


P. 74 1. 31. Peverell. 'V. Risdon's Survey of Devon 1. 37, 86; II. 107.' BAKER MS.

P. 74 1. 32. Allerton. In Baker's Pref. to Fisher's Fun. Serm. p. xliv. Alberton.

P. 74. Robert Shorton. 'See a long account of Dr Shorton's life composed 10 by me at my vol. 19.' WM. COLE.

P. 75 1. 7. Commission to bp. Fisher from the exors. Printed in Early

Statutes (Cambr. 1859) p. 2 l. 11 sq. before the code of 1530; it also
appears in the code of 1524; ibid. p. 263; cf. the preface to the code
of 1516, ibid. p. 351; and the instrument (ibid. p. 395) setting forth 15
that in July 1516 Fisher delivered that code to the college.

P. 75 1. 12. Fisher ordered to repair to the general council. See Hymers,

p. 186. 'Erasmus (Epist. p. 142), in March 151, speaking of his longings to revisit Rome, says: Ante biennium igitur adornaram iter, comes futurus R. Patri D. Joanni Episcopo Roffensi,...verum is ex itinere 20 subito revocatus est.' BAKER MS.

P. 76 1. 4. In 1516 Fisher came to Cambridge to the opening of the college. 'Jo. Roffensis Erasmo (ibid. ed. nov. p. 1587. Dat. ex Roffa anno 1516): Paro enim me Cantabrigiam iturum pro Collegio nunc tandem instituendo.' BAKER MS.


P. 76 1. 10. For the words 'and everything chapel,' Baker writes in his

Pref. xlvii: 'by consecrating Altars, Vestments, and other Ornaments,
and administring other Ecclesiastical Offices pertaining thereunto';
and adds in a note (Hymers p. 41): 'The Chapel was not fully finished
till towards this year; for the expenses of paving, glazing, and leading 30
the Chapel and the Master's Chambers, and building the Vestry, are
placed to account about this year (Ex Archivis). The wainscot and
stalls of the Chapel were not finished till the year 1516 at soonest.
See the indenture betwixt Robt. Shorton Master and the Undertaker
(MS. Baker XII. 44, 45)'. Bp. Fisher reserved for himself in the 35
statutes of 1516 (Early Statutes p. 355 1. 35) the use of the rooms built
for the master; in those of 1524 (ibid. p. 273 1. 10 seq.) the upper
rooms were reserved for him during his life, and after his death for the
master; of the two lower the larger was to be assigned to pensioners
or fellows; the smaller for a treasury. Similarly in the code of 1530 40
(ibid. p. 166 1. 11 sq.). In 1545 (ibid. p. 167 l. 17) the same rooms
are assigned to the master.

P. 77 1. 8. The master's oath. See Early Statutes p. 362 seq.; the fellows' oath ibid. p. 372 seq.

P. 77 1. 17. An act attested by a public notary. Printed in Hymers, pp. 45 256-261.





P. 79 1. 27. Nich. Wilson. See Ath. Cant. I. 98. 'Dean of WinbourneMinster, died 1548. V. my vol. 28 p. 65. See a long Latin preface by Nic. Wilson, before Bp. Fisher's Sermon, when Luther's works were burnt in London, translated into Latin by Ric. Pace, Opera Fisheri p. 1372. Dated from Cambridge Calends of Jan. 1521.'



P. 78 1. 1. The fourth day before the decease of lady Margaret she appointed
Hornby and Fox supervisors of her will. See Hymers p. 253.

15 P. 79 n. 8. Shorton's obit. Lib. rub. ff. 136, 137. See p. 352 L. 4. Partly printed by Hymers, p. 49.

P. 80 l. 25.

Oliver Scalis. See p. 70 l. 11.


P. 781. 8. Dr Hornby. See Ath. Cant. 1. 19. Add (MS. Baker XXXII. 422) his presentation to Orwell 13 Nov. 1508, which he held till his death (ibid. XXX. 115). See also ibid. XXXI. 168, 171. His will ibid. XX. 254.

