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See saints and angels joined in one,

And march in splendour to the throne. 8 They stand in wonder and look on,

They join in one eternal song,
Their great Redeemer to admire,
While raptures set their souls on fire.

HYMN 114. L. M. 1 I'VE 'listed in the holy war,

Sing glory, glory, hallelujah. Content to suffer soldiers' fare;

Sing glory. &c. The banner over me is love,

Sing glory, &c. I draw my rations from above.

Sing glory, &c. 2 I've fought through many a battle sore,

And I must fight through many more;
I'll take my breastplate, sword, and shield,

And boldly march into the field. 3 I've 'listed, and I mean to fight,

Till all my foes are put to flight;
And when the victory I have won,

I'll give the praise to God alone.
4 Come, Christian heroes, go with me;

Come, face the foe, and never flee;
The heavenly battle is begun,

Come, take the field and wear the crown. 5 With 'listing orders I am come

Coine rich, come poor, come old and young;
Here's bounty money Christ has given,

And glorious crowns laid up in heaven. 6 Our General he is gone before,

And you inay draw on grace's store:
But if you will aut 'list and fight,

'Tis awful You'll sink into eternal night.

'Tis awful.

HYMN 115. P. M.

'O'Where I might hide from sorrow;

Where I might see my Saviour's face,

And there be freed from terror.
Oh! had I wings like Noah's dove,

I'd leave this world and Satan,
And fly away to realms above,

Where Jesus stands inviting.
2 My heart is often made to mourn,

Because I'm faint and feeble;
And when my Saviour seems to frown,

My soul is fill'd with trouble
But when he doth again return,

And I repent my folly;
'Tis then I after glory run,

And still my Jesus follow.
it I have my bitter and my sweet,

While through this world I travel;
Sometimes I shout, and often weep;

Which makes my foes to marvel.
But let them think, and think again

I feel I'm bound for heaven;
I hope I shall with Jesus reign,

I therefore still will praise him.
I want to live a Christian here;

I want to die while shouting;
I want to feel my Saviour near,

When soul and body's parting.
I want to see bright angels stand,

And waiting to receive me;
To bear my soul to Canaan's land,

Where Christ is gone before me.

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HYMN 116. P. M.
"HROUGH tribulation deep,

The way to glory is;
This stormy course I keep,

On these tempestuous seas;
By waves and winds I'm toss'd and drivin,
Freighted with grace and bound to heav'n.

2 Sometimes temptations blow

A dreadful hurricane,
And high the waters flow,

And o'er my sides break in;
But still my little ship outbraves
The blust'ring winds and surging waves.
3 When I in my distress,

My anchor, hope, can cast
Within the promises,

It holds my vessel fast; Safely she then at anchor rides, 'Midst stormy blasts and swelling tides. 4 If a dead calm ensues,

And heav'n no breeezes give,
The oar of prayer I use,

I tug, and toil, and strive:
Thro' etorms and calms for many a day,
I make but very little way.
5 But when a heavenly breeze

Springs up and fills my sail,
My vessel goes with ease

Before the pleasant gale:
And runs as much an hour, or more,
As in a moath or two before.
6 Hid by the clouds from sight,

The sun doth not appear,
Nor can I in the night

Behold the moon or star;
Sometimes for days and weeks, or more,
I cannot see the sky or shore.
7 As at the time of noon,

My quadrant FAITH, I take,
To view my CHRIST, my sun,

If he the clouds should break;
I'm happy when his face I see,
I know then whereabouts I be.
3 The Bible is my chart,

By it the seas I know;
I cannot with it part,

It rocks and sands doth show:
It is a chart and compass too,
Whose needle points for over true.

9 I keep aloof from pride,

These rocks I pass with care;
I studiously avoid

The whirlwind of despair;
Presumption's quicksands too I shun
Near them I do not choose to run.
10 When through a strait I go,

Or near some coast am drove,
The plummet forth I throw,

And thus my safety prove.
My conscience is the line which I
Fathom the depth of water by.
11 My vessel would be lost,

In spite of all my care,
But that the Holy Ghost

Himself vouchsafes to steer;
And I through all my voyage will
Depend upon my steerman's skill.
12 Ere I can reach heaven's coast

I must a gulph pass through,
Which fatal proves to most;

For all this passage go.
But all death's waves can't me o'erwhelm
If God himself is at the helm.
13 When through this gulph I get,

(Though rough, it is but short,) The pilot angels meet

And bring me into port;
And when I land on that blest shore,
I shall be safe for evermore.

HYMN 117. P. M


J Ellaunch into the deep:
And leave my native land,

Where sin lulls all asleep;
For thee I would the world resign,
And sail to heaven with thee and thine.
2 Thou art my pilot--wise,

My compass is thy word; My soul each storm defies,

While I have such a Lord;

I'll trust thy faithfulness and power,
To save me in the trying hour.
3 Though rocks and quicksands deep,

Through all my passage lie;
Yet Christ will safely keep,

And guard me with his eye;
My anchor, hope, will firm abide,
And every boisterous storm outride
4 Whene'er becalm'd I lie,

And storms forbear to toss;
Be thou, dear Lord,

still nigh,
Lest I should suffer loss;
For more the treach'rous calm I dread,
Than tempests bursting o'er my head.
5 By faith I see the land,

The port of endless rest;
My soul, thy sails expand,

And fly to Jesus' breast:
O may I gain the heavenly shore,
Where winds and waves disturb no more.
6.Come, Holy Ghost, and blow

A prosperous gale of grace:
Waft me from all below,

To heaven my destin'd place:
There in full sail, my port I'll find,
And leave the world and sin behind.

HYMN 118. P. M.

1 THE THE people called Christians, how many

things they tell, About the land of Canaan, where saints and

angels dwell; But sin, that dreadful ocean, compasses them

around, While its tide still divides them from Canaan's

happy ground. 2 Thousands have been impatient to find their

passage through, And with united vigour have tried what they

could do ;

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