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2 Farewell, my dear brethren, farewell for a

while, We'll soon meet again, if kind Providence smile: But when we are parted, and scattered abroad, Let us pray for each other, and wrestle with

God. 3 Farewell, faithful soldiers, you'll soon be dis

charged; The war will be ended, your treasures enlarged; With shouting and singing, though Jordan may

roar, We'll enter fair Canaan, and rest evermore. 4 Farewell, ye young converts, who are listed for

war, Some trials await you, but Jesus is near : Although you must ravel the dark wilderness, Your Captain's before you, he 'll lead you in

peace. 5 The world, and the devil, and hell, all unite;

And bold persecution will try you to fright: But Jesus is for you, who's stronger than they ;

Let this animate you to march on your way. 6 Farewell, seeking mourners, with sad broken

heart, Oh hasten to Jesus, and choose the good part: He's full of compassion, and mighty to save;

His arms are extended your souls to receive. ? Farewell, faithful Christians, farewell all

around; Perhaps we'll not meet till the trumpet shall

sound; To meet you in glory I give you my hand,

Our Saviour to praise in the heavenly land. 8 Oh glory, oh glory, oh glory to God!

Redemption we have through our Jesus' blood;
I long to be gone to meet him above,
To gaze on his glory, and feast on his love.

HYMN 167. L. M. 1 NAREWELL, dear friends, I must be gone,

I have no home or stay with you;

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I'll take my staff and travel on,
Till I a better world can view:

Farewell, farewell, farewell,

My loving friends farewell. 2 Farewell my friends, time rolls along,

Nor waits for mortal care or bliss; I leave you here and travel on,

'Till I arrive where Jesus is. 3 Farewell my brethren in the Lord,

To you I'm bound in cords of love, Yet we believe his gracious word,

That soon we all shall meet above. 4 Farewell old soldiers of the cross,

You've struggled long and hard for heav'n, You've counted all things here but dross,

Fight on, the crown shall soon be giv'n. 5 Farewell, ye blooming sons of God,

Sore conflicts here await for you: Yet dauntless keep the heavenly road, Till Canaan's happy land you view.

Fight on, fight on, fight on,

The crown shall soon be giv'n. 6 Farewell poor careless sinners too,

It grieves my heart to leave you liere ;
Eternal vengeance waits for you,
O turn and find salvation near.

O turn, O turn, O turn,

And find salvation near..

HYMN 168. P. M. 1 FA AREWELL, my dear brethren, I bid you

farewell, I'm going to travel the way to excel ; I'm going to travel the wilderness through,

Therefore, my dear brethren, I bid you adieu. 2 The thoughts of our parting doth cause me to

grieve, So well do I love you, out you I must leave; My Jesus commands, and I must obey, Therefore, my dear brethren, don't grieve after


3 May heaven protect you, be Jesus your guide,

On the walls of our Žion may you ever abide ; Though we live at a distance, and you I ne'er

see, On the banks of sweet Canaan acquainted

we'll be. 4 There all things are plenty, and the leaves

growing green, And the parting of Christians no more to be

seen; No sorrow, no trouble shall enter that place,

But there we shall join in a song of free grace. 5 And when we meet Jesus in the mansion above, Where saints and bright angels are feasting on

Jove; O then we shall look for each mourner that's

here, How glad we shall be to ineet each other there. 6 Farewell to all sorrows, temptation, and pain,

I'm going where Jesus for ever doth reign;
I'm going to Jesus, his goodness to prove,
Where saints and bright angels are feasting on



HYMN 169, P. M. 1

'Tis thy Saviour, hear his word; Jesus speaks and speaks to thee,

Say, poor sinner, "Lov'st thou me ?" 2 “I delivered thee when bound,

And when wounded, heal'd thy wound,
Sought thee wandering, set thee right,

Turned thy darkness into light.
3 " Carra woman's tender cares,
Cense towards the child she hears?


Yes! she may forgetful be,

Yet I will remember thee,
4 “Mine is an unchanging love,

Higher than the heights above,
Deeper than the depihs beneath,

Free and faithful strong as death. 5 “ Thou shalt see my glory soon,

When the work of grace is done,
Partners of my throne shall be ;

Say, poor sinner, lov'st thou me? 6 Lord it is my chief complaint,

That my love is weak and faint:
Yet I love thee, and adore;
O for grace to love thee more.

HYMN 170. P. M.
1 AITH is the Christian's prop,


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It is “the substance of his hope,

His proof of things unseen. It is the anchor of his soul,

When tempests rage and billows roll, 2 Faith is the polar star,

That guides the Christian's bark;
Directs his wand'ring when afar,

To reach the holy ark;
It points the course where'er he roam

And safely leads the pilgrim home. 3 Faith is the rainbow's form,

Hung on the brow of heaven;
The glory of the passing storm,

The pledge of mercy given.
It is the bright triumphal arch

Through which the saints to glory march. 4 Faith is the mountain rock,

Whose suminit towers on high ;
Secure above the tempest's shock,

An inmate of the sky.
x'd on a prize of greater worth,
views with scorn the things of earth.,


5 The faith that works by love,

And purifies the heart,
A foretaste of the joys above

To mortals can impari,
The Christian's faith is simply this:
A passport to immorial bliss.

HY MN 171. P. M.
THOU, in whose presence my soul takes

delight, On whom in affliction I call, My comfort by day, and iny song in the night,

My hope, my salvation, my all. 2 Where dost thou at noon-tide resort with thy

sheep, To feed on the pastures of love? For why in the valley of death should I weep,

Or alone in the wilderness rove? 3 O why should I wander an alien from thee,

And cry in the desert for bread: Thy foes will rejoice, when my sorrows they see,

And sa le at the tears I have shed.
4 Ye daughters of Zion, declare, have you seen

The star that on Israel shone ?
Say, if in your tents my beloved has been,

And where with his flocks he is gone. 5 This is my beloved, his form is divine,

His vestments shed odours around; The locks on his head are as grapes on the vine,

When autumn with plenty is crown'd. 6 His lips as a fountain of righteousness flow,

Thal waters the garden of grace, From which their salvation the Gentiles shall


And bask in the smiles of his face. 7 Love sits in his eye Jids, and scatters delight

Through all the brighi mansions on high: Their faces the cherubim veil in Duis sight,

And tremble with fulness of joy. 8 He looks, and ten thousands of angels rejoice,

And myriads wait for the word;

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