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And I'll sing hallelujah,

And glory be to God on high;
And I'll sing hallelujah,

There's glory beaming through the sky. 2 Our conflicts here, though great they be,

Shall not prevent our victory,
If we but watch, and strive, and pray,

Like soldiers in the good old way.
3 O good old way! low sweet thou art,

May none of us from thee depart;
But may our actions always say,

We 're marching in the good old way. 4 Though Satan may his powers employ,

Our happiness for to destroy,
Yet never fear, we 'll gain the day,

And shout and sing the good old way. 5 And when on Pisgah's top we stand,

And view by faith the promis'd land,
Then we may sing and shout and pray,

And march along the good old way.
6 Ye valiant souls, for heav'n contend,

Remember glory's at the end ;
Our God will wipe all tears away,

When we have run the good old way. 7 Then far beyond this mortal shore,

We'll meet with those who've gone before
And shout to think we've gain'd the day,
By marching in the good old way.

HYMN 106. L. M.. 1.A

SOLDIER, Lord, thou hast me made,

Thou art my Captain, King, and Head,
And under thee I mean to fight,
The fight of faith with all my might.
The cross all staind with hallowed blood,
The ensign of the conquering Lord,
The Christian soldier's standard is,

And I will fight for king Jesus.
2 Thou art my guard, keep me I pray,

That I may march the heavenly way:

Nor from my duty e'er depart,
But live to Christ with all my heart;
Grant me the weapon of thy word,
Thy powerful Spirit's two-edg'd sword,
To slay iny foes where'er they be,

And own the victory won by thee.
3 O make me, Lord, what I should be,

To boldly face the enemy;
That when alarmd to call the Lord,
And pass thy word to all the guard;
Help me to walk in humbleness,
March to the right in holiness;
O make me pure and spotless too,

And fit to stand the grand review.
4 That when our General shall come,

With sound of trumpet not of drum,
"Tis then our well dress'd ranks shall stand
In full review at God's right hand.
And when the enemy gets the rout,
And are wheel'd by him to th' left about,
Then we'll march up to the heavenly street,

And ground our arms at Jesu's feet. 5 The war is o'er, and we are free,

To join the blood-wash'd company;
Our wages shall be crowns of gold,
And joys of lieaven that can't be told.
There like our glorious Lord we'll shine,
In heavenly concert we shall join,
And praises on the highest key,
Shall be our theme eternally.

HYMN 107. P. M.

"Y E ,

Prepare for the battle, the gospel alarms, The trumpets are sounding, come soldiers and see,

The standard and colours of sweet liberty. 9 Tho' Satan's black trumpet is sounding so near,

Take courage brave soldiers, his armies we dare:
In the strength of King Jesus we dare him to

Ve'll put his black armies of aliens to fight.

In the mount of salvation, in Christ's armoury, There's swords, shields, and breast-plates, and

helmets for thee; Be not faint-heart though he roars like a flood,

He'll not stand before the bright arinies of God. 4 To battle, to battle, the-trumpets doth sound,

The watchnien are crying fair Zion around: The signal for victry! hark! hark! from the sky; Shout, shout ye brave armies, the watchmen all

cry. 5 As the great Goliah, Apollyon shall fall;

With the sword of the Spirit we'll conquer them


We'll leave no opposers alive in the field,
By the strength of Jehovah we'll force them to

yield, 6 Thro' Jesus, our wisdom, we'll baffle his rage, My heart beats for conquest, come soldiers

engage; The trumpets are sounding-the armies appcar, We'll not leave one standing from front to tho

rear. 7 King Jesus is riding the white horse before, The watchmen close after, the trumpet doth roar : Some shouting, some singing, salvation they cry,

In the strength of King Jesus all hell we defy. 8 Fair Zion's a shouting to her conq'ring King,

Salvation to Jesus, the armies doth eing: Apollyon we've conquer'd and sunk in the flood :

o who can withstand the briglit armies of God ? 9 Behold all the armies are now marching home,

God's trumpet is sounding, and bids them to come, All Zion's fair armies together doth meet,

And lay down their armour at Jesus's feet. 10 The angelic army with Zion combines;

In robes of bright glory eternally shines;
All shouting and singing on Canaan's bright

shore, Where wars and commotions can reach them ng


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11 Cheer up, ye dear pilgrims, the time's drawing

When we shall meet Jesus' bright host in the sky
Our friends and relations in Jesus so dear,
Both preachers and people shall then meet us

12 We'll join the bright harpers in anthems divine,
Whose crowns with bright diamonds the sun

doth outshine;
To the praise of King Jesus we'll tune our harps

Salvation and glory to Jesus, Amen.

HYMN 108. C. M.
1 to ,

They call for volunteers;
On Zion's bright and flowery mount,

Behold the officers.
2 Their horses white, their armours bright,

With courage bold they stand,
Enlisting soldiers for their King,

To march to Canaan's land. 3 It sets my heart all in a flame,

A soldier for to be,
I will enlist, gird on my arms,

And fight for liberty.
4 We want no cowards in our bands,

That will their colours fly;
We call for valiant-hearted men

That's not afraid to die.
5 To see our armies on parade,

How martial they appear;.
All arm'd and dress'd in uniform

They look like men of war.
6 They follow their great General,

The great eternal Lamb,
His garments staind in his own blood,

King Jesus is his name.
7 The trumpets sound, the armies shout,

They drive the hosts of hell;
How dreadful is our God t'adore,

The great Immanuel

8 Sinners, enlist with Jesus Christ,

The eternal Son of God,
And march with us to Canaan's land,

Beyond the swelling flood. 9 There on a green and flowery mound,

Where fruits immortal grow,
With angels all array'd in white,

And our Redeemer know.
20 We'll shout and sing for evermore

In that eternal world,
While Satan and his army too,

Shall down to hell be hurld. 11 Lift up your heads, ye soldiers bold,

Redemption's drawing nigh;
We soon shall hear the trumpet sound,

That shakes the earth and sky. 12 In fiery chariots we shall rise,

And leave the world on fire;
And all surround the throne of love,
And join the heavenly choir.

HYMN 109. C. M.
1 MI a soldier of the cross,

A follower of the Lamb?
And shall I fear to own his cause,

Or blush to speak his name?
2 Must I be carried to the skies,

On flow'sy beds of ease,
Whilst others fought to win the prize,

And saild tbrough bloody seas?
3 Are there no foes for me to face ?

Must I not stem the flood ?
Is this vile world a friend to grace,

To help me on to God ?
4 Sure I must fight if I would reign;

Increase my courage, Lord;
I'll bear the toil, endure the pain,

Supported by thy word.
5 Thy saints in all this glorious war

Shall conquer though they die,
They see the triumph from afar,

And seize it with their eye.


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