P. 79 1. 7. Bp. Wrenn's account of the masters of Pembroke. See Leland's Collect. (1770) V. 390.


P. 80 l. 34. a fair copy of the statutes of 1516 after various turns is now in my custody. It is a small thin vellum folio, bound in rough calf. On a paper fly leaf is the note: 'Librum hunc non ita pridem pene deperditum, et meâ operâ e Romanensium manibus redemptum, Lego Collegio D: Jo: Evang:, [sub hac tamen Conditione, ut infra tres Menses a morte meâ reponatur inter Archiva Collegii, una cum reliquis Statutis Original:, ac in eâdem Cistâ.

Quâ Conditione spretâ, aut non præstitâ, Lego Nobilis: Viro Edvardo Dño Harley, nullâ adhibitâ Cautione nisi in verbo Honoris, quâ fide datâ, securus morior].

P. 80 1. 32. A scrivener paid for writing the statutes.

'Item, paide to a screvener of Feuersham for the writing of the statutes of Seynt Johns Colege at two tymes xjs. viijd.' Accounts (8 Hen. VIII.) in executors' chest. See an account of the various extant copies of the statutes in Baker's Pref. liv. Four codes, of 1516, 1524, 1530, and 1545, with the corrections of king Edward's visitors, were printed at Cambridge in 1859. 8vo. The volume dated 11 July 1530 Baker stated to be in very worthy hands, by which he meant, Mr Verdon, whome I here mention, least he should be forgot, since another has been named as donor of that valuable book, who yet held it only in trust (as I did for some time) from Mr Verdon.' BAKER MS.

Tho: Baker, Coll:
Jo: Socius ejectus.'

The words in crotchets Baker has erased, endeavouring to mystify the reader by adding a multitude of flourishes to the original letters. P. 81 1. 4. Wolsey Chancellor. He became chancellor 22 Dec. 1515. Hardy's Catal. p. 59.

45 P. 81 1. 6. The date of the statutes lost. See above p. 564 1. 16.

P. 81 L. 15. The statutes of 1516 taken from those of Christ's Coll. See these last in Documents III. 175 seq.

P. 81 n. 2.

Tit. de socior. qualitate. p. 370.

P. 82 1. 2.

bishop Fisher's second statutes. c. 22, p. 305 l. 34 seq.

P. 82 1. 4. the customs of the old house to be retained. See c. 38 'De his 5 quae antiquitus fieri consueverunt.' p. 391.

P. 83 1. 28. Alan Percy's quality. Dugd. Baron. 1. 282; Ath. Cant. 1. 206. It is probably to him that the following grace relates (MS. Baker XXXI. 177): 'Conceditur M. Percy ut possit ad placitum incipere in artibus, et quod ejus admissio stet pro ejus commessatione, non IO obstante quocunque statuto; sic quod solvat Universitati viginti nobilia, et satisfaciat officiariis.' A.D. 1517-8.

P. 83 n. 3. Munimenta de Dunmows. If there should not be any munimenta de Dunmows in St John's college, I should guess it refers to papers of that estate, then lately purchased by Bp. Watson of St. 15 David's, with whom and his affairs Mr. Baker was very intimate; as may be seen by many of the latter's letters to his Lordship at Wilbraham, and copied by me from the originals into my 30th vol. p. 208 etc.' WM. COLE, 1777.

P. 84 l. I. The Docuras. 'Dowcra's manor house is now the jointure of 20
Mrs. Marg. Ward, the widow of my late friend, Tho. Watson Ward esq.
of Wilbraham Temple. It is a corner large house, opposite Mr
Greaves's late Mr Dalton's.' WM. COLE.



