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6 When that illustrious day shall rise,

And all thy armies shine
In robes of vict'ry through the skies,

The glory shall be thine.

HYMN 110. P. M.

'Dahfough which pilgrims inake their way;

Yet beyond this vale of sorrow,

Lie the fields of enuless day;
Fiends loud howling through the desert,

Make them tremble as they go,
And the fiery darts of Satan

Often bring their courage low. 3 O young soldiers, are you weary,

Of the roughness of the way?
Does your strength begin to fail you.

And your vigour to decay ?
Jesus, Jesus, will go with you,

He will lead you to his throne,
He who dy'd his garments for you,

And the wine-press trod alone.
3 He whose thunder shakes creation,

He who bids the planets roll : • He who rides upon the tempest,

And whose sceptre sways the whole:
Round him are ten thousand angels,

Ready to obey conimand,
They are alsvays hov'ring round you,

Till you reach the heav'nly land. 4 There on flow'ry hills of pleasure,

Lie the fields of endless rest; Love and joy, and peace for ever

Reign and triumph in your breast : Who can paint the scenes of glory,

Where the ransom'd dwell on high; They on golden harps for ever

Sound redemption through the sky! 3 Millions there of flaining seraphs,

Fly across the heav'nly plain, There they sing immortal praises,

Glory, glory is their strain.

But methinks a sweeter concert,

Makes the heavenly arches ring:
And the song is heard in Zion,

Which the angels cannot sing. 6 O their crowns! how bright they sparkle,

Such as monarchs never wore : They are gone to richer pastures,

Jesus is their shepherd there, Hail! ye happy, happy spirits,

Death no more shall make you fear, Grief or sorrow, pain or anguish, i

Shall no more distress you there.

HYMN 111. L. M. 1

Y Eweary, beavy laden souls
Ye trav'llers through the wilderness,

To Canaan's peaceful shore:
Through chilling winds, and beating rain,

The water deep and cold, And enemies surrounding you,

Take courage and be bold.
9 Though storms and hurricanes arise,

The desert all around,
And fiery serpents oft appear

Through the enchanted ground:
Dark nights and clouds and gloomy fear,

And dragons often roar,
But while the gospel trump we hear,

We'll press for Canaan's shore.
8 We're often like the lonesome dove,

Wbo mourns her absent mate;
From hill to hill, from vale to yale,

Her sorrows to relate.
But Canaan's land is just before,

Sweet spring is coming on,
A few more beating winds and rains,

And winter will be gone.
4 Sometimes like mountains to the sky,

Black Jordan's billows roar; Which often make the pilgrims foas,

They never will get o'er;

But let us gain mount Pisgah's top,

And view the vernal plain,
To fright our souls may Jordan roar,

And hell may rage in vain. 5 Methinks I now begin to see

The borders of that land,
The trees of life, with heav'nly fruit

In beauteous order stand.
The wintry time is past and gone,

Sweet flowers doth appear;
The fiftieth year hath now roll'd round,

The great Sabbatick year. 6 O, what a glorious sight appears,

To my believing eyes;
Methinks I see Jerusalem,

A city in the skies :
Bright angels whisp'ring me away,

"O come, my brother come,” And I am willing to be gone

To my eternal home.
7 Farewell, my brethren in the Lord,

Who are to Canaan bound:
And should we never meet again

Till the jubilee shall sound,
I hope that I shall meet you there,

On that delightful shore;
In oceans of eternal bliss,

Where parting is no more.

HYMN 112. P. M.
NOME all ye wand'ring pilgrims dear
Take courage and fight valiantly,

Stand forth with sword in hand.
Our Captain's gone before us,

The Father's only Son ;
Then Pilgrims dear, pray do not fear,

But let us follow on. 2 We've a dark and howling wilderness,

'Twixt this and Canaan's shore. A land of droughts, and pits, and snares,

Where hideous dangers roar.

But Jesus will attend us,

And guard us in the way; If enemies examine us,

He'll teach us what to say. 3 “Good morning, brother traveller,

Pray tell me what's your name; And where is it you're going to,

Also from whence you came ?" “My name it is Bold Pilgrim,

To Canaan I am bound;
I'm from the howling wilderness,

From that enchanted ground.”
4. "Pray what is that upon your head,

That shines so clear and bright?
Likewise the covering of your breast,

That's dazzling to my sight?
What kind of shoes are them you wear,

On which you boldly stand ?
Likewise that shining instrument,

You bear in your right hand ?"
5 “ 'Tis glorious hope upon my head,

And on my breast a shield;
With this bright sword I mean to fight

Until I win the field;
My feet are shod with gospel peace,

On which I boldly stand!
And I'm resolv'd to fight till death,

And win fair Canaan's land.”
6 “You'd better stay with me Pilgrim,

And give your journey o'er;
Your Captain, he is out of sight,

His face you'll see no more:
My name it is Apollyon,

This land belongs to me,
And for your arms and pilgrim dress

I'll give it all to thee."
7"O no," says the bold pilgrim, "sir,

Your offer I disdain;
For a glitt'ring crown of glory bright,

I sbortly shall obtain.
If I but hold out faithful

To my dear Lord's command,

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I jointly shall be heir with him

In Canaan's happy land.
8 “ 'Tis true, indeed, I am not freed,

From enemies as yet;
But by the grace of God I stand,

With them beneath my feet:
Now I rejoice with a loud voice

In hope of victory:
And to God's grace I'll give the praise
To all eternity.”

HYMN 113. L. M.
COME ye that love the Lord indeed,

Who are from sin and bondage freed,
Submit to all the ways of God,
And walk the narrow, bappy road.

We're all united heart and hand,

Join'd in one band completely;
We're marching through Immanuel's land

Where the waters flow most sweetly. 2 Great tribulations you shall meet,

But soon shall walk the golden street;
Though hell may rage and vent its spite,

Yet Christ will save his heart's delight. 3 That happy day will soon appear,

When Gabriel's trumpet you shall hear
Sound through the earth, yea, down to hell,

And call the nations great and small. 4 Behold the world in burning flames,

The trumpet louder still proclaims;
The world must hear and know her doom;

The separation day is come.
5 Behold the righteous marching home,

And all the angels bid them come,
While Christ, the judge, these words proclaime,

“ Here comes my saints, I own their names. 6 "Ye everlasting gates fly wide;

Make ready to receive my bride;
Ye harps of heaven now sound aloud,
Here comes the purchase of my blood."
In grandeur see the the royal line,
In glittering robes the sun outshine

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