P. 85. Nicholas Metcalfe. See Ath. Cant. 1. 62. A.D. 1506-7 (MS. Baker XXXI. 168): 'Conceditur Dri Metcalf ut non artetur ulterius ad residentiam, propter negotia quae habet cum Domino Cancellario'. He was exor. to Rob. Mennall of Buckingham coll., who bequeathed certain books to him 19 May 1503 (ibid. VI. 201 b B 213). By the statutes of 1530 (c. 35 pp. 166, 168) the master's salary was £6. 138. 4d., and one servant was maintained for him by the college. 'Advertentes 30 tamen huius viri qui nunc est, nempe Nicholai Metcalff, diligentiam et studium erga profectum collegii et labores haud mediocres quos indies ipsius absolvendi gratia suscepit, libras decem annuatim super communem victum et cetera de quibus supra diximus vice stipendii concedimus, quamdiu futurus est collegii magister et haec statuta curaverit 35 gnaviter observari' (p. 168 1. 18 seq.). The same provision was already in the code of 1524 (ibid. p. 281 1. 9). See Ascham's Scholemaster (ed. 1863) pp. 159-162, 250 seq., 278; Fuller's Worthies (ed. 1662) in Yorkshire, 209; Hist. of Cambr. ed. Prickett, 227, 228; Holy State c. 30, where he is 'the good Master of a College.'

'Nicholas Metcalfe has a dedication to Bp. Fisher, from Didymus Lyconcarus, studens Parisiensis, before that prelate's work, called, De unica Magdalena. Opera Fisheri (1597) 1393'. WM. COLE.


See Documents relating

P. 87 1. 9. The estate at Ospring secured in 1519. to the Univ. and coll. of Cambr. (1852) I. 74; Lewis' Life of Fisher 1. 45 50 seq., and Hist. of Faversham Abbey; Dugdale new ed. vI. 764; Hymers, p. 208.

P. 87 L. II.

P. 87 1. 37.

5 P. 881. 8. MSS.

P. 87 1. 10. p. 188.




P. 88 1. 15. Process against the nuns of Higham. Printed by Lewis II. 307-325. See further respecting Higham MSS. Baker x. 391 =D 171; XIX. 324; XX. 219; XXI. 173—190; Dugdale new ed. IV. 378; Hasted's Kent.


many journeys. To Ospring, London and Lambeth. Hymers,

Read solicitation.

some nunnery. Hymers, p. 189.

Bromehall. See p. 356 lines 1-21; Dugdale new ed. IV. 506; Baker VII. 243; X. 389 seq. =D 166 seq.; Lewis 1. 165 seq. P. 88 n. I. The papal bull, dissolving Higham and Bromehall, is printed

in Lewis II. 320–324.

15 P. 89 1. 19. Pension of Jane Rawlins. She still received a pension of £5 an. 37 Hen. 8 (Documents 1. 187).

P. 89 1. 11. Eliz. Penney disposed of to St Sepulchre's Priory Canterbury. See p. 358 L. 34.

P. 89 1. 25. King's and cardinal's letters about Higham and Bromehall. See p. 355 l. 38 seq., Fiddes p. 312 and collect. p. 123.

P. 90 n. 1. Liter. D. Chambero. See p. 349 l. 14 where 1551 is a misprint for 1531.

P. 91 1. 13. these statutes are noted in the margin. The notes are all printed in Early Statutes.


P. 91 n. 2.

Tit. de custod. c. 7. p. 275 l. 24.

P. 91 1. 22.

a register. The first register, calendared pp. 544 seq.

In append. p. 238 seq.

P. 91 n. 3. P. 91 1. 28. 30 P. 91 L. 33.

Fisher's private chapel.

P. 91 1. 5. Provision made for the souls of the benefactors at Higham and Bromehall. See Early Statutes p. 310 l. 36 seq. Also for the benefactors of Ospring, for bps. Stanley and West and for card. Wolsey.

See p. 343 l. 18.

quartered. 'impaled.' WM. COLE. Oct. 26. 1779 dining with the master, I went with him into the chapel, where I discovered these arms on each end of an arch, but so filled with whitening as to be indistinguishable'. WM. COLE. In Lewis I. p. xxi. is an extract from Baker (MS. Harl. 7047 f. 16 b): 'Above his chapell and tombe was graved in Romayn fair letters the sentence, Faciam vos fieri Piscatores hominum ... v. Præfat. Libri Erasini de modo praedicandi. All the stalls' ends in the queere of that college...had graven in them by the joyner a Fish and an eere of wheat. But after he had suffered at London, my Lord Crumwell then commanded the same arms to be defaced, and ugly antickes to be put in their places'.

P. 92 1. 7. venerable fragments of Fisher's monument. In 1773 these parts of the tomb, quite fresh as new, were displaced out of the chapel

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